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CIAA Tournament in Charlotte? How About Raleigh?

Posted February 27, 2008
Updated February 28, 2008

— The Queen City is king for a week with the CIAA Basketball Tournament. Since the event moved in 2006, Charlotte has scored major points with fans as a host city.

“I like it. I feel good with the tournament here in Charlotte,” Raleigh resident R.L. Holmes said.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said he plans to make a play for the tournament when its contract comes up in 2011. With the new convention center, Fayetteville Street will easily rival uptown Charlotte, Raleigh officials believe.

Based on the numbers from tournament organizers, the CIAA brought in more than $25 million in Charlotte and attracted about 165,000 fans last year.

Some Triangle fans with whom WRAL spoke with said they are all for Raleigh benefiting from the tournament again.

“I would love it if it moves back to Raleigh. I know Raleigh, and Raleigh treated us very well,” Raleigh resident Theresa Holmes said.

“It did not appear to be as much price-gouging in Raleigh as it is here (Charlotte). It was just better in Raleigh,” Shaw University graduate Janie Baker said.

Other fans, however, are not ready to stop what has become an annual road trip.

“The people here (in Charlotte) are so nice. They make you feel right at home,” R.L. Holmes said.

"'Why Charlotte?' A lot more to do and for selfish reasons – my family is here,” Malcolm Pharr said.

CIAA commissioner Leon Kerry said he will consider an offer from Raleigh when negotiating the next three-year contract.


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  • RaleighRocks Feb 29, 2008


    To see these results, Google "tipping racial differences." I think that the two main factors affecting tipping and a lack of good tips were lack of knowledge on standard tipping procedures and the servers approach to the table. Studies were long, and I gleaned what I could with a quick perusal.

  • IceCreamMan Feb 29, 2008

    bronzegoddess - i already explained that I had friends that worked there when the CIAA was in town. They told me detailed stories about what a disaster the CIAA fans were in general. As did hotel employees, bar employees, etc. As for Uncle Kracker, what he did was obviously wrong (and I sure as heck haven't heard a soul defend him), but it doesn't justify similar behavior from the CIAA fans.

  • RaleighRocks Feb 29, 2008


    Google "tipping racial differences."

  • bronzegoddess40 Feb 28, 2008

    IceCreamMan=Also,how do you know so much about people walking out of Hi5 when it is busy is that something you and your friend's do? And if it is happening then it is happening all the time and not just during the CIAA. So don't make those broad assumptions unless you can back it up with proof.

  • bronzegoddess40 Feb 28, 2008

    IceCreamMan=please prove those facts for us please. So you mean to tell us that all the days that the CIAA is not here, then the tips are pouring in and no hotel room ever gets trashed, and as women being fondled, maybe you need to talk to Uncle Kracker about that since that is what he did.

  • UpwardlyMobile Feb 28, 2008

    This tournament was great when it was here. My husband and I always invited our friends here from all over the nation to hang out with us on the final weekend. I really hope that Raleigh gets it back.

  • IceCreamMan Feb 28, 2008

    No assumptions at all - those were all facts.

  • bronzegoddess40 Feb 28, 2008

    Not a fan of roses=Unfortunately some folks here on the blog just feel that the CIAA brings in a "bad" crowd. And since the people who attend the CIAA are mostly African Americans, they feel that restaurants workers don't get tipped well, they are also under the assumption that some folks have trashed hotel rooms etc. No real reason not to bring it here. Just plain ignorance.

  • Not a fan of roses Feb 28, 2008

    Bring the tournament back to Raleigh. The economic impact on the local economy will be great for restaurants, shops, etc.

    In 2005 the attendance of the week-long tourney was 110,028 and that was an increase on the 2004 attendance of 104,564 (both held in Raleigh).

    The 2007 tournament (held in Charlotte) had an economic impact of $27.7 million.

    I'm not understanding why people on this blog don't want to see the tournament return to Raleigh.

  • bronzegoddess40 Feb 28, 2008

    Yes, keep it in Charlotte, I am sure that they will have a better time there and not be stereotyped like they are here in Raleigh. Maybe that is why the ACC Tourney is never in Raleigh.