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Ex-Trooper Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Extortion

Posted April 22, 2008

— A former state trooper pleaded guilty Tuesday to 10 charges, including kidnapping, extortion and sexual battery.

Michael A. Steele resigned last September amid allegations of inappropriate behavior during traffic stops with three women over a 10-day period in August.

Steele's sentencing is scheduled for May 20.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said Steele made sexual advances toward the women and threats that included killing one's husband and her children.

Woodall said Steele targeted women he thought were Hispanic and in the country illegally so they would not report him.

According to indictments, Steele allegedly threatened to turn another woman over to immigration authorities "with the intent wrongfully to obtain physical contact, through kissing and touching of her breasts."

Steele had been with the North Carolina Highway Patrol since April 2004 and patrolled in Orange County from the Hillsborough substation.


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  • Pharmboy Apr 23, 2008

    No sympathy here. We need to purge these criminals who hide among law enforcement, defile the shield, and shame our LEOs. To all those who protect and serve, I applaud you. To those who abuse their power behind their badge, you'll get whats coming in prison.

  • napdog123 Apr 23, 2008

    This is the WORST abuse of power by any officer of the law I've ever seen. PERIOD! .... Maximum punishment please!

  • tarheelalum Apr 23, 2008

    May 20th...got it.

  • tarheelalum Apr 23, 2008

    Has sentencing not occurred yet? If it has...how long did he get?

  • ptahandatum Apr 23, 2008

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • HappyGirl08 Apr 23, 2008

    Well at least he is off the streets.

  • Granny Apr 23, 2008

    It is really sad when people that are suppose to be protecting us does something like this. But it is in every area of life, I just hope that he gets what he deserves....

  • Common Sense Man Apr 23, 2008

    "I agree with some of the comments but I think the punishment he may get is not fair. People can kill and get less years than he is been given. I feel sorry for his family and for him."

    Are you freakin' kidding me? First of all, he hasn't been sentenced yet, so you can't say that what he may get isn't fair. Second, as far as being fair goes, he should get more time than the average offender. He violated HIS oath to protect and serve. How can you feel sorry for him? He kidnapped women in the name of justice!!!!!!!!

  • Raptor06 Apr 23, 2008

    Shameful, unethical, and no integrity.

  • jimbo1951 Apr 23, 2008

    Most of the troopers are decent people just doing their jobs, which includes putting their lives on the line each day, but there are always going to be a few bad ones in any company or organization. Just look at the politicians, lawyers, and others in positions to uphold the law and many are now serving prison sentences. If convicted they should automatically received the maximum time to send a message to others.