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Raleigh Scores $5.1M From NCAA Tourney

Posted April 14, 2008

— The NCAA men's basketball tournament generated an estimated $5.1 million in visitor spending in Raleigh last month, officials said Monday.

Raleigh hosted first- and second-round games at the RBC Center on March 21 and 23, attracting more than 13,300 visitors to the region, said Scott Dupree, director of sports marketing for the Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau.

"The NCAA tournament energized the community," Dupree said in a statement. "When you welcome 13,000 basketball fans to your city, the impact is undeniable. You could feel it in hotels, the restaurants, the shopping malls and, of course, the local sports bars."

About two-thirds of the tickets sold for the six games in Raleigh went to ZIP codes outside the Triangle, and the out-of-town fans accounted for 12,650 room-nights in area hotels.

The positive exposure from the tournament could help bring other sporting events and conventions to the Raleigh area in the future, Dupree said.


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  • foetine Apr 15, 2008

    How is it sour grapes from me? I don't own a business near the RBC. And seeing how UNC pulled a major choke job in the semi-finals, it's not sour grapes over their winning ways.

    $83 a person per day is pretty pathetic. Can you get a hotel room for $83 a night? And we're talking people who should have at least been here three nights for the tourney. I saw the traffic on I-40. These people were heading back to Chapel Hill after the games. Were these people reading "Raleigh on $5 a Day?" Do people going down for a lame bowl game in Florida only spend $83 a day? Can you go to an adult nightclub not tip $83?

    The city of Raleigh paid millions to make this tourney event happen. I'm guessing those folks in Carolina blue packed their lunches.

  • Myword Apr 14, 2008

    foetine--that's a big bunch of sour grapes I guess. IF you had looked at the other regionals on TV you would have seen tons of empty seats in most of those places. Versus full here. UNC MADE $$ for Raleigh by filling da house. And btw if you think all the UNC fans were daytrippers from CH, you are wrong on that one too. They came from all over the region.

  • foetine Apr 14, 2008

    we would have made more money if the RBC hadn't turned into a UNC home game for the second day. How many people cancelled their hotel rooms after the first day and scalped their tickets to people in carolina blue? 12,650 hotel room nights from an event the went three days in an arena that seats 20,000? How many of that was CBS crew and national press? At $5 million, this means each visitor for this three day tourney spent $250. That's pathetic. $83 a day while in Raleigh? That's three beers at the RBC. Having UNC playing at the RBC Center cost Raleigh a large chunk of change. Way to let us down, Tyler and Roy.

  • Doctor Dataclerk Apr 14, 2008

    I thought the CIAA and MEAC brought in $5 Billion each. LOL!

  • 5-113 FA Retired Apr 14, 2008

    They probably made that much alone on parking fees at RBC.