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Durham Man in Prison After Violating Probation

Posted April 21, 2008

— A man who was free on bond despite numerous arrests while on probation is in prison following a WRAL News report.

Michael Anthony Hudson, 21, was arrested last week for violating his probation from a 2005 drug conviction, Durham County Assistant District Attorney Mitch Garrell said.

Hudson, who was put on probation for a drug conviction in 2005, had been arrested at least nine times and was wanted in connection with a November shooting. Each time, he was allowed out on bond while awaiting trial.

He is now serving a 5- to 6-month prison sentence on that drug conviction.

Garrell has said he cannot elaborate about his reasons for initially allowing bond in those arrests but did say Hudson was involved in a murder case and that prosecuting the murder suspect was his first priority.

The arrest comes as Durham and Wake counties' probation offices have come under scrutiny following the deaths of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill senior Eve Marie Carson.

Both suspects in Carson's shooting death were on probation at the time and had been overlooked by the probation system.

Internal investigations into their cases prompted state officials to conduct a review of both probation offices.


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  • Sandollar Apr 22, 2008

    I was under the impression when someone is arrested/charged with a crime a criminal report is run. Doesn't this report show how many probations a person has? I must be wrong in assuming that if probation is broken you can not still run the streets.

  • Adelinthe Apr 22, 2008

    "Internal investigations into their cases prompted state officials to conduct a review of both probation offices."

    These reviews should be continuous to protect the public.

    Blessed this thud is back in jail. Praying he learns something of use to good society there.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Dr. Dataclerk Apr 22, 2008

    Good. Anyone that breaks their probation should immediately be sent to prison. If they care about their freedom, they would not resort to committing more crimes.

  • commonsensical Apr 21, 2008

    He probably has information about a murder case that he's not necessarily involved with, and the DA won't get his cooperation if he's tough on him.

  • OSX Apr 21, 2008

    "overlooked by the probation system" Probation is what there to assist people on their way to not get into anymore trouble. If the probation guys don't care, it sure explains a lot.

  • Hexzero Apr 21, 2008

    Again, it comes down to the parents. While it is impossible to know what your kids are doing 100% of the time, you still need to make an attempt.

    Do not become so invasive as to push your kids completely away, but take some time to know what is going on.