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Perdue: No More Negative Campaign Ads

Posted April 10, 2008

— Less than a month before the state primary, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue has decided to stop running ads attacking her chief Democratic rival, state Treasurer Richard Moore, because her supporters have convinced her to do so.

"This goes against every single piece of political advice that a professional consultant gives to the candidate. You're supposed to fight negative with negative," Perdue told reporters. "I did that for a while, and I just am not going to do that anymore."

Perdue's past ads have criticized Moore for his ties to Wall Street and his office's dealings with an insurance provider that sells coverage to retired state workers.

"Win or lose, this is the way I want to run this campaign," Perdue said.

But political strategists and consultant Gary Pearce, whose not involved in the race, says Perdue is taking a big risk in her decision.

"I suspect this is one of those things that sounds really good today, and it's a good headline, but she's going to end up regretting it," he said.

Although voters dislike negative ads, they work, Pearce said. Candidates not attacking are setting themselves up to be attacked.

"Anything from her or the campaign that sounds the least bit negative, Moore's going to say 'Ah ha! She's broken her promise. She's being not only negative, she's being a hypocrite, and you can't trust her,'" Pearce said.

Moore's campaign, which has been critical of Perdue for not formally debating him, called Perdue's decision nothing more than a stunt, saying it is a clear sign that her ads have backfired.

"This pledge, or whatever it is, is all about not wanting to talk about her record," campaign manager Jay Reiff said. "And we believe that each candidate's record is a fair discussion point to have in this."

Moore has also run critical ads – what Reiff describes as truthful – calling out Perdue for her votes as a legislator in favor of college tuition hikes and against tax cuts.

"The fact there's been really no debates is part of the reason why we're having these discussions on TV ads, and that's unfortunate for voters," Reiff said.

Perdue has said she participated in several televised forums with Moore, but he has said none have amounted to genuine debates.

Last week, she asked the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters to arrange a statewide-televised debate – for her to confront the ads Moore has run. A tentative date is scheduled for April 22.

Perdue said Thursday she's not asking Moore to follow suit with campaign ads, saying she is only focusing on her campaign.

"I can't control what he does and don't want to try," she said.


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  • TheAdmiral Apr 15, 2008

    Now that we have that out of the way - let's talk about her socialist agenda and her plan to allow illegal aliens in state tuition...

  • ohmygosh Apr 11, 2008

    I don't get her non-negative ads either. She brags about how much of your money she has spent.

  • ridgerunner Apr 11, 2008

    Who really sling the first mud? Remember when you throw mud at others you are losing ground.

  • NC_VET Apr 11, 2008

    Guess the truth or reports about Ms Perdue's actions hit a
    little to close to home for her. Nothing new for NC political
    races, mud and muck racking. SOP.

  • Eduardo1 Apr 11, 2008

    i GUESS LT. GOV PURDUE HAS FOUND THAT HER NEGATIVE ADS HAVE KICKED BACK AT HER. WE JUST DO NOT WANT NEGATIVES. We want to know what candidates will do on improving life for those they are supposed to SERVE I wish our National candidates and those who are now in Congress would also remember what they are supposed to do, serve the public

  • Adelinthe Apr 11, 2008

    We can only hope, but will watch and wait to see if she keeps her word. sigh

    Not voting for her anyway.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Huey Apr 11, 2008

    Why, an't she the sweetest thing now? Wouldn't even harm a fly.
    But I am amazed at her "war face" when she talks about child molesters. North Carolina politics - more fun than mud wrestling
    in the pigpen!

  • Sandollar Apr 11, 2008

    What is worse than hearing Perdue's negative campaign ads? Hearing her this morning over, over and over saying no matter what she'll not broadcast negative ads anymore. This is running each and every break this morning. Sickening stuff. Tired of her face and voice.

  • Scubagirl Apr 11, 2008

    I think everyone should stop the negative campaigns. To me it makes me not want to vote for any of them local or national. Why can't the candidates just run on their strengths (if they have any) and not bash their opponents?

  • piratepeople Apr 11, 2008

    this is just a tactic to get votes. Thank God for that mute button on the remote.