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Ex-Cadet Files Complaints Against Rocky Mount Police Chief

Posted March 28, 2008

— A former Rocky Mount Police Department employee has filed complaints with the city and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming she was forced out of a job as a police cadet after having an affair with the police chief.

Police Chief John Manley on Friday denied having a romantic relationship with Shirley Moore. Rocky Mount officials said they were looking into her claims.

The police department hired Moore last August, and she went through a five-month training program. She told WRAL she agreed to a "conditional" relationship with Manley last fall when she was promised quick promotions.

She told WRAL that Manley paid for her to have an abortion in November after she became pregnant.

Within days of her completing her training, she said in her complaints, Manley called her into his office and told her it would be best for him and for the department if she sought other employment. She claims the meeting occurred after someone sent a letter to Manley's wife in February about the affair.

"Shirley Moore did resign from the department. She was not forced, that's for sure," Manley said in a telephone interview with WRAL.

He adamantly denied her claims of an affair.

"Absolutely not. Not under any circumstances. (There was) no affair whatsoever, other than an employment relationship," he said.

City logs of Manley's office and cell phones, obtained by WRAL through an official request, show 144 calls between Manley and Moore from September through February. The calls ranged from early morning to late evening and included 11 on Sept. 14, the day Moore claims the two had a romantic liaison in a hotel room.

"Regardless of the number of calls that she may have called me or I have returned her calls, it was always related to a work-related experience, a work-related issue or an experience in the academy," Manley said.

Rocky Mount Assistant City Manager Charles Penny called the case a personnel matter and declined to discuss it.

"We are aware of it, and we're handling it like we're supposed to," Penny said.

Moore said the EEOC, a federal agency, wouldn't pursue an investigation because her claims don't meet its criteria and that she plans to file a civil lawsuit about the matter.


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  • something2say Mar 31, 2008

    Something about the whole account stinks! Not sure if I believe Moore is an innocent victim in all this! Could she have been playing with fire and got burned? Could she have been trying to turn the tables on the chief? Something was going on but my money is on Moore being the instigator and getting burned. Sure there was an affair but how it started and ended would be the question.

    Also, if she had been a decent candidate maybe the chief could have kept her on and continued to have his cake without question. My guess is she did not work very hard as a candidate and made too many wonder how she stayed on for 5 months.

    It will be interesting to see what all comes out. Sounds like both the so-called victim and Chief are not people you want as your LEO!

  • bigbells Mar 31, 2008

    I also worry that the allegations might be true but I think the facts will come out and I'll wait for them. For those making their judgements strictly on the number of phone calls, they were made over a 5-month period. That's only one call per day on average, and remember that includes calls in either direction, from her to him as well as from him to her. Considering the long period of time this isn't quite as many as you might be thinking. Maybe there is a security camera at the hotel?

  • gottasay Mar 31, 2008

    Supermom, super comment. You must know some RMPD officers for sure. I have friends there that tell me the same things and would not dare come forward to speak. They will be applauding you for sure. They say if the public knew how they were treated they would never complain when an officer was short with them.lol I hope everyone takes a good look at all the accusations.

  • busyasabee Mar 31, 2008

    I don't think its a black white issue either. Another officer abusing his position and hoping not to get caught.

  • supermom86 Mar 31, 2008

    ... We were both victims of Chief Manley's wrath."

    I cannot tell you how many times a RMPD officer has been INTIMIDATED enough to quit his/her job. Rocky Mount has a very high turnover rate for police officers because of the treatment by their higher ranking officials. My husband was a police cadet and was a victim of this type of treatment. I think that it's about time that we have a new police chief in RM and put a stop to the unfair treatment of our hard working officers. The crime rates are unreal. We are worse than the NATIONAL AVERAGE and I think we know who to blame. CHIEF MANLEY. He has proposed this and that, but he has put none of it into affect. He needs to admit his faults and get out of RMPD. Here is the site address to my information on crime rates:

  • supermom86 Mar 31, 2008

    First off, I would like to say that it is about time that something has finally come out about the treatment of RMPD officers. Have any of you read the article from the Rocky Mount Telegram? If not, you should. It sheads a whole new light on this topic other than their affair. Exerpt from RMT:Lawrence Phifer, a former Rocky Mount police officer employed from November of 2006 to November 2007, said late Friday that he believes he was "forced out" of the department because he had befriended Moore and she had told him about a situation with Manley."I believe that (Manley) had to get rid of me to get rid of her," Phifer said. "Her case directly involved me because we were friends." Phifer claims he was pressured to resign from the department."I enjoyed being a police officer in Rocky Mount," Phifer said, adding that he is now an officer with another department in Wayne County. "But when you sit down every day and have to be badgered and harassed" ... contenued

  • Adelinthe Mar 31, 2008

    If he ever touched her or even spoke to her in an unseemly way, he's dead wrong and should be gone.

    Praying for the truth to come out in this one.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • wcnc Mar 31, 2008

    Why is a cadet calling the chief?? Why is the chief talking with a cadet???

    SOmething's up here......

  • linnway Mar 31, 2008

    If he admitted it, they may ask him to resign. he is straight up in denial. The phone calls are enough for me to believe there was an affair. Black or white is irrelevant.

  • iamforjustice Mar 31, 2008

    It does matter when it seems to be the status quo for a race to overlook the failins of it's leaders, based on race. If he was white, the call for him to resign would be deafening.
    Obviously you are upset this man is Black. White police chiefs mess up also. Stop hating a person's color. Is justice based on a person's color? Is there white justice, mexican justice, jewish justice, christian justice....when does it just simply become "justice".