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Rape Investigation Nets 3rd Arrest; 4th Man Sought

Posted February 29, 2008

— Police have arrested a third man whom they believe took cell-phone pictures of a reported rape at a Raleigh home earlier this month.

Nikita Johnson, 20, of 2411-203 Hill St., faces charges of first-degree sexual offense and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Officers were still searching Friday for Renan Delafuente Jimenec, 26, of 609-A Van Thomas Drive.

Authorities alleged that Kevin Acosta, 17, of 7008-H Woodbend Drive, attacked a 17-year-old girl at a party while his friends took pictures with a cell phone.

The girl was apparently drunk at the time, authorities said.

The rape allegedly happened at a residence shared by Jimenec and Jose Eduardo Vidal, 26, on Feb. 15. The girl reported the sexual assault when she sought treatment at WakeMed, police said.

Acosta, Johnson and Vidal were each being held on $1 million bonds at the Wake County jail.


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  • VT1994Hokie Feb 29, 2008

    Many kids get access to alcohol at 12-18 years old and beyond, when they reach the right people. Some raid the home cabinet. The kids that want to get drunk can find a way. Too many parents are not concerned, off going to their own parties, too many are latch-key kids and left home alone. Some of these young kids live in a home where there is way too much alcohol consumption and they grow up with this stuff. Many of these parents only are concerned with their own satisfaction.

    These young bucks that took pictures, and took advantage of this 17 year old--should be held accountable for their actions. I certainly hope that a Judge will give them their just dues.

    I have written this article, because I have witnessed this as an educator. Parents, read this article and then ask your children some questions. I'll bet you will be totally surprised to hear that your own child could tell you some stories that do not get into the papers, nor court. God bless.

  • atozca Feb 29, 2008

    He isn't laughing now is he? The whole situation is sad. A drunk seventeen year old at a party with 26 year olds. Why wasn't she at home or out with supervision and/or accountability. I have raised several young adults who are now glad that we didn't care if they got mad at us for our rules! We also taught them that they are held accountable for their choices regardless as to why they made them. This girl probably arrived at the party sober.

  • Joe Blow Feb 29, 2008

    Actually most people are 18 when they enter college. I would say roughly only 10% of kids are 17.

  • Trivr Feb 29, 2008

    That's right! Good point. Here we are assuming the guilt of these boys so soon after the Duke case. Shame on me.

  • ratherbnnc Feb 29, 2008

    Well guess what?Most kids are 17 when they go off to college.My son is a first semester senior at 20.Good Luck on that by the way.

    Yeah! and I bet your son is not a virgin either! So whats your point?

  • PaulRevere Feb 29, 2008

    After Crystal Mangum, I won't believe there was a rape until a judge and jury say so.

  • Trivr Feb 29, 2008

    It's too bad she apparently didn't have any friends there that could be trusted to watch out for her. Hope she isn't scarred by it.

  • PikeMom4real Feb 29, 2008

    17 year old girl - drunk at a party?

    I sure hope I can teach my daughter to lessen her chances of becoming a victim. And before anyone slams me - no I didn't drink in high school. I did my share of it in college with my friends that I trusted - but not in High School.

    Well guess what?Most kids are 17 when they go off to college.My son is a first semester senior at 20.Good Luck on that by the way.

  • Deep Thought Feb 29, 2008

    After the most recent school shooting in Illinois, there was TV coverage that showed people being carried on stretchers. In one of the shots, everyone but the patient and EMS workers were leaning toward the stretcher each with a cell phone up like they were all taking pictures.
    I think it's the same as people cheering in ancient Rome as people fought to the death or were killed by wild animals. We may have progressed as far as technology but the baser emotions are still there. Technology has given the "gang bang" and "blood and guts" fans an outlet to share with other sickos.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Feb 29, 2008

    Some prison time will take these guys off the street for a long while.