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Killer of Michael Jordan’s Father Might Get Parole With Resentencing

Posted February 25, 2008

— The lawyer for a man convicted in the death of basketball superstar Michael Jordan's father will argue in court that his client should be resentenced so that he will be eligible for parole.

Larry Martin Demery plans to withdraw his guilty pleas relating to the shooting death of James Jordan and other crimes settled in separate cases, his lawyer, Hubert Rogers, said. That will allow Demery to be resentenced in a such a way that he would be eligible for parole 20 years from the sentencing date.

"It is necessary to set aside the guilty pleas in these two cases so that the defendant can effectively renegotiate a new plea agreement involving the consolidation of all charges," Rogers wrote in a court filing.

On May 21, 1995, Demery received a life sentence for Jordan's July 23, 1993, death. On Oct. 3, 1997, he got 40 years for a motel robbery and for the robbery and shooting of a clerk at a country store earlier in July 1993.

The judge imposing those sentences did not say if they should be served one after the other or together. The assumption under North Carolina law, then, is that a sentence for armed robberies should be concurrent with any others, Rogers said.

The law, however, also allowed the state Department of Correction some discretion, and the department chose to treat Demery's total sentence as life plus 40 years, Rogers said.

That made his client ineligible for parole or for other privileges such as jobs and possible transfers, Rogers said.

A series of court cases has since challenged the way the department handled court-ordered sentences, Rogers said.

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that inmates should withdraw their pleas and submit new pleas, consolidating all the charges into one case.

Demery plans to do that at his appearance in Robeson County Superior Court on Thursday, March 6, Rogers said. The process could be handled in a single hearing.

Demery pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in Jordan's death. He testified that his lifelong friend, Daniel Andre Green, pulled the trigger.

Green also received a life sentence.

Demery testified during both his and Green's trials that he watched Green fire a single .38-caliber bullet into Jordan. The elder Jordan had been sleeping in his red Lexus coupe alongside U.S. 74 near Lumberton.

During Demery's trial, Rogers said the initial plan during the Jordan robbery was to take the car, tie up the driver and leave him on a roadside where someone would find him alive. Demery was shocked when the man was killed and surprised later when he and Green found identification showing the dead man was the father of the famous basketball star, Rogers said.


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  • NCMOMof3 Feb 27, 2008

    This is a prime example of why the man here in Fayetteville would chase down the person that stabbed his wife. You can't trust the system to provide you with justice

  • Raptor06 Feb 26, 2008

    This is why they call it the CRIMINAL justice system and not the victim justice system. This is why that man took things in hand and ran over the individual who stabbed his wife.

  • churchgirl2 Feb 26, 2008

    Our Judicial System does need an overhaul bad. We are so busy trying to make sure everyone's rights aren't violated. For once I agree with just about everyone up here. This man and his friend has taken lives and robbed with no remorse. He deserve life. If he does not pay for it here,he will pay one day. Why rehash this for MJ and his family and the clerk. What about the people he killed rights? They have been taken away.

  • Coach K is GREAT Feb 26, 2008

    You've GOT to be kidding me!!!!

  • Space Mountain Feb 26, 2008

    How can he withdraw it after he has been convicted? This is stupid. Just another example of our messed up judicial system.

  • Slip Kid Feb 26, 2008

    What ignoramus LAWYER came up with this idea that you can 'withdraw' a guilty plea AFTER a conviction? this is the kind of stupidity we are encouragingto in our broken down justice system. It's why we shouldn't let the foxes run the hen house!

  • hedgy_one Feb 26, 2008

    Just another scheme to get the guilty ones out of prison. I don't think they should allow him to withdraw his guilty plea & renegotiate. He lost his negotiating rights when he killed & robbed.... What a stupid "new" law!

  • Dayum Sessy Feb 26, 2008

    Unreal. BIG slap in the face to the Jordan family.

  • BigUNCFan Feb 26, 2008

    Also, if you can kill the father of one of the most famous icons in North Carolina history and get paroled so soon, what does that say for crimes against regular Joes? I am truly frightened for the future if this comes about.

  • shoyaryt Feb 26, 2008

    If the convict wants to withdraw his guilty pleas (relating to the shooting death of James Jordan and other crimes settled in separate cases) and PLEA DEAL involving the consolidation of all charges… then we should pray for the judge to accept nothing less than life without parole. In the event of a murder after an armed robbery; “if” – “what I meant” – “should, could, would”- these words shouldn’t even be allowed in the court. His intentions were to rob Mr. James Jordan by gunpoint and just because his "lifelong friend" pulled the trigger matters not. He was there in the past robberies when someone pulled the trigger, so he fully knew ahead of time what was going to happen to Mr. Jordan. Plea deal??? Okay, we’ll drop the +40 years, but we’re keeping the LIFE sentence!