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Wake School Board Bumps Request for Budget Boost

Posted April 22, 2008

Wake County Public School System

— The Wake County School Board voted Tuesday to ask the county for an increase of more than $54 million in its contribution to the 2008-2009 operating budget

The new budget plan, which represents a $19 million increase from the raise in the board's previous request to the county commissioners, includes funding for gang prevention, literacy and streaming all school board meetings live over the Internet.

“I really consider this budget a budget of aspiration. These are the things that we want to have for our students going forward,” said school board member Beverly Clark.

The board said the new budget request is still less money per student than the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district expends.

The total operating budget for 2008-09 for the system would be $1.42 billion. The county's contribution, which is combined with state and some federal funding, would be a third of the total.

In early March, school district administrators said they would likely need an extra $35 million, an increase of 12 percent from last year, from the county commissioners for the 2008-09 school year. Several weeks later, administrators said they expected growth in the local tax base would provide almost half of that amount.

Board member Ron Marigotta expressed concern about the budget.

“I think we should be more responsible and develop a better working relationship with our county commissioners and come up with some funds that we can agree on,” Marigotta said.

The budget will now go to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

Board Chair Joe Bryan said the request is "way out of line with other departments" seeking funding. Bryan said the request is more than  what the County could spend without a property tax increase. He said it would take a 3.5- to 4-cent-per-hundred property tax increase dedicated entirely to schools to fund the request.


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  • NE Raleigh Apr 25, 2008

    Money for gang prevention? That would be called prison. Prision is where the schoolboard members belong for theft of services!

  • methinkthis Apr 23, 2008

    ditto most of the above. The School board seems to be on another planet, out of touch with the realities of this one. They are backing off on the year round savings. With rising gas prices they are still busing unnecessarily. The housing market is in distress. Food costs are rising. Every family in Wake County has to adjust their budget to stay within their income which most can not arbitrarily increase. BUT, the Wake Country School Board wants us to dig deeper into our pockets. Sorry, my pocket is empty. We boomers are retiring. Don't raise my property tax. My income is fixed. Do you want all the fixed income folks to leave the county? We need to get another crew. This one is not working.

  • RetGr6 Apr 23, 2008

    Go to the following website, click on 'board contact page' and send them all a message at once. Personally, I'm telling them I'm keeping a list of their names and will not vote for any of them next election.

  • miketroll3572 Apr 23, 2008

    They can FORGET it.

  • chfdcpt Apr 23, 2008

    Wow, smaller than Char-Meck. Hey, it will still be lower than NYC, LA, Boston.....

    But like Techrescue said....
    You will reelect these ignorant persons again. Look at the figures, incumbents have a 95% chance at reelection.

    Me, I ain't voting for none of them. Can anyone show me where placing a brand new BOE can hurt?

  • RocknRollDoctor Apr 23, 2008

    They deserve little no increase until they stream line their budgeting system and have some accountability and transparency.

  • dws Apr 23, 2008

    "Money for gang prevention? I thought that was a job for mom and dad."

    in the real world, you are correct enoughsenough; however, our school board, as evidenced by their decisions, does not understand what the real world is

  • enoughsenough Apr 23, 2008

    Money for gang prevention? I thought that was a job for mom and dad.

  • moreupset Apr 22, 2008

    Stop bussing students all over the place to meet low and reduced lunch ratios. The savings on vehicle purchase, maintenance, and gas would result in a surplus.

  • APPMAN Apr 22, 2008

    Patriotsrevenge...read my entire message before you go off on me for not wanting to pay for an educated community. I feel I pay MORE than my fair share as it is. We need an impact fee. People want to tax drivers for roads, they want to tax me for my pet, so tax parents more if they can't run the school system with the ridiculous of money I already pay in taxes. Read everything folsk write before you start running off at the mouth.