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Lottery to Launch New Game as Sales Soar

Posted February 25, 2008
Updated February 26, 2008

N.C. Education Lottery

— The North Carolina Education Lottery plans to launch a new daily game next month – just in time to take advantage of booming sales.

The lottery will add a mid-afternoon drawing of the Carolina Pick 3 game. The drawing will be held in addition to the nightly Pick 3 numbers.

Unlike the nightly drawing, the afternoon game won't be televised live. But the winning numbers will be posted online.

Lottery officials also said Monday that the state-run game set a record last week for ticket sales.

Sales for the past week reached $27.7 million, which is nearly $10 million higher than the weekly average, lottery director Tom Shaheen said.

“We are ecstatic to see the growth in sales,” Shaheen said in a statement. “The legislature gave the (lottery) more flexibility in determining prize payouts, and it’s starting to show some results. Our ultimate goal is to raise more money for education."


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  • BULLDOZER Feb 25, 2008

    Cool, a new drug for the addicts of state sponsored gambling. Just what the people of NC did not need.

  • lpf88 Feb 25, 2008

    I'm not an avid player (maybe once a month when the powerball is over 50 million haha), but I can't really see anyone buying additional tickets for an afternoon drawing. Wouldn't they buy more tickets for the nightly drawing if they wanted to spend more money on the lottery?

  • lizard Feb 25, 2008

    You're right colliedan. You can look anywhere and see that.

    Why don't people just give the money to education w/o the lottery if they're all for the gov't run school system being so effective?

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Feb 25, 2008

    I kick myself for buying into the hype over those $10 tickets. I bought one and, of course, didn't win a dime. Grrr, dummy, dummy, dummy!

  • mep Feb 25, 2008

    Interesting... nearly all of the money played on lottery going out of state, and with our economy going down hill, lottery sales go up? Coincidence or dumb luck? All you have to do is play to figure it out. Or play smart and keep the money in your pocket!

  • AM is Back to Being Immaculate Feb 25, 2008

    There will always be complainers that are so against the lottery yet can't wait to comment about on it.

  • colliedave Feb 25, 2008

    . Our ultimate goal is to raise more money for education."

    Since when does more money for education produce smarter kids? Look at the DC school district to prove this maxim to be false.

  • foetine Feb 25, 2008

    they better hope they don't get those 10 million winners popping up too quickly.

    afternoon numbers? So we can have folks taking smoke breaks to gamble?