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Driver in Fatal Wreck Had Previous DWI

Posted April 3, 2008

— A woman charged with drunken driving in a Tuesday wreck that killed a Raleigh man and his son was awaiting trial on a similar charge from November.

Christine Haithcock Meyers, 41, of 1149 Blackbeard Lane in Raleigh, was charged with driving while impaired in connection with a wreck Tuesday night on Buffaloe Road at Westminster Drive east of Raleigh.

Ruben Dario Medina, 34, and 10-year-old Jefferson Medina, a third-grader at Rolesville Elementary School, were killed after a GMC Envoy crossed the center line and struck their Honda Accord head-on, authorities said.

A family friend and Ruben Medina's 4-year-old daughter were injured in the wreck. The girl has been released from WakeMed, but the family friend, whose name hasn't been released, was in a coma Thursday at the hospital.

The state Highway Patrol hadn't completed its report on the wreck Thursday, so there was no information on Meyers' blood-alcohol content.

Meyers was charged on Nov. 3 with DWI in Johnston County after Highway Patrol troopers spotted a car driving erratically on Interstate 40, according to court records. Her blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.11, above the state's legal limit of 0.08.

Her license was revoked for 30 days, and she paid a $50 reinstatement fee on Dec. 10, according to court records. Her trial in the case – she also was charged with having an open container of alcohol in her car – was scheduled for April 15.

Highway Patrol Lt. Cameron Taylor said Meyers was legally entitled to drive while she waited for her trial.

"She had done everything she was required to by state law," Taylor said. "There's nothing they can do to prevent that person from driving, as long as they can get alcohol and car keys. You can't have troopers sitting there 24 hours a day to monitor their moves."

Meyers was still in WakeMed Thursday after suffering injuries to her legs. She likely will face charges in the two deaths upon her release, authorities said.


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  • 1crazygirl Apr 4, 2008

    Lock her up and throw away the key.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Apr 4, 2008

    She needs some serious time in prison.

  • Kilroy Apr 4, 2008

    $100 fine and license gone for 30 days.

    What a joke? I have a cousin who has had 2 DWI's. He has not had a driver's license in 7+ years. He drives more miles per year than I do. Go figure.

  • mluddysr Apr 4, 2008

    Looks like we're still not serious about enforcement. The Vance county sheriff's daughter just got a pass. The deputy called the sheriff to tell him his daughter was "blistered". No breathalyzer was giving, and she was cited only with reckless driving, despite driving the wrong way on the highway!

  • Adelinthe Apr 4, 2008

    Figures! Praying for the loved ones of the deceased, and praying someone will find a way to help this woman to heal, now that she has killed which is wayyy too late for this dad and son.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • aerolove2k Apr 3, 2008

    Everyone deserves their day in court. Its a huge tragedy, but legally, what else could have been done? People have a right to a trial and are innocent until proven guilty. Its obvious that this woman was guilty, but there are many others who arent. You cant pull licenses from everyone who's accused of drinking and driving until they have their day in court.

    Besides, just because you take that piece of plastic doesnt mean someones NOT going to drive. It just means its illegal for them. Now not only does this woman have some serious jail time awaiting her (and well deserved in my opinion), but she has the death of 2 people on her concious.

    The only thing you can do is make tougher laws, but an addict is an addict. She needed help before and now she'll need much more after. Alcoholism is the only disease you can get yelled at for having. I'm not defending her, she was wrong and unfortunatley others paid the consequence. It sucks how the drunk always survives.

  • gnew46 Apr 3, 2008

    Murder any way you cut it. Two innocent people are dead and another one is in a coma because of this woman's actions.

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Apr 3, 2008

    This lady was not driving again after a $100 dollar fine. If you think she was, you really don't know that much about the law. That case is pending, but she did it again, and killed two people in the process. So I must ask. Who advocates throwing people in jail before they are tried and convicted? I am not defending her, absolutely not. I understand everyone's frustration and anger, but honestly, what do you do? Even a blow-and-go on a car is not fool proof 100% of the time. I don't know what the answer is. But don't say she got away with a $100 fine the first time, she didn't. Once the dust settles from both trials with all the aggravating factors, she will will be in jail, there is no doubt about that. I don't know what the answer is for these repeat offenders, there is no easy answer. Start executing them? Might help as a preventative measure. Probably won't, because if people want to drive drunk, they will. Heart goes out to the family, all I can say. (Shakes head.)

  • drnc Apr 3, 2008

    Drunk driving is not a mistake or an accident. Drunks get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive on purpose. Their vehicle should be impounded and sold at public auction on the first offense. Give the proceeds to the Wake County Board of Education. They never have enough money.

  • bs101fly Apr 3, 2008

    they should ALL be put on deathrow the FIRST time!