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4 Charged With Killing Woman During Home Invasion

Posted April 24, 2008
Updated April 25, 2008

— Four suspects have been charged with the murder of a 25-year-old Raleigh woman during a home invasion last August.

Lenair Bene Omar Moses, 25; Jaquan Tryon Dumas, 19; Timothy Tyrone Horton, 26; and 20-year-old Brandon Michael Jones were charged with murder in the death of Charmeka Cheymeir Harris, 25, on Aug. 18, 2007.

The suspects were expected to be in court Friday afternoon.

Moses, was taken into custody Thursday by the Raleigh Police Department’s Fugitive Task Force. The arrest was made at the intersection of Poole Road and Lord Anson Drive.

Dumas was already being held in the Wake County Jail on unrelated charges. He has since been re-arrested for Harris' murder.

Federal authorities had custody of Horton and Jones and turned them over to a Wake County magistrate Thursday.

Investigators said masked gunmen stormed into an apartment at 4105 Spring Forest Road on Aug. 18. The gunmen shot Harris in the stomach, and she died of her wounds at WakeMed.

The gunmen also took money and jewelry from the apartment, which was occupied by 10 people, including five children, at the time.

Search warrants showed that investigators took cocaine and a shotgun shell from the apartment. Harris’ family said they will rest easier knowing that suspects are behind bars for the crime.

Harris’ sister, Nikeya Miller, said it has been hard since her sister was killed. Miller said she'd just left the apartment to go to the store when she got the call that her sister had been shot.

“My mind went blank. I don’t remember nothing. I don’t remember nothing that happened that night,” Miller said.

Police said they believe the crime was not committed at random.

Dumas, Horton and Jones were arrested after a joint investigation by Raleigh police and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina assisted.

Raleigh police elements included the Major Crimes Task Force, the Career Criminal Unit and the Gang Suppression Unit. Police said the investigation into Harris' killing was continuing.

“Arrests mark not the end of a case, but the beginning of another phase of the investigation, and I think that will prove to be true here,” said Raleigh police Spokesman Jim Sughrue.

Miller said the arrests give her a sense of relief since she still lives in the apartment where her sister was shot.

“This is justice. This is justice and even more they get what they deserve,” Miller said.


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  • nathanius Apr 25, 2008


    These guys werent strong like your mother. I am not saying this is the only reason they ended up like this, but one of MANY.
    I just think the breakdown of the black family, poverty, fatherlessness, lack of education and no role models is a real problem. They probrably never thought they would amount to anything, thus it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Your mom is an example to all of us, she made it despite of the adversity.

  • Weetie Apr 25, 2008

    This is a sad story...My prayers are with all involved.

  • iluvwilmy Apr 25, 2008

    "I must assume drugs were being sold out of the apartment...the gunmen knew this and busted up in there to get the money."

    I agree...it sucks when something like this happens in your own backyard...or anywhere for that matter. Good job, popo's for catching these guys. I hope all this will cause the girl's family/friends to stop selling drugs (if that was the case.)

    They need to make sure these guys are never allowed back on the streets again.

  • Harrison Bergeron Apr 25, 2008

    "Countries and states or provinces with the death penalty often have higher rates of violent crime. Criminals have the "If the government can kill people, why can't I" attitude. Death penalties always produce the opposite effect." -robertofthecats

    Really? Any statistical basis for this position that capital punishment CAUSES a higher violent crime rate?

  • fbguru Apr 25, 2008

    Re: role models. My Mom grew up in a house with an alcoholic father and 5 alcoholic brothers. Her Mother died when she was very young. She remained in the house until she was 16 at which time she became pregnant after one of her brothers' drunk friends raped her. She was placed in a group home for unwed teen mothers. She gave birth to a baby without being given any pain meds. She kept the baby a week, fed him, clothed him then one day a social worker came and took him out of her arms and she never saw him again. Finally, an older sister moved back into town and took her in. She went back to school, got a job and met my Father. She was the best Mom ever. She volunteered in the community, school and was a leader in church. Bottom line, ANY individual can overcome their circumstances and live a positive life. I don't buy the "didn't have a role model" excuse for why these individuals choose this lifestyle.

  • nathanius Apr 25, 2008

    This is the result of dead beat dads, I guarantee none of these guys had positive role models in their life. I AM NOT EXCUSING WHAT THEY DID! They should be punished to the FULL extent of the law.

  • robertofthecats Apr 25, 2008

    Countries and states or provinces with the death penalty often have higher rates of violent crime. Criminals have the "If the government can kill people, why can't I" attitude. Death penalties always produce the opposite effect.

  • wballanceunc Apr 25, 2008

    Just my theoy here but I would be willing to bet that the 4 knew drugs were being sold out of the home but that robbery was NOT the reason the girl was shot. My theory is there was some sort of connection with the girls and one of the boys and they wanted her dead for some reason. The article said 10 people lived there but she was the only one shot? I think they just took the cocaine as an addition to their original crime....Murder 1. In a robbery if she was the only one in the house they could have just knocked her out and taken the drugs. She is not going to wake up and call the police to report her stolen drugs. No need to kill her unless that was the original intent.

  • rcrdngcountry Apr 25, 2008

    will not stop until execution is put back in force. these types
    of people have to steal, they never work. they don"t have to
    kill, this is just the sorry no good part of them. they will
    destroy our life style if they are not stopped NOW

  • MrMan Apr 25, 2008

    When you sleep with dogs you are bound to get fleas, these people were living a lifestyle that caused their so called freinds to turn on them to support their habits. Until we start getting tough on crime you will continue to see this.