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Parents: Sons' Deaths Were God's Will

Posted April 8, 2008

— Wafa Tamimi decided last Wednesday that it was a good day to take her two boys, Kaled, 9, and Basil, 7, to the library.

The two loved to read, and they had been wanting to go for several days. But it had been raining, and Tamimi did not feel comfortable driving in wet conditions.

"He always tell me, 'Mama, please take us to library. I want to read,'" said the Jordan native, of her eldest son. "The word 'read' is the last word he speak."

At 4:45 p.m., while attempting to cross Spring Forest Road at Falls of Neuse Road, the two boys ran ahead of their mother and sister into traffic and were hit by a sport utility vehicle traveling southbound on Falls of Neuse.

Kaled, a fourth-grader at North Ridge Elementary School, died Wednesday; Basil, a second-grader there, died Thursday.

"It's God's will," said Tamimi, who, along with her husband Ahmad Shalin, is a devout Muslim.

They point to an Arabic self-study safety lesson the boys had just completed before they died. It talked about a boy who was hit by a car because he wasn't crossing at the crosswalk.

Highlighted on a page in the workbook were the words "accept God's will," Shahin said.

"I was astonished to see this. I was shocked," he said. "It gave us a lot of strength.'Accept God's will' (was the) last think he read with his mom."

"(They) prayed just before they left," Tamimi said of the boys on the day they were hit.

What happened along the Raleigh road that day – the family doesn't want to relive. They'd rather remember their children as happy, talented and loving boys who enjoyed learning.

"I miss their smiles and their noise," Shalin said. "At home, when it's quiet, I feel very sad."

Police said the children were traveling against the light, which was green for Falls of Neuse traffic. The SUV's driver, Catherine Mary Biondi, was not charged.

And as they grieve, they want to meet Biondi to let her know how sorry they are for her.

"We really believe this is an act of God and she was just chosen to be the one involved," Shalin said. "So definitely, we have no bad feelings toward her."

"We would like to give our support to her," he continued. "We know she's suffering. We want to pray for her. We ask God to give her the strength and patience and want to know if there's anything we can do to help her through this."


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  • Jack Flash Apr 9, 2008

    What a great testament to this family's faith. We should all be so inspired in our respective faiths.

    As a Christian, I would phrase it differently than that we must accept this tragedy as God's will. I would say that the way we should handle the horrible circumstances of this world is to lean on God and accept that He has a greater plan for us than the finite time we have here. I really don't see their stance as being fundamentally different. It is pretty undeniable that they are handling this with a peace, a calm, and a forgiveness that is loving and grounded in faith.

  • VT1994Hokie Apr 9, 2008

    I saw the interview on WRAL. It is truly rare when a married couple express themselves like they did. They have more faith than I have now; or probably will ever have. It was the most heartfelt news article that I have viewed in a long time.

    Those little ones are in heaven now, as the dad stated. It's great to hear that there are people in our State, and in our world that have true love for their fellow man. They were only praying for the other person. These two parents will be blessed for their religion. Further, I hope that others in the community will love them, and everyone should applaud the parents for their beliefs and golden hearts. So sad. God bless the children and family members.

  • mrkagain Apr 9, 2008

    "I pray for the family and the lady that hit them that God gives them the peace they need "

    Amen, Brother.

  • godsholypoet Apr 9, 2008

    This family and the lady that hit the 2 boys needs prayer and love not judgement from others. Kids don't always listen it could have happened anywhere to anyone have a little heart and human kindness. No matter what religion people are they still
    have feelings. I pray for the family and the lady that hit them
    that God gives them the peace they need because the 2 boys are at peace with Him.

  • mrkagain Apr 9, 2008

    "Guess what, you have a BELIEF of what "God's will" is, but you don't have even the tiniest scrap of evidence more than anyone else at all.
    Voice of Reason 23
    GOLO member since July 5, 2007"

    When it comes to matters of right/wrong, responsibility/irresponsibility - I think we can all pretty safely assume what God's will ISN'T - no matter what your particular belief system is.

  • jackadoo Apr 9, 2008

    I am familiar with that intersection, and no pedestrian should try to cross it, esp. kids. Like so many other "accidents", there is usually negligence involved.

  • mrkagain Apr 9, 2008

    What an unfortunate incident. Parents, contrtl your children.

    I'm not even going to address the God's will issue, except to say that the Bible teaches that parents are responlible for their children.

  • skypilot-not Apr 9, 2008

    This is nuts....

  • lovinlife2010 Apr 9, 2008


    That's a very childish, immature and insensitive statement! These were children! Children don't always do what they are supposed to!

  • lovinlife2010 Apr 9, 2008


    No, NOT AT ALL! You have to understand the Islamic religion to understand where they are coming from! It's not that they don't care, or that their hearts aren't broken ... they take comfort in knowing that God had his hand in this situation, and will take care of their boys, and them as well. I can see how someone can think that by simply reading the article. But it's a sence of peace that they find in God .... .... not that they don't care!