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Murder Charges Filed in DWI Wreck

Posted April 9, 2008

— The North Carolina State Highway Patrol on Wednesday released its report on an April 1 collision on Buffaloe Road that killed two people.

Christine Haithcock Meyers, 41, of 1149 Blackbeard Lane in Raleigh, was charged with driving while impaired, two counts of second-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon, violation of an open-container law and driving without insurance.

The wreck claimed the lives of Ruben Dario Medina, 34, and Jefferson Medina, 10, a third-grader at Rolesville Elementary School. A family friend and Ruben Medina's 4-year-old daughter were injured in the wreck.

Meyers' legs were injured in the wreck. As of Wednesday, she remained  at WakeMed in fair condition.

Meyers was tested on the scene for alcohol, but the results of that test are pending, according to the Highway Patrol's report.

Meyers was charged on Nov. 3 with DWI in Johnston County after Highway Patrol troopers spotted a car driving erratically on Interstate 40, according to court records. Her blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.11 then, above the state's legal limit of 0.08.

Her license was revoked for 30 days, and she paid a $50 reinstatement fee on Dec. 10, according to court records. Her trial in the case – she also was charged with having an open container of alcohol in her car – is scheduled for April 15.

Highway Patrol Lt. Cameron Taylor said Meyers was legally entitled to drive while she waited for her trial.


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  • debkrause1 Apr 10, 2008


    You cant sue. The same thing happend when my sister was killed by a drunk driver he had no insurance or money. The little money we got was from the garnishing his wages while he was locked up for the 2 years he got for killing her. Then after that he didnt have to pay anymore. He didnt come close to paying off what we had to pay to have her arrangments taken care of. So sueing they could try but if they have nothing then they cant give you anything. Lets just hope she goes away for a long time.

  • doodad Apr 9, 2008

    "driving without insurance"

    Sue, sue, sue on this one!!!!!

  • debkrause1 Apr 9, 2008

    Good I’m glad they are charging her with murder. My sister was killed by a drunk driver and all the guy got was involuntary manslaughter (2 years in prison for taking a life), and it was his second offence. It’s about time they start cracking down on these people. You never know I could be one of us they kill next time. I think if you drive drunk you should lose your license, no if ands or buts about it.

  • CarolinianByChoice Apr 9, 2008

    And then again if all of us who are so outraged in this forum got together and lobbied for tougher DUI laws, I bet our passion for this issue would be much better spent effecting change rather than just venting our frustration through posts . . .

  • CarolinianByChoice Apr 9, 2008

    Crick127-because of the time delay of posts I didn’t see your 2nd one before I submitted mine – Your 1st post makes more sense now – it seemed you were agreeing with Kfestus in a different context. I didn’t take your comments as a statement that it’s ok to be here illegally. Alcohol abuse straddles across all socio-economic classes and cultures, this is a fact. I agree many folks may be quick to jump on a bandwagon and unjustly accuse a specific ethnicity of certain behaviors. This is due in part because they allow the media to provide them with all their "facts" – it was the MEDIA in the 1st place that made those cases high profile, thus bringing all the attention to them (which only reinforces we shouldn’t swallow everything the media chooses to feed us). Since I’m colorblind I'd appreciate if you didn't include me in your “everyone” statement. I was actually offended by the GENDER part of Kfestus’s statement. Talk about a misogynistic attitude!

  • misschris234 Apr 9, 2008

    This was pre-meditated (she chose to drink, she chose to get behind the wheel) murder. Throw her UNDER the jail. The only thing I don't get is they state her blood alcohol level was .11, it had to be higher. .11, while over the limit is not THAT much over the limit, and for someone that was habitual, there had to be something else going on, she looks drugged out in the pic. NOT condoning anyone drive at .11, but I know I've breathalized myself after a couple beers and been at .11, didn't drive, but still. Something isn't adding up on that alcohol level. But still, throw her under the jail!!!!

  • jamielove69 Apr 9, 2008

    This disgusting piece of human filth deserves the right to a trial. Followed by a slow and painful death. She obviously has no regard for the lives of others, so perhaps watching her life flash repeatedly before her eyes will change her opinion.

  • NCMOMof3 Apr 9, 2008

    "she should not be charged with 1st degree murder. she said 'I want to drive' NOT 'I want to get in a wreck and kill these two people' She did not intend to kill them"

    Well, excuse me but what in the world do you think is going to happen when you get sloshed and get behind the wheel of tons of moving steel? That pretty much screams intent to me. There have been enough public service announcements, billboards, sermons, etc that everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving. Very simple message: drinking and driving KILLS. If you drink and drive, you are choosing to commit murder. Therefore you pass the means test for premeditated, 1st degree murder. If you, by the grace of God, make it home without killing someone, consider yourself lucky.

  • Rocknhorse Apr 9, 2008

    "You do not need a license,insurance,or your own car to drive drunk,so wake up,and get over it."

    Wake up and get over the fact that someone CHOSE to drink, drive and got in a wreck that killed two people? Sorry, no! I don't think we should 'get over it." I think we should put her behind bars for a very long time. I realize that doing so will not stop others from making the same choices, but IF we had stronger punishments for this, then more people would choose to behave differently and perhaps the numbers would drop.

    And as for those who argue about the responsible people who like to have a drink with dinner. Fine, drink all you want. But don't drive. I enjoy a drink. I actually enjoy having several on occassion. But I will not drive if I've had 1. If I'm driving I CHOOSE to not drink anything! It's really not that difficult. It's a decision and position I share with my kids to show them how to be responsible.

  • fyiarp Apr 9, 2008

    Will this ever change? It's a disgrace and a tragedy, and will continue until something does change. Until then how can we believe that our government cares.