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Easley to Mayors: Don't Stop Conserving Water

Posted April 9, 2008

— As cities and towns across North Carolina begin to loosen restrictions on water use, Gov. Mike Easley on Wednesday asked them to rethink the move.

Easley sent a letter to mayors and county managers, thanking them for conservation efforts in recent months to combat the ongoing statewide drought. He also urged them to continue conservation programs because a hot, dry summer could once again drain reservoirs.

"Even though reservoir levels have risen, our groundwater resources, which help keep our streams flowing, are still extremely low. This makes North Carolina very vulnerable as summer approaches," Easley wrote in the letter. "There is the potential for exceptional and extreme drought conditions to return this summer and fall."

All 100 North Carolina counties continue experiencing drought conditions, including 81 in severe or extreme drought, he said. Long-range forecasts also call for drier-than-normal conditions through at least the end of May, he said.

“The drought of 2007-08 has taught all of us that we need to do a better job of managing our water resources year round," Easley wrote in the letter. "But we also have to change our attitude about using water and make water conservation a way of life in North Carolina."

Raleigh lifted Stage 2 restrictions for municipal water customers Monday, allowing them once again to use drinking water to irrigate their lawns and wash their cars. Cary, Durham, Fayetteville and other area cities also have relaxed rules in recent weeks after spring rains replenished their reservoirs.

Water consumption on Raleigh's system was 38.8 million gallons, the same as Monday's usage, according to Public Utilities Department Director Dale Crisp.


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  • blackdog Apr 9, 2008

    ...is this water conservation a situation where "Liberals" are being "Conservative" and the "Conservatives" are being "Liberal" .....?....

  • whatelseisnew Apr 9, 2008

    The only fantasy here is yours. It has become clear to me that you were one of the folks that voted this man into office. Let's recap his accomplishments: Property taxes - higher; Fees - higher; new fees - yes; City Debt - higher; Unhappy City employees - yes. Unhappy city residents - yes; more and more ordinances that interfere in peoples lives yes. These are the facts. Final outcome to this. Meeker is becoming a wealthy man. Quality of life in Raleigh is continuing to decline.

  • Leonardo Apr 9, 2008

    whatelseisnew: This argument is getting us nowhere. We might as well just agree that I'm better at presenting the facts, and you're better at presenting fantasy, and just leave it at that.

  • ConcernedNCC Apr 9, 2008

    earthcallingraleigh My first post wasn't posted I guess because I called your mind into question. Try reading what I wrote originally and you'll see that I advicate conservation, but am not allowed by the HOA or I'll be fined for letting my grass die.

  • ConcernedNCC Apr 9, 2008

    By the way earthcallingraleigh (I bet if you were being fined for conserving water, you wouldn't conserve either.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 9, 2008


    Where did I say the sky was falling. Two posts now and you attributed words to me that I never used. You just simply want to ignore the failures of this City government. They signed up to provide water to outlying towns; they allowed explosive growth; (meeker never took an action to slow it down). They annexed area after area. All this meant they needed to be in a position to supply more and more water. Not just during normal rainfall, but also during dry times. the point here being; had they had access to an adequate supply for the ever growing number of users, they would not have had to threaten all their citizens with fines; threaten water sur charges; close down certain businesses. And notice that they picked on the small business owners; not the big boys. The fact is they failed in their responsibilities. I also hope you enjoy paying the higher water rates when they get that tiered system in. You need to understand the difference between complaints and actual facts.

  • earthcallingraleigh Apr 9, 2008

    Carolinaalabamadog - oh BooooHooooo you're grass is dead, There are people wondering where their next meal is coming from, how they will water their crops and all you care about is your stinking HOA ! It's people like you that cause the rest of the world to hate America. Way to go Pal.

  • Leonardo Apr 9, 2008


    You just like to complain about government, and how it fails to take care of your every want. Raleigh did have backup additional supplies had it been needed. The truth is that we would have been just fine had we not instituted stage 2 restrictions. But it was people like you who were claiming that the sky was falling that forced the town to enact strict water restrictions. Despite that, the only 'businesses' that had to shut down were water hogs like car washes and landscapers. You cannot expect businesses like those to stay open during an 800 year drought.

    Sorry...but your 'government is always bad' mantra, and constant complaints about the City Council are growing tiring.

  • GoldsboroWolf 98 Apr 9, 2008

    Every stream in Wayne county is bursting over the edges right now. The Neuse river is halfway up the boat ramps at the public accesses. Water is standing everywhere. He must be talking about another part of the state as far a ground water goes. If you take hurricanes out of the equation for the average rainfall, I don't think we are in a drought anymore. Considering hurricanes can drop over a foot of water we may even be in a surplus average-wise.

  • MadBiker Apr 9, 2008

    Thanks for the reminder, Governor. I figured since the water restrictions were over, I would turn on all my faucets and let them run as I danced through my house chanting "the drought's over". But since you say I should continue to conserve, thats what I'll do. I'm an obedient citizen.