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'My Mind Snapped,' Murder Suspect Testifies

Posted March 26, 2008
Updated March 27, 2008

— A Raleigh woman charged with killing her ex-girlfriend's partner testified on her own behalf Wednesday that she was distraught when her partner left her.

And that's when Victoria Graham Goode ran into Veronica Elaine Malone last July.

"My mind snapped," she said. "It was unbelievable."

Goode, 55, of 1229 Bentley Lane, is charged with first-degree murder in the July 1, 2007, death of Veronica Elaine Malone. Malone and her nephew were helping Tanya Lynette Mattison move out of Goode's house when Goode ran into them with her car.

Malone died at a local hospital; her nephew, Darrian Malone, was seriously injured.

Goode also faces two counts of attempted murder, once count each of larceny and assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and larceny.

During her testimony, Goode described relationship problems she and Mattison were having, how they tried to work them out and how Mattison wanted to end their six-year relationship.

Goode said she had left town for a family emergency on the day of the hit and run and that "she lost it" when she returned and saw Veronica Malone's vehicle parked at her house.

She also testified that she remembered Mattison telling her after the crash that she was going to jail but said she does not remember hitting anyone.

"I told her (Mattison) I couldn't have done that," Goode said.

It wasn't until she saw the police report that she knew what she had done, she said.

During cross-examination, Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden said Goode's memory was selective and questioned her on why she could remember some of what happened but not hitting the victims.

"I caused the accident, because they said I did, but I don't remember hitting anyone," Goode said, saying she never saw Veronica Malone.

Earlier Wednesday, Malone's twin sister recalled for the state a conversation she had with her injured son in the hospital and how her sister died.

"(Darrian) said: 'Mom, I'm sorry. I tried, I tried to save her,'" Monica Malone Alston testified.

Minutes later, she said, her sister, who had been in surgery, died.

"I didn't get to see my sister (alive) before I buried her," she said. "I didn't get to kiss her until she was in the casket."

Prosecutors say Goode first swiped Malone with the car, then tried to attack her with a hammer, then returned to her car and hit Malone a second time, killing her.

Goode's attorney, Bryan Collins, doesn't dispute that his client killed Veronica Malone. But he said earlier this week the death didn't constitute first-degree murder, because it wasn't premeditated.

He asked the jury to find her guilty of second-degree murder. Prosecutors are asking for life in prison.

Friends also testified that Goode's actions were out of character and a reaction to being told that her lover had left her for Malone.

Prosecutors said that regardless of her emotional state, Goode knew her actions could seriously injure or kill someone. They said Goode made verbal threats at the scene and intended to kill Malone.

Both sides rested, and the jury deliberated for more than two hours Wednesday, asking to review evidence and listening twice in open court to a 911 call on the day of the crash.


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  • ecsanders Mar 28, 2008

    Well we all know the famous line "My Mind Snapped.." Is a bunch of BOLOGNA.. I tried not to laugh at Victoria G. Goode as she took the stand and basically told on herself you know. But justice is SERVED..
    RIP AUNTIE I LOVE YOU.. (Veronica Malone)
    As for Victoria not only did the Jurors (law) take care of her now.. But Jesus will take care of her in a few years so....

    (My Opinion)

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Mar 27, 2008

    I'm still hung up on the hammer. Who in world goes after another human being with a freakin' hammer? That woman, belongs in a cage for the rest of her life to spare some other innocent person a regrettable "mind snapping" episode.

  • NCMOMof3 Mar 27, 2008

    everybody that commits murder has had their mind snapped,,,not a defense.

  • Shipshape Mar 27, 2008

    What do Ms.(MR) Mattison have to say about all this?. Did she testify or cry for MS. Malone. To the Malone Family all will go in your favor. GOD BLESS

  • Made In USA Mar 26, 2008

    "My mind snapped", isn't anything but her attorney's advice on what to say so he can have her sentence reduced. I tell you what, if these plea bargaining chips aren't wiped off the table totally, then crime is only going to get worse and worse and worse. She did it. She's guilty. Now she must pay for her crime.

  • terpfan Mar 26, 2008

    Woman kills her female lover with a car. She ought to be real popular in the prison.

    As for the "My mind snapped" and it was out of character. Everyone in jail had their first crime. That's no excuse.

  • VT1994Hokie Mar 26, 2008

    This one is for the books. Her mind snapped. A total waste of ink, and the court that will evaluate her because she will claim insanity. Another waste of our taxpayer dollars. In my opinion, she knew what she was doing. She was in a rage! She wanted to hurt someone.

  • gnew46 Mar 26, 2008

    In addition to the other actions she can't recall, I guess the hammer just put itself into her hands. The victim had rights as well as the killer. Do the crime, do the time.

  • bobdillin123789 Mar 26, 2008

    let her unsnap her mind on a 1st degree murder charge.

  • bill0 Mar 26, 2008

    The woman is 55. Why not let her plead to 2nd degree with a 25 year sentence and spare the family and state a trial? With the long history of drug abuse, there is very little chance her body is going to make it passed 80 anyway.