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Enloe Students: 'Wear Black! Bring Esco Back!'

Posted February 27, 2008

— Students at Enloe High School planned to wear black Wednesday to mark the one-year anniversary of a controversial teacher’s transfer from the school.

In support of Robert Escamilla, the students said they would gather in front of the school to say, “Wear Black! Bring Esco Back!”

“Esco,” as students called him, was suspended with pay after he invited Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries, to his class last February. Solomon handed out pamphlets entitled, "Why Women Should Not Marry Muslims."

The school board said Escamilla knew Solomon's guest-speaking engagement would denigrate Islam and was not acceptable. Escamilla was later reassigned to Mary E. Phillips High School, an alternative school.

He filed a lawsuit in November, claiming the school board violated his rights when they disciplined him. He asked that his transfer to the alternative school be rescinded.

On Oct. 17, school board members released part of Escamilla's personnel record, saying they felt they needed to protect their integrity. The records both praised and criticized his teaching ability.

Escamilla, who taught at Enloe for 18 years, also fought to get a 12-page reprimand removed from his employment file, but the school board denied the request.


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  • Nope Feb 28, 2008

    How do any of you know what this speaker actually said??

    Well, I can guess because I have been to his website, kimo4jesus.org. He is a religious fanatic whose sole purpose is to attack islam.

  • G-Dawg Feb 28, 2008

    How do any of you know what this speaker actually said?? I thought religion wasn't allowed in schools to start with? The school shouldn't have allowed this to begin with, because sooner or later, some small group will complain, and it happened to be the Muslims.

  • elcid89 Feb 27, 2008


    has the whole thing dude."

    Good, then allow people to go there and read about it instead of cutting and pasting it here.

  • elcid89 Feb 27, 2008

    "His reward will be in heaven for the faith persecuted!"

    Good, then we need not feel guilty about finding a back door to shove him out of over at WCPS.

  • Lissa13082 Feb 27, 2008

    FREE-ESCO - The principal DID see the class, they watched the videotape of his 7th and 8th period class, read the report. The guy knew what the speaker was going to say before he came to speak, it's all in the report.

  • Lissa13082 Feb 27, 2008

    Gafan006 - religious speakers were not the problem. If a speaker had come in and simply informed students of the religion and left, that would have been a TOTALLY different situation. The fact that this teacher came in and BASHED other religions is where the issue lies.

    FREE-ESCO - he deserves a horrendous end of year evaluation! I know when we did our student ones at the end of the year, I gave him one! He's a horrible educator and does not belong in the WCPSS!!!!

  • poohperson2000 Feb 27, 2008


    According to GFAN, it seems you are offended by the BoE choices. Therefore that makes you a whiner.. Sorry, but you'll have to discuss the title with GFAN.

  • FREE-ESCO Feb 27, 2008


    has the whole thing dude.

  • FREE-ESCO Feb 27, 2008

    June 12, 2007

    Beth Cochran removes both The Bible in History course and World Religions course ( both Advanced placment courses) were removed from the course offerings for Enloe. Other high schools still offer these classes.

  • wralgolo Feb 27, 2008

    The freeesco website should also have a link to the Performance Review & Reprimand in its entirety.

    I hope when I do something against my employer's will and got fired, Fox News and all these people would try to "save me" or "free me" ;-)

    All sarcasisms aside, I still believe everyone who defend Mr. "Esco" is steering away from the fact he failed to do the job he was hired to do. By doing this, they're blinding his supporters of all the real facts.