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Raleigh Teacher Resigns After Sex Charge

Posted April 15, 2008

— A Sanderson High School social studies teacher resigned Monday after being charged with taking indecent liberties with a student.

Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said Shannon Lynn Best, 33, of 5937-A Shade Tree Lane, was charged following a weekend encounter at Best's apartment with the 18-year-old female student.

Best was released from the Wake County jail Monday under a $5,000 secured bond.

Although the alleged victim is of legal age, police said criminal charges are being pursued because of the teacher-student nature of the alleged encounter.

"Under (state) statute, there is no age of consent when the suspect is a teacher and the victim is a student," Sughrue said.

Michael Evans, a spokesman for the Wake County Public School System, said Best taught at Sanderson High since August 2004.

Students who were in her class, said Tuesday they were shocked by the news.

"She was a good person. She was a really nice teacher," said student Kendall Joyner said.

"It's crazy – stuff that happens these days," another student, Ashley Fletcher, said. "You never know anymore."


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  • Dr. Dataclerk Apr 17, 2008

    I think some teachers do not have morals. Its pitiful that one cannot be a teacher without going after the student. She should be ashame of herself.

  • Init4him Apr 16, 2008

    ...(rollin eyes)another one sided story where just the elder pays the price, the kid walks like nothing ever happened.
    Are you seriously blaming a teenager for not taking responsibility for this CRIMINALS action? The story never says if the act was consensual or if it was coerced. If you think an eighteen year old girl is an adult then you need to grow up yourself. They may look like adults and dress like adults, but they understand squat about the consequence of their actions and even less about how to spot a hustle from a seasoned predator. This was not simply an ethics violation this was a crime.

  • Init4him Apr 16, 2008

    My daughter had this teacher last year for SS and she is a good teacher. Poor role model - but good teacher.

    In what manner and on what planet, is a person who is 33 years of age and can not control her sexual urges to the point she engages in illegal sexual activities with an 18 year old CHILD (I work with eighteen year olds everyday and they are still CHILDREN)considered a good anything other than pervert?

  • catwoman1 Apr 16, 2008

    Amen to Brindy...teacher and student made poor choices and this has nothing to do with the teaching profession.

  • HonestAbe Apr 15, 2008

    These things have always happened. When I was 13 my Reading teacher called me "Big Mac" because my chest was very large. He had wandering eyes and would lick his lips sometimes while speaking to me. I got sick of it one day and reported him but guess what? The principal called my parents to school, had a meeting, then dismissed it as my imagination. This sicko teacher did this to so many girls!
    My friend had a year long affair with a married History teacher in high school. He got divorced and they married right after she graduated. It last a year. Guess the coolness wore off!
    These things have always happened...and my stories here are just two I can tell from my personal experience. I have friends who can vouge for more than this.

  • TheAdmiral Apr 15, 2008

    My comments never said there was a crime here except and ethics violation.

  • VT1994Hokie Apr 15, 2008

    NCTeacher. You wrote the most sensible comment regarding the Raleigh teacher. I appreciate you. I appreciate all educators. Been there too.

  • VT1994Hokie Apr 15, 2008

    If this teacher and the student were in different schools, would she still be charged, and have to resign? Please respond.

  • NCTeacher Apr 15, 2008

    There IS a crime here. Teachers are bound by the student/teacher relationship not to date students at their school (even if they aren't in your class).

    And why do people automatically assume that every teacher is pedophile who just slipped through the cracks of the background check? There is a vey extensive background check that is done when you get into a teaching program in college. Then another extensive background check is done when you get hired at a school. People with no criminal records commit crimes all the time. Ever hear that phrase "There's a first time for everything"?

    I actually know teachers who were just out of college, met an older student and waited until they graduated to date them. These are few and far between though. There are plenty of teachers out there who aren't checking out the students looking for friends or more. Don't lump all teachers into one category. There are sick people in EVERY profession, not just education

  • seeingthru Apr 15, 2008

    poor woman she did nothing wrong it was a mutual act, when i was in high school girls would date male teachers all the time I think this is because it was girl/girl