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Questions Surround Charge of Vance Sheriff's Daughter

Posted April 3, 2008
Updated April 4, 2008

— Vance County's manager says he believes a reckless-driving case involving the sheriff's daughter was handled correctly, even though conversations between deputies and radio dispatchers and between a dispatcher and the sheriff suggest suspicions that she was intoxicated.

Motorists driving along U.S. Highway 1, south of Henderson, on March 23 reported to 911 that a motorist was driving the wrong way on the highway, swerving. Multiple callers described the driver as acting drunk.

When a sheriff's deputy pulled over the driver, he realized it was Vance County Sheriff Peter White's daughter, Shahita White, 34.

There is no indication a sobriety test was administered nor that there was probable cause for one. A dispatcher called the sheriff to let him know. Shahita White was charged with reckless driving.

"You go ahead and call him at the house and tell him she's blistered," the deputy told the dispatcher.

"Yeah, and see what he wants me to do," the officer continued.

About calling Sheriff White, the dispatcher responded, "I'll go ahead and take care of it," but never said what, if anything, the deputy should do.

When he reached White, the dispatcher told him that the deputy had his daughter stopped and "she's 55" – apparently a reference to the common police 10-code for an intoxicated driver, 10-55.

Vance County Manager Jerry Ayscue said conversations with the sheriff indicated to him that the case was handled appropriately.

"There doesn't appear to be any evidence, at this point, that would indicate otherwise," Ayscue said.

Unless new evidence is brought forward, Ayscue says he expects the county will not need to investigate how the case was handled any further.

Sheriff White said Thursday he was "too busy to talk" about the arrest. WRAL was unable to contact Shahita White for comment.


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  • NCSULandscaper Apr 4, 2008

    there is a whole lot more to the story than what you read on here. After hearing claims from some of the 911 operators in town today, she was alot more than just drunk and careless. Sheriff White was a good sheriff until this stunt, now he needs to be removed

  • Common Sense Man Apr 4, 2008

    "The Deputy knew what the right thing to do was...just he knew his job was on the line. Sad but true."

    When you're in law enforcement you should hold to your morals and do the right thing.

  • Common Sense Man Apr 4, 2008

    "In comment I made below I actually meant death by motor vehicle while impaired is the stiffest ticket you can get."

    Maybe it happened in the old days, but I've never heard of anyone receiving a misdemeanor death by vehicle charge while they were impaired.

  • IKnowItAll2 Apr 4, 2008

    Sheriff Earl Butler said it best! "We, of all people, are not above the law. No law enforcement officer can afford for our citizens to view us as cheaters or, worse, lawbreakers,"

  • ncnativegal Apr 4, 2008

    What makes Ms. White immune to the law that the Sheriff swore to uphold? This is proof that our protection is corrupt. And why should we abide by laws that are so corrupt?

    The 911 calls could have been very tragic. What if someone else was driving the wrong way down US1 hwy and almost hit Sheriff White's daughter? That person would have gotten severe penalities.

    Sheriff White needs to learn tuff love! For his daughter's sake and the people that he swore to serve and protect.

    The Vance Co Sheriff's office needs to be investigated over this matter (and Jerry Ayscue too for saying that it was handled appropriately). Come on SBI you need to investigate.

  • billy Apr 4, 2008

    Once again looks like "special" treatment for the "special" people.
    Anyone that has been charged with being "blistered" in Vance County should sue for not being treated equally under the law.

  • hardtimes1959 Apr 4, 2008

    In comment I made below I actually meant death by motor vehicle while impaired is the stiffest ticket you can get.

  • hardtimes1959 Apr 4, 2008

    In the Henderson Daily Dispatch last Sunday was comment made by Peter White, " she got a careless and wreckless driving ticket, the stiffest possible ticket you can get" well, i guess Peter White the Sheriff doesnt know the laws on driving while impaired. Death by motor vehicle is the stiffest ticket, which thank God she didnt kill anyone, but driving while impaired is much stiffer than careless and wreckless. That is why lawyers are paid to help drop dwi or dui to careless and wreckless. First of all, she would not have a drivers license for 30 days and then it is a priviledged license, and her insurance will be sky high for 3 years and driving while impaired is on your driving record for life......and little Ms. White would even have been finger printed...drunk driving is a much stiffer ticket, Sheriff White. Maybe he needs to take a refresher course on the laws of driving while impaired.....

  • hardtimes1959 Apr 4, 2008

    Well, first of all if you, and or anyone else had been pulled, including myself, unless of course you are Peter White's aka (sheriff) daughter we would have spent Easter in jail.....at least taking breath alyzer and posting bond for drunk driving.....but not only was she blistered she also had fictitous tags....and it was odd she went to court so fast.

  • doubletrouble Apr 4, 2008

    Alot of these types of problems, are the direct result of the type of political working conditions, most lower level LE officers have to work in. Conditions in the NCHP are probably stricter, where officers have more of an internal affairs division, in which they can turn to, in cases of wrongful firings. Local LE and the Sheriff's dept have more of a political base-aka, "pull the wrong person over and pick up your last paycheck friday" type of situation...and rarely is any internal investigation conducted, without bias. Willing to bet the deputy, if had just followed protocol...would be looking another job, hours reduced, or forced to transfer within 3-6 months, really with no recourse and even then..his reputation will proceed him/her. I know several in LE...and the political cloud is always above. The Deputy knew what the right thing to do was...just he knew his job was on the line. Sad but true.