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8 N.C. Counties Among Nation’s Fastest-Growing

Posted March 20, 2008

— Census numbers released Thursday show eight North Carolina counties are among the nation's fastest-growing.

Union County near Charlotte is 7th on the list. Brunswick on the coast is 17th. Cabarrus County was 29th.

Wake County is the 33rd fastest-growing county among those with populations over 10,000 people.

Johnston County came in at 58, while Pender County was 71st.

Mecklenburg County, at 82, and Iredell County, at 90, rounded out the Tar Heel counties on the list.

Other highlights of the study, which was conducted in 2006-2007, showed that 70 of the 100 fastest-growing counties were in the South, 22 in the West and eight in the Midwest.


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  • trunkmonkee1971 Mar 20, 2008

    Legal or Illegal?

    smoke, that is the real question of the day.

  • mac240 Mar 20, 2008

    Here is a link that gives census data for all counties in the nation. Don't know why WRAL couldn't provide this.


  • ncwebguy Mar 20, 2008

    "Fastest growing" is by percentage, not net changes in population. Counties have to have at least 10,000 residents, which eliminates the 1,000 to 3,000 examples.

    It is telling that none of the fastest growing counties are in the north/northeast. Those counties are already built out, younger folks are migrating south to avoid the harsh winters, and jobs are relocating south to reduce salaries while staying inside the U.S.

    It is amazing that Mecklenburg (Charlotte) still makes the list despite being so large to begin with, and growth spilling over into Union and Cabarrus counties. Wake's growth is spilling over into Johnston, yet Durham and Orange are choosing to pass up the surge of new residents due to their low/no growth policies.

  • PaulRevere Mar 20, 2008

    "Legal or Illegal?"-smoke

    Doesn't matter, smoke, don't you know? We're all humans!

    I saw 2 different drivers with New York tags doing completely wild things yesterday. One swooped from the right lane into the left lane to turn left...totally ignoring the HUGE median she was supposed to use. I'm glad I wasn't behind her. The other blew past me on the interstate going at least 90mph, only to slow down and then I had to pass him...I hate that. Yankees amuse me. Welcome, y'all! Just keep your idiotic politics up in New England, ya hear? And remember to keep Cary beautiful!

  • enlightened Mar 20, 2008

    So is the data supporting a growth rate, or is it by raw count?
    If a city has 100 people and doubles to 200, it's the fastest growing, but it's not like everyone wants to go there, or that there's a particular draw. Might be a county bordering a metro area that just had a new neighborhood added.
    Be nice to see what the starting populations were, the time period of growth, and the measures used to come up with the result.
    If Wake County has the slowest growth, it still might have increased by the most people in the sample period.
    It's relative, isn't it?

  • readme Mar 20, 2008

    Well it ain't because the native North Carolinians are breeding, that's for sure. We welcome the white flight from the north and the illegals from Mexico. It's great to have y'all. I didn't like our quaint towns and southern culture anyway.

  • l-rae17 Mar 20, 2008

    It's a shame that Brunswick county is growing so fast. I used to live down on Oak Island. I love my beaches laid back and relaxed - NOT slammed like lame ol' Myrtle Beach. Ugh.

  • CuriousT Mar 20, 2008

    It's been updated from the original 4 counties to reflect all 8.

  • What_I_Think Mar 20, 2008

    Wolfbearrtp2 - When this story was first posted only four counties were listed. It's been revised to include Brunswick, Pender, Mecklenburg and Cabarrus.

  • jsanders Mar 20, 2008

    Meanwhile, costs of local government in NC continue to grow as well. For a comparison, go here: http://www.johnlocke.org/press_releases/display_story.html?id=328