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Woman, Found Dead Near UNC, Shot Multiple Times

Posted March 5, 2008

— A woman found dead Wednesday morning near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus was shot multiple times in the head, Chapel Hill police said.

Investigators, however, are still unsure of her identity and are asking the public for help to identify her.

The victim is a white with blonde hair, approximately 18 to 25 years old, is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds.

She was wearing a navy blue short-sleeve shirt with a red circle and a white symbol in the center, a gold-colored necklace with a locket, and gray sweat pants.

Investigators said she was also wearing blue, gray and white Converse Starbury tennis shoes.

"That's a very unusual type of tennis shoe that's only found in very few places in the North Carolina area," Chapel Hill police Lt. Kevin Gunter said.

Police responded to reports of gunshots in the area of Davie Circle at about 5 a.m. and found the woman's body lying in the road nearby where Hillcrest Road and Hillcrest Circle intersect – about two blocks east of campus.

UNC officials also alerted students, faculty and staff about the shooting via its Web site and its emergency-alert system, AlertCarolina, reminding them to use safety precautions and immediately report suspicious activity.

Gunter said investigators have gotten some calls from students about the woman and that investigators "are following any and all leads we get."

Anyone with information about the woman's identity is urged to call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-968-2760.


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  • anneonymousone Mar 5, 2008

    I hope that A. no readers believe that Ptahandatum speaks for all atheists and/or people who are skeptical and critical of religious beliefs and practices, and B. that Ptahandatum works out that little apostrophe problem.

  • At Work Mar 5, 2008

    It sounds like maybe she was out jogging maybe before work or school? It would explain why she was wearing sweatpants and out at that time of the morning.

  • linnway Mar 5, 2008

    I can't believe the ignorance on here with people actually asking how they are supposed to ID the chalk line. Are you serious? I am not one to jump in and call people names, but stop and think for a minute before you start typing. Come on people.

  • LoveOneAnotherAsChristTaught Mar 5, 2008

    Very sad...very tragic...and unacceptable. Chapel Hill & Carrboro are special communities where the police do an excellent job of policing and the community actually acts like a community: Much concern is shown from neighbor to neighbor. It is shocking b/c this type of violence in our little college town is atypical. I know that the CH police will bring justice to this case. Orange county police are simply the best.

  • RonnieR Mar 5, 2008

    Actually, Cookie, CH does have anti display ordinances for firearms.

  • goheels_15 Mar 5, 2008

    "Start sending out text messages and emails. Lock down the campus. Cancel all classes"

    well actually we did get an email in our campus email account this morning about it. i too am a little disturbed by some of the sarcastic comments on here. the girl was shot multiple times in the head...perhaps thats why there is no fri ggin picture you idiots. but keep on with your little snide remarks about identifying the chalk outline and so forth...and also you may want to hope it isnt a relative or friend of YOURS that this girl is.

  • HockeyRules Mar 5, 2008

    "Its time for the liberal government in this town to wake up."

    What exactly does the government in Chapel Hill have to do with this crime? Makes no sense at all.

  • Demented Mar 5, 2008

    I agree jokes are inappropriate. But, like the murder itself, maybe it's just another sign of just how little life is valued in this society. It's worse than not caring, they actually find it humorous.

  • atlpeach Mar 5, 2008

    Pics of the victim probably weren't put on beside she may have been shot in the head or face. By describing what she had on, maybe that will get the attention of a friend or roomate or someone that may know her & what she was wearing.

  • steinbeck18 Mar 5, 2008

    I think the chalk drawing is just a symbol for a homicide case--(i've seen this for many homicie cases in other newspapers) not 'the actual' chalk drawing.
    Maybe with the condition of her head it was unwise to post a picture or a sketch.

    I think it is such a lonely way to leave the earth. I hope someone finds out who she is so at least she can have love ones care for her remains. My thought will be with her family and