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Soldier's Father Continues Dogfight With County

Posted April 17, 2008

— A Cumberland County man met with zoning officials Thursday night in a continued fight over the two dogs he has been keeping for his son, who is serving in the Army in Iraq.

The Cumberland County Board of Adjustment decided not to act on Henry Carroll’s case.

Carroll, a 45-year-old Army veteran, owns three dachshund-poodle mixes, and he took in two others when his son, Pvt. Adam Carroll, deployed eight months ago from Fort Campbell, Ky.

"These dogs are family dogs. I gave them to Adam," Carroll said in March. "He went to Sanford (and) said, 'I'm going to join the Army, Daddy. ... You have to keep my dogs.'"

Cumberland County limits residents to owning three dogs. Anybody with more than three dogs needs a permit to operate a kennel.

Cumberland County Animal Control allows a resident to have up to eight dogs, which prompted county attorney Granger Barrett to ask the zoning board not to hear Carroll’s case until further study is done on the laws.

Soon after Carroll took in the dogs, a neighbor complained and said the animals often barked late at night.

Cumberland County officials have given Carroll until May to find accommodations for two dogs or pay a $500 a day fine.

"We're going to enforce the ordinance. We always have, and we don't really have a choice," Deputy Cumberland County Attorney Harvey Raynor said in March. "We're going to give him 60 days to comply before we take any kind of enforcement action."

Raynor said county officials took Adam Carroll's deployment into consideration. Usually, residents are given only 30 days to comply, he said.

Carroll said he has a friend in Sanford who can take two of the dogs. He insists though, that he will be caring for his son’s dogs.

Carroll spent $100 to schedule the meeting with the zoning board. He read a letter from his son and brought his landlord Mike Urian who told WRAL Carroll was a “perfectly good tenant.”

“No problem whatsoever,” Urian said about his tenant. “In fact, he asked me if he could do it when he found out his son was going overseas.”


Though he didn’t get a decision from the board Thursday, Carroll is hoping to schedule another hearing.


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  • grady565 Apr 18, 2008

    "ONE neighbor "loosing sleep" over a few barking dogs...You figure the gentleman's son deployed to the battlefield has lost any sleep lately? Cumberland County needs to realize how vital the soldiers are to the county's very existence and TAX BASE, shut up, and get back to work on REAL ISSUES."

    Well put Stryker!! Not only that but the soldier did the right thing by making arrangements himself for his dogs rather than dumping them at the local shelter which I am sure is full up. And thankfully is dad agreed as well! I think I am going to send his dad a check to help him out with that $100 he had to spend. And what was that for anyways??

  • kermelbar Apr 18, 2008

    If this guy went from one dog to five dogs, then I could see a difference in noise level, but he already had *three* dogs. Are two more dogs -- of the same breed -- really *that* much louder? I doubt.

  • MizzZeta Apr 18, 2008

    How much does the kennel license cost? I'd be willing to contribute...

  • cbarnett Apr 18, 2008

    "Just Once", you must be a cat person. You'd rather read about illegal aliens driving around killing people? Cats are independent. Dogs are our children and depend on us.
    Read something that interests YOU instead so you don't have to waste your time griping and moaning about something you obviously don't care or know much about.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 18, 2008

    I think the county should just outlaw all pets. None; no dogs, cats, birds, snakes, fish, etc... etc... etc.. We should be given a list of can do and can't do by the nearest Government official and just submit.

  • Just Once Apr 18, 2008

    Why is this the top story? They are DOGS people....sheesh

  • A_Patriot Apr 18, 2008

    I can't beleive no one has lamented the headline (insert Homer "BOOO!!!" here).

    Reporters must salivate over the opportunity for such verbal jocularity.

    The Dogfighter's Anti-Defamation League may have something to say about it, too...

  • findoutthefacts Apr 18, 2008

    "Carroll said he has a friend in Sanford who can take two of the dogs. He insists though, that he will be caring for his son’s dogs."

    That's the bottom line - there are other alternatives, he just doesn't want to do it.

  • teacher-mom Apr 18, 2008

    OK, what can we do? Who do we need to email? What are the addresses?

    Ohmygosh_when dogs are barking there is something around. It wuld be in our best interest to check it out.

  • HappyGirl08 Apr 18, 2008

    Its a shame that this father can't take care of his pets and his son's during the deployment. Why should he have to give up his dogs and why should his son have to lose his just for serving our country? Hopefully a family member can help them out so they won't lose the dogs permanently.