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'Chief's Way or Highway,' Ex-Cadet Says of Alleged Affair

Posted April 2, 2008

— A former Rocky Mount police cadet who claims she was forced out of her job after having an affair with the police chief said Wednesday she never meant for the alleged encounter to happen.

"I found myself in a very vulnerable position in my law enforcement career," Shirley Moore said in an exclusive interview with WRAL. "It was either the chief's way or the highway."

Chief John Manley has adamantly denied Moore's claims of an affair and has said Moore left the position of her own accord.

In complaints filed with the City of Rocky Mount and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Moore accuses Manley of giving her the option of resigning or being fired after his wife learned of an alleged Sept. 14 encounter at a Rocky Mount hotel.

Moore said she agreed to meet Manley for dinner at a Rocky Mount steakhouse and that he reserved a room at the adjoining hotel for her to change and freshen up after a day of academy training.

"He was in there waiting for me," she said. "He was in there scantily dressed, pouring drinks. He was drinking, and I never made it to dinner."

As a result of the encounter, Moore said, she became pregnant. She claims Manley paid for an abortion in November.

"When I informed the chief, his immediate response was, 'We're going to have to do something about that,'" Moore said. "I was told to call some clinics and get some estimates."

She said she has documentation to support the claim. She said Manley instructed her to use a false name.

City logs of Manley's office and cell phones, obtained by WRAL through a public records request, show 144 calls between him and Moore from September through February. The calls ranged from early morning to late evening and included 11 on Sept. 14.

Manley said last week that he gives his phone numbers to all police cadets and encourages them to call him with concerns. All the calls, he said, were professional in nature. Moore says most were about the affair.

"He wanted to talk to me to be sure, or feel comfortable, that I wouldn't talk about anything," she said.

Rocky Mount officials won't comment, other than to say they are looking into Moore's claims. Moore said the city now wants her to take a lie-detector test.

"I have no problem giving a polygraph test, whatsoever, but not through anybody that the city of Rocky Mount wants to hire," Moore said.

Manley had no additional comments Wednesday about Moore's claims.

Moore said she was told her complaints to the EEOC, a federal agency, did not meet the agency's criteria for an investigation. She said she plans to file a lawsuit.


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  • gottasay Apr 4, 2008

    Ticlke me cookie that would be a great thing, but I wouldn't count on that from the city admin of Rocky Mount. They don't give a hoot what the public thinks and they are known for keeping bad people on and running off good people. They had a great chief when Hogan was there and they wanted their man Manley to have it. So I say just watch and see how they spin this! For all those who don't know he hasn't even been put on admin leave. Had this been any other officer they would have been on leave from the word go. If you live in Rocky Mount if this or should I say when the truth comes out you should demand his job.

  • Common Sense Man Apr 4, 2008

    Me thinks he won't be the chief for long.

  • nisa-pizza Apr 4, 2008

    "He was in there waiting for me," she said. "He was in there scantily dressed, pouring drinks. He was drinking, and I never made it to dinner."

    Yeah, but I sure as he__ would've made it out that door as soon as I laid eyes on him. NO JOB is worth that!

  • nagreene Apr 4, 2008

    The woman's husband speaks about his feelings. Here's the link to read what he had to say about his wife and the affair.


  • Adelinthe Apr 4, 2008

    First of all, she could have said no.

    Secondly, him behaving that way though put his office and position at risk, and rightly so. He was her superior, her mentor. He should have been showing her correct behavior, not this.

    Praying for God's will in this one; it's too complicated for me.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • FirstHand Apr 3, 2008

    Now for our “victim”......mrs moore.......she wasnt exactly you prime candidate for an officer. She had been kicked out of or quit two other academies prior to this one. So how else would she get through this academy if not with alittle help from what god gave her.
    anyone at the station who pays attention to their surroundings could have told you something was up. She got away with everything in the academy, missing class, falling out of runs, talking back to and bad mouthing her instructors! All normally grounds for disciplinary action or termination, but she managed to keep moving forward........with alittle help from the top obviously!
    In my opinion this isnt the first of an incident of this nature, considering the type of cadets who have made it through, but at least this girl has no pride and came forward. If there is any justice he will be brought down and maybe this city can move forward!

  • FirstHand Apr 3, 2008

    ok someone please tell me what the chief has done for RM that is so great......
    crime is up! morale is down! officer turn over is ridiculous!
    since hes been here everything has gotten worse! please someone name one good thing that has come from Manleys reign!
    this is so ironic that one of the cadet/officer who comes forward to tell his little secrets should have never been there to tart with. Moore was not a poster girl for police cadets by no means. but because RM has no standards to join she made it. why does RM have no standards, no one wants to work here, because the pay is horrible compared to the danger of the city's crime, because there arent enough officers to keep it in check, because no one wants to work here due to the administration (chief and other supervisors) and the pay is horrible.......as you can see it’s a never ending cycle.

  • busyasabee Apr 3, 2008

    I agree with holmesap Resign and Penny must be covering stuff too. I think they all are going to get caught in traps. To scared to do something about the situation must be more going on.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Apr 3, 2008

    gsmith275492 - It really comforts me to know there are so many morally perfect posters in here today. I allowed myself to get caught up in a similar mess a number of years ago. I's all about self-control and being an adult, in which both parties failed miserably. If you're so perfect, move to Wake County. Lord knows they could use your help.

    I would be delighted. Will be married to the same man faithfully, this June for 30 years. :)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Apr 3, 2008

    Smiling Jack 84 - What do her looks have to do with the situation? The truth is what matters.

    Looks do matter and apparently it did to the sheriff and it got him in big trouble. Not a bad looking person, but I could beat her any old day. lol