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Warrant Reveals iPod Plot at N.C. State

Posted April 4, 2008

— North Carolina State University police found and seized 10 iPods in a search of a Bowen Hall dorm room Sunday.

According to the search warrant, Clyde Cox admitted to detectives that his roommate, Max Myrick, would buy the iPods at area Targets, then return the empty boxes for a refund and re-sell the iPods on Craigslist.

Cox told N.C. State police that Myrick filled the empty boxes with pennies and that he sold the like-new iPods on Craiglist for $200.

Durham police informed campus police after Myrick was caught at a Target in Durham trying to return an empty iPod box with a roll of pennies taped inside.

Police also seized eight white bags believed to be iPod headphones and shrink wrap form Myrick's room.

Myrick is out of jail on a $7,000 secured bond.


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  • cardsandpackdude Apr 4, 2008

    why does everybody have to turn this into a college thing. he's just a kid that made a bad decision, that happens to go to state.

  • Probot Apr 4, 2008

    You should all do yourselves a favor and read the warrant before you start posting moronic comments about the employees checking the boxes. The warrant implies that the boxes were returned shrink wrapped so that they appeared new due to the use of a shrink wrap machine.

  • catwoman1 Apr 4, 2008

    OMG...you mean Target employees didn't open the box to check it??? Hmmm...sound like a conspiracy to me. I smell fraud here.

  • I like everybody Apr 4, 2008

    He thought he was a little smarter than anyone working at target. And like most things that one shouldn't do, be it drinking and driving, cheating on your wife or stealing from a store. If you do it long enough, your going to get caught.

  • Demented Apr 4, 2008

    ifcdirector, do you mean the same way they put Atwater and Lovette under the jail?

  • whatelseisnew Apr 4, 2008

    Sentence from the judge. Ask target for the IPODs, hopefully they are large capacity ipods. Fill all the ipods with the same song. This student must stay in his cell until he has listened to all of the ipods. Then have him clean up trash from the western end of I40 to the coast. Then he doubles back to do the other side.

  • Common Sense Man Apr 4, 2008

    "He won't do a day of time. If a kid not in college from Southeast Raleigh did the same crime he would be under the jail on the other hand."

    Give me a break, you ever heard of structured sentencing? A first time offender for something like this wouldn't see prison time, doesn't matter who they are. Nice not so subtle attempt to use the race card though.

  • SunnyDays Apr 4, 2008

    NC TigerCub TA, you are probably right.

    And Mad Baumer, while I understand what you are saying I don't understand why the IPods were even taken back by Target in the in the first place without them being checked out. I shop Target on a regular basis, and I must admit I tried to return a stapler (It broke after the first use) there once and had a heck of a time, didn't prevent me from shopping there again.

    I also work retail 6 days a week for an independantly owned store so a do know about working with the public.

  • tuckeremt Apr 4, 2008

    Maybe the Target employee is a friend of the student, and was in on it!!

  • JohnDeereGirl Apr 4, 2008

    Sorry, N.C.TigerClubTA you're wrong about how the system works. I can promise you the kid didn't get in that way. It's very hard to get into NCSU. Students are very bright when it comes to their education. Now what they do outside of the classroom is a different story.