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Hoke Man Wanted in Ex-Wife's Slaying

Posted March 3, 2008
Updated March 5, 2008

— Authorities were searching Monday for a Hoke County man in connection with the stabbing death of his former wife.

Linda Shaw Thomas, 47, called 911 at about 4 a.m. Monday to report she was being attacked in her home, Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said. A dispatcher stayed on the phone with her and heard the attack as deputies responded to the home, at 302 Dundee Circle east of Raeford.

Thomas was stabbed 21 times and died at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, Peterkin said.

"When someone is stabbed 21 times, that's rage. It doesn't take 21 times to stab someone to kill them," he said. "When someone keeps going and keeps going, that's a lot of build-up."

Thomas had a restraining order against her former husband, Allen Thomas, 51, to keep him from entering her home, Peterkin said.

Deputies were searching for Allen Thomas in the slaying, and Peterkin said they believe he was still in the Raeford area Monday.

Two foster children, girls ages 15 and 17, were in the home at the time of the attack and were awakened by Linda Thomas' screams, Peterkin said. They were uninjured.

The foster children were staying with Linda Thomas' relatives on Monday, authorities said.

Linda and Allen Thomas had been married for at least 20 years and had two children, who are both in college, relatives said.

Linda Thomas masked her troubled marriage with a bubbly personality, relatives said.

"(She was) a fun-loving person," said her sister, Mary Blue. "If she was in the building and she was feeling fine, you knew she was there."

Linda Thomas had worked in Hoke County schools for 27 years – first as a receptionist, then as a teacher and most recently as a librarian at Hoke County High School – and had planned to retire in a couple of years.

A banner hung Monday in a Hoke County High hallway in Thomas' honor. "You've been my friend, my teacher and a mother to me,"  one student wrote. "You always made me laugh," another wrote.

"She was a person (who was) always helping somebody," Blue said. "That was her life – her children, my children, everybody's children."

Peterkin said he had known Linda Thomas for years and described her as "very sweet."

Allen Thomas has a history of drug use, the sheriff said, adding that he didn't know whether drugs played a role in Monday's incident.


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  • richard2 Mar 4, 2008

    Restraining orders don't protect, 45 acp's do every time.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Mar 4, 2008

    Restraining order is really nothing. Its just a piece of paper. Where is the protection for women? Why not put the person in jail until his court appearance. Then and only then will the woman be safe. But if he is allowed to walk around freely she is not safe. Restraining order is nothing short of a piece of paper. Too much of this is happening and eventually the womman loses her life. When is the policeman, judges, jury and courts going to see it? Are they waiting for it to happen to them? I believe the courts can do better in protecting these women. I am a woman and I would like to see better protection instead of a piece of paper for all women.

  • NCMOMof3 Mar 4, 2008

    restraining orders only work on law abiding citizens, the same as gun laws. My prayers for this family and I hope this man finds justice

  • Malcontent Mar 3, 2008

    I think that every woman who gets a 'restraining order' should get a gun along with it.

  • VT1994Hokie Mar 3, 2008

    So sad. My heart and prayers go out to the members of the family. I was her principal for two years. Great lady!!! Students and staff loved her. What a total shock. God bless the community, school, and all that loved her. I also knew her husband.

  • justbnme Mar 3, 2008

    It seems that every woman that takes out a
    restraining order ends up dead. All it does is
    make the man mad. The only way to handle is to
    get him before he gets you, just don't get caught!

  • justjean Mar 3, 2008

    Restraining orders are a joke and useless. This is such a tragedy that this woman's life was cut short by someone who once professed love for her. My prayers go out to her family and friends for their loss.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Mar 3, 2008

    If they were estranged, how did he get into her home. Did she allowed him to be there? Pray for this family. I hope they find him quick and after the court time - send him to prison for life. No parole.

  • Sidekick Mar 3, 2008

    If this trend continues, families of the victims may be the first to locate the monsters and dole out their own justice. I would happily join them. Whatever happened to the 'outlaw' decree that anyone can shoot on site?

  • BLK 007 Mar 3, 2008

    This is a very sad situation . I don't know what can be done about the lack for reguard for life or the law. But one idea I have is this. No more plea bargains for Murders , drug dealers, child molesters , DWI Offenders , lets slam the book at them.and if they are convicted or these crimes , then lock them up, take away all of their priveleges, no TV, magazines, letters, vistors of any kind. 24 hrs a day confinement.mauybe that will send a message-if not we reevaluate and try harsher methods.