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Wake Tech to Add Athletics Program

Posted February 19, 2008

— The Wake Technical Community College Board of Trustees approved a proposal Tuesday to add competitive athletics to the college's programs, starting this fall.

The move allows Wake Tech to join the National Junior College Athletics Association. The college plans to begin searching for an athletics director.

"We know an athletics program will offer students new opportunities and a richer college experience, " Wake Tech President Stephen Scott said in a statement. "It will also build college spirit and bring new community support for Wake Tech."

The college initially will support women's volleyball, men's soccer and men's and women's golf teams. Basketball, softball and baseball teams area also planned in the years to come.

The athletics program is expected to cost about $176,000 the first year. Student fees will be increased from $10 to $20 per semester to cover the cost, as no state funding can be used to support athletics.

Wake Tech's Student Government Association supports the athletics program and the required fee increase and asked the Board of Trustees to approve the idea.

The college plans to rent facilities for practices and games, and officials said the Wake Tech Foundation would seek private donors to help pay for future athletic facilities, including fields at the college's Northern Wake Campus.

Wake Tech has never had a formal athletics department, although the college did sponsor competitive teams in the late 1960s and 1970s, including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and bowling.


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  • One flew over Randy_s nest Feb 21, 2008

    "Uh oh...looks like unc-ch may have a new team to add to their basketball schedule!"

    I bet the Duke football team won't dare to play against Wake Tech. They should move to the Durham Co. HS league where they belong. Duke vs. Southern HS: 14-28

  • PlayingTHEAngles Feb 19, 2008

    Ha Ha maybe i should go back thou after rading my last post. haha english was never my strong area. that is why i went into smoke jumping and wild life survial.

  • PlayingTHEAngles Feb 19, 2008

    To all you nay sayers out there about college and sports together. I have only one thing to say. I GOT INTO college to play lacrosse. I was also on the deans list for two years while playing. I got injured so no more money no more lacrosse. But i got a darn got education.

  • carlostheass Feb 19, 2008

    I'm with Steve. Frankly, I think colleges ought to get out of the athletics business. Being in academics and athletics is like being in the hair care and tire business. Completely unrelated. Sure, they can coexist, and have for years, but that doesn't hide the fact that they're completely unrelated.

  • Steve Crisp Feb 19, 2008

    I would have absolutely no problem with Wake Tech wanting to consider themselves in the same league as a junior college. Nor would I have an issue with them offering competitive intercollegiate athletics, if...

    If they were not publicly funded.

    Private schools have to make enough money to cover the costs of such non-academic offerings including salaries, structures, and other expenses. Public facilities always have the state to fall back on when they get in trouble. And somehow they will figure out how to transfer tax dollars to athletics if things don't work out properly.

    But even beyond that, I take issue with Wake Tech begging for us to pass that bond issue since they desparately needed money to build new educational buildings without impacting student contributions, yet they have no problem raising those fees for non-academic purposes.

    I believe I will remember this the next time they ask for a bond to be passed.

  • BlueDevilFan Feb 19, 2008

    Uh oh...looks like unc-ch may have a new team to add to their basketball schedule!

  • claudnc Feb 19, 2008

    houdie are you kidding me. NC public high schools has two major course of study curriculums. College Tech Prep curriculum is geared towards students moving right into the community college programs. Several different reasons why students opt for this 1)college transfer program (they either want to stay at home or financial reasons) 2)Dental hyg, rad (x-ray tech) Sono(ultrasound tech) HVAC, Electrical trades are all wonderful opportunities that can be obtained by attending Comm colleges. I will say about 45% of our students graduate under the college tech prep course of study... When is the last time you were involved with young folks or with a comm college setting.
    Oh by the way all students at university pays for all those fees and most never use them - from student activity fees to lab fees to athletic fees. Please folks get over yourselves. You folks gripe just for the hail of it.

  • claudnc Feb 19, 2008

    I told you - you folks cry and whine about everything. Look at the positive. This is great, any opportunity for folks to learn academically and have an outlet that includes healthful living is a good thing.

  • Too little time Feb 19, 2008

    I am all for the program. I am just a little concerned that they are only anticipating 176K. That number has to be under-estimated for what they are going to try and offer. Unless, that does not include salaries.

  • baseballman Feb 19, 2008

    The problem is that many people do not want any taxes being spent that is not spent dirrectly on them. Athletic programs have many benefits such as increased enrollment, as well as activities for players and students to be involved with. Also, many of these community college programs feed the larger school. The most important fact is that this allows an avenue for some kids to get a degree that would otherwise not be attending anywhere.