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Carson's Cell Phone Recovered Near Franklin Street Shopping Center

Posted March 11, 2008

— Chapel Hill police recovered Eve Carson's mobile phone, with the help of her cellular provider, at Eastgate Shopping Center on East Franklin Street the same day they identified the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student leader's body.

That's according to a March 6 search warrant. Eastgate is about 1.5 miles from Hillcrest Circle, where police discovered Carson's body Wednesday morning while responding to reports from a nearby street of shots being heard.

Also recovered from Carson's student-government office on the UNC campus was her IBM laptop, a computer memory stick and a USB storage device.

Police, meanwhile, continue to seek the public's help in identifying a man they want to question in connection with the UNC senior's shooting death.

Investigators made public two new surveillance photos Monday that show a black man in a convenience store at the time an attempt was made to use Carson’s ATM card at a machine there, Police Chief Brian Curran said Monday afternoon. He did not specify when or where the pictures were taken because he wanted to "protect the integrity of the investigation," including information only the killer might know.

Curran said the man appears to be the same one driving a sport utility vehicle captured on an ATM surveillance camera that police released Saturday morning.

In the earlier photos, a black man, who appears to be in his late teens or early 20s, is driving what could be Carson's blue, 2005 Toyota Highlander.

Investigators are also examining a silhouette in the photo that they say seems to indicate a second unidentified person in the back seat. Curran said investigators looked at stop-action images from the video camera, but they are not clear enough to identify the second person.

He played down speculation that Carson might have been in the back seat of the SUV – perhaps held at gunpoint.

"We've looked at the photographs. From what I can tell, I do not see her in the car," Curran said. "That does not mean at some point in the investigation (we won't see that)."

Crime Stoppers received more than 200 calls over the weekend after police released the images, but police have not identified either man, Curran said.

Investigators still have no motive in the case and urge individuals to call police at 919-968-2760 or Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.


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  • dbcooper41 Mar 12, 2008

    is anyone else having trouble posting comments that differ from the official story?

  • BearPWN Mar 11, 2008

    YankeeinNC - Thank you for understanding the point i was making... it is scary to think about... but some out there would just see it as an opportunity.

  • YankeeinNC Mar 11, 2008

    RKBA - what this poster is saying is that if people know they can get a reward after a high profile student is killed, more high profile students may be killed to collect the reward.

  • YankeeinNC Mar 11, 2008


    Are you all serious? These guys look nothing like the people in the video. Sheesh.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Mar 11, 2008

    >>Or how about more likely its the ludicrous "liberal" gun laws .."

    Yep, that darned ole Bill of Rights is SO problematic when it comes to outlawing freedoms, isn't it, Mr. Haggis?

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Mar 11, 2008

    "As much as we would all love to see the reward sky rocket to drive this guy out, it is just not smart. It is essentially placing a bounty on high profile students.."

    STUDENTS? Excuse me, the gentleman in question is a 1st degree murder suspect.

  • YankeeinNC Mar 11, 2008

    I love this. Why not search all black males on myspace? hey, why not stop all black drivers in NC until this person is caught? Why not interrogate your black neighbors because surely they are hiding this guy. Sounds totally fair, right? (insert eyes rolling here). I can just see us going another step backwards. And some of you will be getting gun permits. What a great law-abiding "community" this is.

  • mprssdbyu Mar 11, 2008


    What you say surely warrants further looking into residents that have a previous address from the Katrina area... esp since no one so far has come up with an identity for him with his picture being splashed all over the internet. Not sure how strong his ties are to this area when he has not been identified yet. He's just too young for a teacher not to recognize him.

  • rtpperson Mar 11, 2008

    This is just personal opinion, but I think there are some odd similarities between the person in the photos and the man arrested for kidnapping and other crimes who lives next to UNC campus. (see www.Raleigh2.com). His beard and hair are similar, especially in the convenience store photo.

  • bob d Mar 11, 2008

    caseylynne83, i cannot say enough to thank you. i hope that this reward money will soar towards $100,000! also, i want everyone to bear in mind one thing, the school has set up a memorial fund (giving.unc.edu). i am not sure what it goes to, it will be up to her family's discretion, so just bear in mind which you feel would be the best use of money. i would encourage people to create facebook and myspace accounts and search the 'raleigh/durham' network for pictures similar to this guy or any references to gangs (you can search black male 18-25 on myspace and male 18-25 on facebook). there may be some clues or random pictures posted.