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Police: Second Attack on Woman Reported at Raleigh Park

Posted April 21, 2008

— Raleigh police suspect that the same man might be responsible for two attacks on women in Lake Lynn Park in late March.

A man attacked a 22-year-old jogger from behind on the evening of Wednesday, March 31, police said. Her assailant twice hit her in the head with a rock, but ran away when she screamed.

Police released a composite sketch of a suspect and stepped up patrols around Lake Lynn. Officers, though, have not made any arrests.

WRAL has learned that the same man might have assaulted another woman near Lake Lynn a week before the jogger was attacked.

"The woman reported that she was grabbed by the suspect near her residence," Jim Sughrue, a spokesman for Raleigh police, said.

The jogger who was assaulted and other park-goers said they want to know why police did not get the word out about the first attack.

"If I had known that, I don't think that I would have been out there that day," said the jogger, who spoke via phone to WRAL and asked to not be identified.

Sughrue said no evidence immediately connected the incidents.

"There was nothing about it (the first assault) that really made that case stand out," Sughrue said.

Police have been placed on special assignment at Lake Lynn, and park-goers said they are staying on high alert.

"If I'm going to be out here a lot by myself, I might take more precautions," jogger Erin Kuczmarski said.

Police reported seven assaults at Raleigh parks in the first quarter of this year – up from six during all of 2007.


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  • ratherbnnc Apr 22, 2008

    I thought the City of Raleigh had City Park Rangers... where are they? they have arrest powers the same as Raleigh Police Officers! Did they do away with the Park Rangers?

  • john60 Apr 22, 2008

    Davi's Guns off of Raleigh Boulevard carries various types of self defense devices such as pepper spray, etc. My wife carries one on her keychain since she often gets off from work after dark.

  • MamaBearNC Apr 22, 2008

    Pepper Spray or mace may help. Where do you buy that? Is it allowed?

  • dougdeep Apr 22, 2008

    There's a pretty steady flow of attacks or attempted attacks at Lake Lynn.

  • rlewis Apr 22, 2008

    I live very close to Lake Lynn and have jogged this trail many times. Raleigh is not as safe as it once was. As a Raleigh native, it makes me sad to see it go downhill like this.

  • Mad Baumer Apr 22, 2008

    My wife walks out there with a VERY protective Boxer. Concealed weapon indeed, but company, a dog, etc. is the best deterent. Walk with a friend, four legged or two.

  • Tarheel True Apr 22, 2008

    You can carry a stun gun or mace as longs as it is not concealed, just put it in a pocket holster. Also remember these types of people are cowards. If you jog with a buddy, they will leave you alone.

    At least he will be off the greenway 5/6/08 voting for Obama:)

  • bossman63076 Apr 22, 2008

    Concealed carry the ultimate surprise. Preach it and practice it so you will always be in control of the situation.

  • rargos Apr 21, 2008

    The city of Raleigh obviously can't protect its citizens on the greenways and parks, but still prohibits licensed citizens from carrying concealed weapons for their own protection in these areas.

    If this lady had been armed, an (attempted) serial rapist would have been stopped. Does someone have to be raped or killed before the city of Raleigh will allow its citizens to protect themselves?