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Driver in Hit-and-Run Rampage Pleads Insanity

Posted March 4, 2008

— A man accused of running down five people – killing one of them – in a three-county rampage four years ago pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on Tuesday.

Abdullah El-Amin Shareef, 29, of Raeford, is charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder in the case. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against him.

A trial date hasn't been set.

Authorities said Shareef stole a city-owned van in Fayetteville on April 14, 2004, and drove north. He hit and injured three men in Fayetteville, then ran over Lonel Bass in Linden, killing him.

Shareef abandoned the van, took Bass' pick-up truck and continued north, authorities said. They said he ran down another man in Harnett County before crashing the truck in Fuquay-Varina, where he was arrested.

Shareef's family said in 2004 that he has a history of mental illness. A psychiatrist ruled two years ago that he was competent to stand trial.


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  • richard2 Mar 5, 2008

    Most of the time our justice system sucks.

  • daMoFo Mar 4, 2008

    The other victims weren't even mentioned. One of the other victims was out for a jog when this guy ran him over TWICE! Put him away for life.

  • whatusay Mar 4, 2008

    If you are capable of killing you are capable of dying. If he did it once he will do it again. Either put him in jail for life with no possibility of parole (Not in an asylum), or give him the death penalty. Either way he will be out of society. He does not deserve rehabilitation because, personally I don't believe in rehabilitation. That is just a liberal view of trying to make the punishment impersonal.

  • Through a glass darkly Mar 4, 2008

    "Am I the only one that believes mental illness should not shield you from punishment for crime." Do you feel the same way about 5-year olds? How about 3-year olds? Now, how about a 5-year old in a 25-year old body?

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mar 4, 2008

    Ranquick, I was wondering the same thing. A trial date hasn't been set for a crime that occurred 4 years ago??? How can that be?

  • dang_skippy Mar 4, 2008

    Mentally ill yet able to steal multiple vehicles and elude police? Yeah right!!

    First it will be mentally incapacitated, next it will be racially motivated, after that it will be religious.

  • ranquick Mar 4, 2008

    This happened 4 years ago and we still have not gotten this man to court, WHAT IS WRONG with our JUSTICE SYSTEM?

  • mac240 Mar 4, 2008

    And exactly what is his contribution to society………that’s what I thought. Put him away!

  • wynnediii Mar 4, 2008

    One of the victims still hasn't recovered and is spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He has gone through dozens of painfull operations. Funny how the victims are barely mentioned in this story.

  • something2say Mar 4, 2008

    "Am I the only one that believes mental illness should not shield you from punishment for crime. Especially when someone is killed." - nathanius

    I was just having the same thought!