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Audit: College Official Misused Money

Posted March 24, 2008

— An official at Piedmont Community College submitted a fake receipt for travel reimbursement and arranged special benefits for family members, according to a state audit released Monday.

The director of the college's Educational Opportunity Center has resigned, effective March 31, and State Auditor Les Merritt has called for a criminal investigation into her actions. The director wasn't identified in the audit.

“Thousands of dollars were directed away from their intended purposes and misused for the benefit of the director, her family and the family of her staff,” Merritt said in a statement. “I believe that this is a violation of the public’s trust and warrants investigation by law enforcement."

Auditors began reviewing the college's EOC last July after receiving an anonymous tip.

Investigators determined that the director submitted a fictitious receipt for reimbursement of $1,647 following a 2005 conference in Charleston, W.Va. The audit also found that she allowed ineligible family members of staff to attend retreats at a cost of $7,668.

The director also allowed her son and daughter-in-law to participate in a federally funded program designed to serve disadvantaged people and used federal grant money to provide her son with a cell phone, according to the audit. He rang up $1,700 in charges on the phone through December, the audit found.

In their response to the audit, Piedmont Community College officials said they would seek repayment of the $1,647 travel reimbursement from the EOC director and would refund the federal grant for the $7,668 in conference charges for staff members' relatives. The officials also said they would tighten their procedures for travel expenses and cell phone use.


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  • At Work Mar 25, 2008

    Tax dollars at work.

  • dang_skippy Mar 24, 2008

    State employee or not, you do something like this, your "leave time" or earned vacation or sick time are all NULL AND VOID. Why pay you so you can go look for a job elsewhere after robbing the people and government?

  • Karmageddon Mar 24, 2008

    They started investigating this last July? What took so long?

  • 007KnightRider Mar 24, 2008

    I dislike people who steal send the crook to jail.

  • BE Mar 24, 2008

    Someone had to approve payment of these "expenses". That someone was not minding the store very well.

  • ratherbnnc Mar 24, 2008

    It makes me crazy when you post a story like this with no name!

    Why do you need a name? Are you that nosey? Besides, she hasnt been charged with anything yet!!

  • ratherbnnc Mar 24, 2008

    Why the wait until 3/31 for the resignation to become effective?

    Being a state employee they prob made it effective then because that may be how much leave time she has left...

  • beachboater Mar 24, 2008

    Why the wait until 3/31 for the resignation to become effective?

  • Anoninroxboro Mar 24, 2008


  • Minerva Mar 24, 2008

    According to Piedmont's website, the Director's name is Dorothy Yarborough (http://www2.piedmont.cc.nc.us/eoc/)