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Charge: Roanoke Rapids Man Had Sex With Teen

Posted April 7, 2008

— Jeffrey Wayne Parks, 30, of Roanoke Rapids, faces sex-related charges for an alleged relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

According to Weldon police, the two met in September 2005 while performing at the Lakeland Theatre and Cultural Arts Center in Littleton. They began a relationship that included sex acts in March 2007. The girl's father reported the relationship to Roanoke Rapids police in February.

Parks was arrested April 2 after a a joint investigation by the Weldon and Littleton police departments resulted in 20 counts of statutory rape/sex offense with a child the age of 6 or more. Weldon Lt. Lames Avens said 16 of the counts represented offenses that occured at the theater. The other four offenses allegedly took place at The Centre, which is located on the campus of Halifax Community College in Weldon.

Parks was released from custody on $50,000 bond and has an April 30 court date.


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  • iamforjustice Apr 8, 2008

    Double standards but they are all adults. No 13 year olds!!!!

  • iamforjustice Apr 8, 2008

    If this situation was reversed and it was a 30yo woman and a 13yo boy then no one sees so much of a problem. Some would even think it is cool.

    That is not true. Now if the Guy was 60 and the girl was 18 then that is cool for the guy and he would be a mack or stud and the woman would be a gold digger but if he was 18 and she was 60 then he would be a mack and stud and she would be a sick old lady.

  • enigma1469 Apr 8, 2008

    If this situation was reversed and it was a 30yo woman and a 13yo boy then no one sees so much of a problem. Some would even think it is cool.

  • Concerned Apr 8, 2008

    It's funny how people are defending this sick twisted pervert, who really should have known better, I don't care if the child did "consent". Also, lets remember that back in the day, women nor girls did not have any say in ANYTHING, therefore, were subject to what men wanted. It was not due to their maturity. The same foolishness is still with us today. This pervert deserves the harshest punishment under the law.

  • ridgerunner Apr 8, 2008

    In times past when young girls married older men one reason was older men were more established and better able to provide for a wife. Now these girls watch Britany, Paris and others on TV and think it is ok to do what they do. The age of consent means nothing when you are a young person thinking you are an adult, but the adult has no excuse.

  • flipper59 Apr 7, 2008

    "Even if she came on to him, he needed to rebuff her advances."
    You are exactly rite. BUT, that does not change the fact SOME girls ask for this. It's a fact!!
    Who's fault is that? The Parents, Rite!

  • flipper59 Apr 7, 2008

    "Wow, now we're blaming the girl. "
    Where did i say this girl was to blame. You should comprehend better or push the keyboard away

  • colliedave Apr 7, 2008

    He should of known that she was "jail bait." Put him there and throw away they key. Even if she came on to him, he needed to rebuff her advances.

  • Meandmytwo Apr 7, 2008

    This guy knew that this girl was only 13 and he had sex with her anyway. I worked at the prison all so and ther are plenty of them locked up, were they belong. Just because it is consensual, does not mean that it is right. These grown men are monsters and they promise these little girls everything to get what they want. I hope he get everything that he deserves and that is a lot of years with the rest of the sick monsters doing time already!!!

  • feyerdncr Apr 7, 2008

    "Truth being there are quite a few girls that know exactly what they are doing. Some even tease these Men on to them."

    Wow, now we're blaming the girl. Even if the girl did in some way make the guy think it was okay ....He's the adult, he knows better. You can't tell me this guy didn't know what he was doing was wrong. In his head I'm sure "she wanted it".