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Orange County Residents Voice Concerns Over Proposed Mega-Mall

Posted February 25, 2008

— The Triangle may be getting a new mega-mall. A developer wants to build a shopping center in western Orange County, near Mebane.

The proposed Buckhorn Village would be a 134-acre, mixed-use development at the junction of Interstate 85, Interstate 40 and Buckhorn Road. People would live, work, shop and dine on the property.

The development would resemble the Streets at Southpoint in Durham and Southern Village in Chapel Hill, its proponents say. Orange County officials want to lure shoppers away from neighboring counties and generate over $7 million annually in tax revenue.

“Over 70 percent of Orange County residents shop outside of Orange County. So, this would be servicing, hopefully, a lot of Orange County residents that will have a place to shop in Orange County and keep some of our sales tax revenues at home, instead of shopping in Alamance, Wake County or even Durham County,” Orange County Planning Director Craig Benedict said.

Residents got to voice their opinions about the proposed mega-mall during a public hearing Monday night at the Orange County Courthouse in Hillsborough.

Scott Utley said he is in favor of the development.

“You want to go take your wife out to eat, you either go to the other side of Burlington, or you go to the other side of Durham,” he said.

Other residents said they are worried about how Buckhorn Village would impact traffic and noise, however.

“One of the reasons I initially moved in that area is because of its rural nature,” Al Hailu said.

A big concern of residents was how the development would affect the water supply, in light of drought conditions. Benedict said water would not be a problem due to a water and sewer agreement with the city of Mebane.

“We have specific allocations that are assigned to this area, and we've had discussions with the city of Mebane for over eight years now to make sure that those allocations are preserved in some nature, to allow growth to occur in this very busy I-85, I-40 corridor,” he said.

Monday night was the first of two planned public hearings on Buckhorn Village. A final decision on the project is still months away. 


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  • TheAdmiral Feb 26, 2008

    "We don't need....."

    I moved out of Hillsborough and Orange County 5 years ago because the gas prices were going up and I was having to drive 2 hours to get a decent restaurant or not be offended by going into a store and have half of the ceiling fall on my head.

    The fact of the matter is that Orange County wants to go back to dragging their Democratically controlled knuckes through the mud.

    If they want to take lessons from other counties - there is one that they can take from this - other counties who have the same attitude have driven their residents bankrupt.

  • TinyToni Tenderoni Feb 26, 2008

    I'll take it! Like some other posters I live nearby and I'm sick of having to drive to Durham or Burlington for a decent shopping experience.

  • ncguy Feb 26, 2008

    I heard Cabelas was going to be there!
    I say YES!
    I Hate Bass pro!

  • TheWB Feb 26, 2008

    I didn't realize this area was blessed with abundant water supplies. A new Mega Mall would require quite a bit you know? But wait, this is the Triangle build on my brothers, build on, we don't need to worry about no stinkin' water.

  • Scubagirl Feb 26, 2008

    we don't need another mall-mega or otherwise-in the area.
    Please leave some trees for your grandchildren!!!

  • PaulRevere Feb 26, 2008

    " Maybe DOT will do a better job..."

    That made me laugh out loud.

  • GoHeels1969 Feb 26, 2008

    Any truth to the rumor that Ikea is a potential tenant? If so, PLEASE happen.

  • penny for your thoughts Feb 26, 2008

    As an Orange County resident, I say build it! I'll shop and eat there! I'd rather generate sales tax dollars and jobs in our county than have to go to another county for the same thing!

  • SO LOW Feb 26, 2008

    As an Orange County resident, only about five minutes from the proposed site, I am ready for them to build it. The flea market is an eye sore and it is dangerous. I just hope the builders will build a center like Alamance Crossing instead of Southpoint. I don't like the idea of an inside mall because they always wind up attracting rift-raft who only want to hang out. I will make sure, as this progresses, that they know my opinion on the inside vs. outside type centers.

    I hope all other Orange County residents will do the same.

  • thefensk Feb 26, 2008

    The plan looks pretty good so far. The developers are local, not outsiders. They still need to fine tune a lot of things like the traffic. I don't think they have considered the truck stop across Buckhorn Rd enough from a traffic standpoint. They get a LOT of trucks in there. I also don't think they have even considered the effects of people from the western sections of Chapel Hill and Carrboro trying to get to this place via southern routes -- they only envision interstate travelling which is extremely short-sighted in my opinion.

    Still, all-in-all it looks like a pretty good plan.