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Progress Energy Seeks Permit for Second Nuclear Reactor

Posted February 19, 2008
Updated May 1, 2008

— Progress Energy will seek federal approval for the construction of a second nuclear reactor in Wake County, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Rick Kimble said the utility will file a combined operating license application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for two possible new reactors at the existing Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant site near New Hill, N.C.,  approximately 20 miles southwest of Raleigh.

The filing does not guarantee that a reactor will be built, but seeks the approval for the reactor as the company makes plans for meeting energy needs in the future.

"As our region and its demand for electricity grows, energy conservation and efficiency programs and the development of renewable energy sources are essential, but we must also evaluate investments in advanced nuclear reactors as a way to continue to provide reliable, environmentally sound power to meet our region's growing demands for electricity," said Progress Energy Chairman and CEO Bill Johnson.


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  • traveler9876 Feb 20, 2008

    Well I think the area could use the power, but not during the drought.

  • chfdcpt Feb 20, 2008

    " CP&L is just another reason why the government should control electricity. It’s not electric power they want but POWER they desire."

    In that case, I hope that Raleigh does not go into the power busienss, if the way they handled the water drought an example of their way of thinking.

  • NC is my home Feb 20, 2008

    This is just another ploy by the NC-Mafia aka CP&L aka "Progress Energy" to seize (or steal) more private property that they will use for their own mercenary purposes; such as building parks, boating areas, etc. to honor their fellow thieves. They may also build another reactor, but with the water levels so low it would be even more dangerous. But if CP&L has bought the decision makers with the consumer's money--they'll continue to get what they want. CP&L is just another reason why the government should control electricity. It’s not electric power they want but POWER they desire.

  • muertavaca Feb 19, 2008

    well, if everyone has really had no problem with the existing one nuclear reactor (even though shearon harris was planned and initially constructed with 4 in mind...) i dont think this should be a problem at all. some quite intelligent and thoughtful comments below explain that nuclear power is our most useful and viable means to generate large amounts of power, and as was said before it has consequences just like everything else. I just hope that we don't put all our eggs in one basket in terms of thinking nuclear power WILL BE the only way to go for clean power. We need to put a good amount of money in truly renewable technologies to realize a day and time in which we will not be continually destroying the environment to get power as well as relying so much on resources that have an end life.

  • Funky Neighbor LEE Feb 19, 2008

    Thank goodness, job security for protesters.

  • 12345_here Feb 19, 2008

    Nuclear Fission power is currently the most viable power source.

    The waste is an issue, but nowhere else can you get such massive energy for so little consumable product. ( Until they figure out Fusion). Solar, Hydro,geothermal and wind, are all byproducts of fusion and fission power sources. They require far too much capital for such tiny results. Fossil fuels are byproducts of the above processes, and have been stored for millions of years. Their release is proving to be detrimental to the whole environment of the earth.

    There have been reports of scientists figuring out ways to speed up the decay of the long term high radioactive byproducts from 10's of thousands of years to 100's of years.

    Either way, all power sources have their tradeoffs for converting thermal/solar/hydro power to electric and motion energy. We as a society need the power, and need to learn to deal with the results.

  • magnus Feb 19, 2008

    (continuation of my previous post)

    Solar power is actually a very viable technology for AUGMENTING the power grid. For those who have the correct roof orientation and clear view of the sun, solar power can go a long way towards offsetting the need for additional power plants. In my own case, personally, photovoltaics would not work because of the direction of my roof, and also because of these big magestic oaks that we place so much value on in Raleigh. Yes, the Oaks look beautiful in our town, but they almost completely shade our rooftops as well!

    We don't really have the vast open spaces to make a centralized solar farm worthwhile in Wake County.

  • magnus Feb 19, 2008

    I do not work for Progress Energy or benefit in any way from this nuke plant more than any other resident of Wake County.

    Yes, what to do with the waste product is probably the biggest problem with nuclear power. At least we are worrying about what to do with the waste. With coal, we just pump it into the atmosphere. Way to go! With the nuclear waste, we store it until we can figure out something better to do with it. If I were a betting man I would guess that one of our neighboring planets will become pretty much a giant landfill once space travel becomes affordable enough. It's not like anything lives there so there is no harm in fouling it up with nuclear waste. We don't even need to land the stuff, just get it into a decaying orbit.

    Hydro is not very environmentally friendly. It devastates the fish population!

    Wind power is not viable for most of North Carolina due to the lack of wind in all but a few counties. I have more to say but ran out of space...

  • MoroccoMole Feb 19, 2008

    I do not work for Progress Energy. However, I do know quite a bit about the technology. Sadly, most of the 'natural' energy sources just can not do more than help, not replace. They just can't deliver the levels of concentrated energy our society requires, even with reasonable conservation, etc.

    Also, think about it. EVERYTHING has consequences. Extract a bunch of tide energy and suddenly you have silting problems because the enrgy that used to move it got harvested. Pull a few tens of thousands megawatts out of the jet stream with tethered flying turbines, releasing it ultimately at ground level, and you will begin to have impacts on weather. Scaled up to the level needed to support a technological society, NOTHING is without impact.

    Watt-hour for watt-hour, even taking into account the implications of nuclear waste (and embracing the oversimplified ways of thinking about it (I only have 1000 characters after all), it is hands-down the best tool currently in the toolbox.

  • 2 Feb 19, 2008

    also, its not even somthing that we can always use... we run out of Uranium (or it gets scarce and costs more) then we are stuck at trying to find other sources of energy. Why cant we put generators in the water current.. use solar... use windmills... use everything from NATURE to produce some of the increased energy. I am not foolish to think we can produce it all, but enough to support our population increase.