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Parents Protest Principal's Solution to Middle School Fight

Posted February 19, 2008

— Parents of Dillard Drive Middle School students turned out at Tuesday's Wake County Board of Education meeting to protest what they see as racial bias by the principal there.

In December, Principal Teresa Abron convened two assemblies -- one each for black and Hispanic students in the seventh grade after a fight between two girls in that class. 

White students were not called to the assembly, Abron said, because they were not identified as being involved. Had they been, they would also have been called, she said.

Protesters suggest that school faculty could use some diversity training.

The school board met Tuesday afternoon to tackle a number of issues, including class size and water conservation.


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  • George Costanza Feb 20, 2008

    Haggis I am speechless after reading your post. The point I was making was that this happened a while ago ( several weeks ago in fact) and the only reason this "false protest" occured was because of the ACLU. If parents cared why did'nt they "PROTEST" WHEN IT HAPPENED? This is just another example of the ACLU starting trouble. What the principal did was right. The problem was between 2 ethnic groups. Why would you call in everybody. I suppose if one person at your work is'nt doing their job the boss calls in everyone to tell them to do theirs. Your reasoning and logic are flawed.

  • haggis basher Feb 20, 2008

    "Perhaps instead of pointing fingers at the principal people should pay attention to the 3 pointing right back at them."

    So if enough folks don't know what they are talking about then they must be right? This country is cursed by its history of mindless racism. It simply is not permissible under ANY circumstances to tell teachers to send Black and then Hispanic children ONLY to special meetings just because a couple of Hispanic and black kids were in a fight. That forces Teachers to impose their ideas of who is black and who hispanic and then reinforces a "them and us" attitude between the kids. Stupid stupid stupid! Why not just get the Jewish kids to wear stars on their coats while they at at it........

  • blackdog Feb 20, 2008

    ...I counted about 14 people protesting. Maybe 2 or 3 could have had children. One was carrying an ACLU flag, and was probably paid to do so. The rest looked like they needed to be in school, that was most of them.

  • George Costanza Feb 20, 2008

    How interesting that this happened some time ago yet parents nor anyone else seemed to be in such an uproar. Leave it to the good ole ACLU to get something started. They sit around and try to find things to do when people really don't give a rats behind. What the principal did was right and justified. Perhaps instead of pointing fingers at the principal people should pay attention to the 3 pointing right back at them.

  • haggis basher Feb 20, 2008

    "Color is not the issue."
    No it wasn't UNTIL she made it one. The matter was badly handled by someone who should have known better. The kids (of all races) were really unhappy about it at the time. It appeared to them as blatant racism.

  • Shadow213 Feb 20, 2008

    Another sign our world is going overboard on being politically correct. When will these parents see that it is human nature to naturally segregate ourselves? I disagree that racism is "learned"-- stereotypes about certain races are picked up, largely because they're true to a noticable degree (hence the existence of the stereotype to begin with)....but unless you're blind-- it's quite natural for a white girl to look at a black girl and say "you're different." Why skin color and not hair or eye color? Because skin is the most visible. At any rate, this principal acknowledged that not all the kids in the assembly needed to be there...she was just tackling the issue more efficiently. Kudos to her.

  • ratherbnnc Feb 20, 2008

    I think this Principal did the right thing! You take care of the problem at the source and the source she addressed! Why punish others that had nothing to do with it. I am personally sick of people screaming race this, race that!

  • Dr. Dataclerk Feb 20, 2008

    I still maintain that the principal should have called an assembly for ALL STUDENTS to attend. In this day and age, one should never single out one race over the other. Thats when a problem may arise like it did in this case. Whether one race was not involved or not, attending the assembly and listening to the principal would have learned them something. What about the kids (blacks & hispanics) that was not even involved themselves but had to go to the assembly, too? If it only involved the two students, then and only then the principal should have met with the two students only and with their parents. What a waste of classroom time! The parents need to respect the principal and teachers at all times. The principal and teachers should respect the parents at all times. Respect go hand in hand. It is not one-sided. Lets do better on issues like this if one comes about the next time.

  • kal Feb 20, 2008

    No matter what the schools do-they are ALWAYS wrong in the eyes of these parents who just want to complain/complain. I would like to see a group of paraents ban together and protest the protesters in support of this principal-but they probably have JOBS!

  • Heatherbrook Feb 19, 2008

    Ms Abron you have our support. Punish where punishment is due.
    Color is not the issue.