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Wake Schools, Controversial Teacher Reach Settlement

Posted April 7, 2008

— A former Enloe High School teacher has tentatively reached an out-of-court settlement with the Wake County school system over his treatment after an anti-Muslim teacher spoke to his class a year ago.

Details of the settlement between Robert Escamilla and the school district weren't disclosed, but Escamilla's attorney, Billy Strickland, said it could be finalized by July.

Escamilla had sought to be reinstated to his teaching position at Enloe High and to regain some of his lost pay.

Escamilla was suspended with pay in February 2007 after he invited Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries, to his class. Solomon handed out pamphlets entitled, "Why Women Should Not Marry Muslims."

The school board said Escamilla knew Solomon would denigrate Islam and was not acceptable. Escamilla was later reassigned to Mary E. Phillips High School, an alternative school, and that assignment paid less than his position at Enloe had.

Last fall, school board members released part of Escamilla's personnel record because members said they felt they needed to protect themselves from allegations made during Escamilla's appeal of his transfer. The records praised and criticized his teaching ability.

Escamilla, who taught at Enloe for 18 years, also fought to get a 12-page reprimand removed from his employment file, but the school board denied the request.


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  • NCTeacher Apr 8, 2008

    They sent him as a full teacher to an alternative school to my understanding. He wasn't "demoted". He was in the same position at a different school in the same county. There shouldn't be any "lost wages" in the situation.

    I didn't agree with them releasing his personnel record and I think they deserve to be sued over that. But not for lost wages since he was suspended with pay.

  • nofear Apr 8, 2008

    he was a great teacher at enloe.

  • unchick Apr 8, 2008

    Beach4me- very, very well said!

  • Nope Apr 8, 2008

    Hili, well said. The speaker was not there to have an even handed discussion on Islam, he was not even a muslim. He was a fundamentalist christian with an anti-islam website. I don't think that if a fundamentalist islamist was brought in to discuss christianity it would be tolerated.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Apr 8, 2008

    Translation. WCPSS realized that they would lose a lawsuit for improperly releasing his personnel records to the media.

    Therefore, WCPSS paid him off with taxpayer funded money to cover their illegal behavior and to keep it out of the courts.

    One more example of WCPSS wasting tax money.

  • Hilikus Apr 8, 2008

    Hate is never the answer you should be looking for...it only breeds more hate. Don't believe everything you hear about other religions. You would be hard pressed to find many religions that condone what some of these HUMAN BEINGS are doing. As I said before, look at it out of a religious context and see what this man did. Islam is not the only religion scarred by what they have done in the past "in the name of God", it is just the most recent.

  • Taxman44 Apr 8, 2008

    Documented incidents: anthroposophy, altered states of consciousness, astrology, palmistry, spiritism, native American spiritism, magic & sorcery, solstice rites, sacred sex, serpent worship, and multiple forms of new age religions....all often under the guise of "multiculturalism studies." Islam is taught as a topic in history. These examples are NOT one time occurrences, but consistently found in the classroom without parents' knowledge. There's a lot of info on it, look it up yourself.

  • Init4him Apr 8, 2008

    -"Step back and try to take religion out of this and think about what this man actually did..."-
    Yes let's. He took a current event that has the potential to harm and demoralize our children and tried to bring some truth and understanding to it. He spoke out against an ideaology that is demoralizing and dangerous to women and is the fastest growing divergent ideaology in America among Males and aided by the Nation of Islam is the fastest growing ideaolog among black men in America. This teacher did something that is dangerous and very courageous in the world we live in, He stood up for the truth, and refused to be punished for it.

  • something2say Apr 8, 2008

    Maybe he should have considered teaching elsewhere. Why would he want to continue to teach in a system that stiffles his beliefs? Personally, I would not want him teaching my own children but then again, I chose a private christian school for my kids. I would not want someone there teaching children to hate those who aren't like them. My goal is for them to be with children who have similar values and be taught a curriculum that supports those values. Nothing in my beliefs causes me to hate another based on their own beliefs and views.

  • Init4him Apr 8, 2008

    -"Our country wasn't built on "tolerance" but rather on strict obedience to Christian standards and a solid moral code... '-

    Beach, I wonder if you considered the perspective of the Native American Tribes when you labeled our founding fathers moral code as solid, and their standards as Christian. I would agree with niether assumption for I consider myself to be both Moral and a Christian and I think what our government did to those people is shamefull. My point is we can't stand on what our country is built on because what our country is built on is greed and more to the point it has nothing to do with this issue.