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Cary Police Target Aggressive Drivers

Posted March 25, 2008

— Note to motorists in a hurry: Cary police say they are going to crack down on aggressive drivers on Wednesday.

“Operation Patient Payoff” is targeting an area of N.C. Highway 55 just south of High House Road, where police said they’ve seen too many crashes and deaths.

Police will be looking for people driving too fast, following too closely and driving aggressively. Officers will be on motorcycles, in patrol cars and in unmarked cars from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and again from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The area was chosen because of its history. There have been three deadly accidents since last year on Highway 55 near Catlin Road in Cary. In June, the driver of an SUV was killed after the vehicle hydroplaned.

Last year, police conducted three campaigns that focused on a stretch of U.S. Highways 1 and 64 between Walnut Street and Cary Parkway. Officers cited more than 150 drivers.


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  • lizard Mar 26, 2008

    Lyle - you're not paying attention!

  • lizard Mar 26, 2008

    D. - crossing guards have been supplied to you by the Town at that location. Are you blind or something?

  • nowon_yuno Mar 26, 2008

    Cary, the largest subdisvion with private security I have ever been in. I'm glad I was picked for re-education and got my paperwork approved and was allowed to move into Raleigh as an assimilated yankee

  • D. Mar 26, 2008

    I'm with LYLE on the complete lack of everyday enforcement in the school zones! If you want to add some danger and excitement to your life, try crossing Kildaire Farm Road to get to Cary Elementary in the morning and afternoon.

  • dogs_rule Mar 26, 2008

    "In June, the driver of an SUV was killed after the vehicle hydroplaned."

    This is a result of driving too fast for conditions and outside of ones own capabilities. To blame it the road surface is not accepting responsibility. How many drivers negotiated this road under these conditions without killing themselves?

  • 215born910raised Mar 26, 2008

    9:30am? LOL!! That's a joke. By that time I'll have already sped and tailgated people all the way to work.

  • dogs_rule Mar 26, 2008

    Twice the number of people in this country are killed in traffic "accidents" (stupidity is no accident) as are killed by firearms. Yet, we have a huge outcry for gun control. I am more fearful of the self assigned importance by which aggressive drivers are influenced when they put others at risk (just to get 4 vehicles ahead in the line at the next Red light) than I am random gang violence. Drivers of large SUVs, 1 ton pickups and high power sports sedans (burning a disproportionate amount of fuel,) put many of us at risk by trying to use the vehicles size and or power to intimidate others drivers into giving way just so they can get to work 2 minutes earlier. So, if the town of Cary chooses to boost their revenue at the expense of narcissistic morons, they have my support.

  • Lyle Mar 26, 2008

    What an outrage. As a Cary resident, I am full of contempt for this whole operation. Why not perform this great public service EVERY DAY, while not warning people in advance when and where you'll be, and try doing this on the Weston Parkway, NC-54, Cary Parkway, Harrison, Davis Drive, jeez, you police are soft as can be. There are psycho drivers every minute of every day on all these roads and more, bombing through school zones, I have been passed by yahoos on Davis Drive doing 75 and there is nver a cop around to remedy that. Two hundred cops in Cary, and with at least one in every high school and middle school as SRO's, where are the rest of you. New chief, old program. Thanks for nothing.

  • Grum Steer Mar 26, 2008

    "In June, the driver of an SUV was killed after the vehicle hydroplaned."

    I agree! Fix the driving surface.

  • BULLDOZER Mar 26, 2008

    How about they spend some time catching whoever is going into my and other builders homes and stealing our copper. The correct headline for the story should have read " Cary Police Start Operation Raise Money." I am sure they will make our roads safer, but they are going to pump 100's of thousands into their fund and the judges retirement fund with all of those court costs. Great idea!!