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More Homes Searched in Michelle Young Murder Probe

Posted February 18, 2008

— Wake County's sheriff said Monday investigators have searched two homes where a slain pregnant woman's husband has been living since her death.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison said detectives with the sheriff's office and the State Bureau of Investigation searched the homes of Jason Young's mother, Pat Young, and sister, Heather McCracken, last Thursday.

Young's wife, Michelle Young, was found in the bedroom of her home on the morning of Nov. 3, 2006. She had been beaten to death.

"This is an ongoing investigation. We're going over things. We're working together. We've got new eyes on the case," Harrison said. "And things that need to be done when we discover it, we do it."

Harrison would not say what investigators were looking for but did say that whenever officers apply for a search warrant, they have to have a very specific intent in order to get a warrant.

Michelle Young's mother, Linda Fisher, said she was pleased with the latest developments in her daughter's case and was relieved to know the case is still under investigation.

"I have to tell you, it's very good to know they're still making progress in the investigation," Fisher said. "It's the best thing that I could hear. The only thing I want is for this case to be solved."

Authorities have not named Jason Young a suspect in his wife's death, and Harrison said Monday that last week's search does not mean he is a suspect now.

"We're turning over every leaf we can," he said. "We're following up on everything we can, and (the latest search) is a part of that."

According to court documents, Jason Young has been a focus of the investigation, partly because of his lack of cooperation in the case.

Investigators said he was out of town when his wife's body was discovered with their 2-year-old daughter, Cassidy, at her side, unharmed.

Jason Young and Cassidy moved to western North Carolina after his wife's death, and they have been living with family members since. Their house at 5108 Birchleaf Drive has been for sale since July.

A man who identified himself as Gerald McIntyre answered the phone at the home of Pat Young in Brevard and had no comment. A call to McCracken in Etowah was not immediately returned.

Investigators spent more than a week after Young's death collecting evidence from her house. They returned last November to collect data to assist the SBI in analyzing evidence previously collected from the crime scene.

"It just takes time," Harrison said. "There's so much involved in this case – so many things involved in this case – that we just want to take our time, and this is just a part of it."

Harrison said that in no way was the lack of an arrest in the case indicative of how the investigation was going.

"I talked to (Michelle Young's family) sometime back and told them this was not a cold case, won't be a cold case any time soon, and we're continuing to work very hard on it," he said.


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  • TinaD Feb 19, 2008

    Hope that new evidence leads to arrest.

  • applesmith Feb 19, 2008

    Straws a whole feild of them. Thats what the wake county sheriffs office has. Or the district attorney's office needs to grow a set and prosecute this guy. Not every case is a slam dunk going into it. Let 12 of his peer's make that judgment.Sheriffs office keeps playing games with the media and people's lives will back fire on them possibly.

  • N.C.TigerCubTA Feb 18, 2008

    I think if my spouse were murdered, I would do everything possible to cooperate with authorities (if I was not guilty). He is innocent until proven guilty, but just not cooperating makes him look awfully guilty!

  • Adelinthe Feb 18, 2008

    Blessed to hear they haven't stopped investigating the case.

    Praying for the child, and for justice for her mother - so brutally beaten to death.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • bomanicous Feb 18, 2008

    "If my wife were killed (heaven forbid) - I would not talk to ANYONE in law enforcement."

    Then the killer would probably go free. it's a process of elimination and the closest people get questioned first, if they can't be eliminated then the investigation can't progress and the first couple of days are crucial. If this guy is innocent he may be responsible for the murder being unsolved to this day. I believe Jonbonet Ramsey's parents lack of cooperation is the reason her killer got away, if it wasn't one of them.

  • ma2345 Feb 18, 2008

    I think he did but I sure dont know positively like some of the omnipotent here do. But it does seems stange this woman's skull was shattered, teeth knocked out, and beaten so brutally that the killer would leave no evidence behind. A crime of passion or rage would seemingly have skin and blood all mixed together for easy evidence of the killer. This is a strange one.

  • wrx44 Feb 18, 2008

    He says he was out of town....there is nothing to validate he actual timeframe from the info released so far.

    You kill your wife, and in 15 minutes of driving, you are out of town!....

  • cbsconsult Feb 18, 2008

    I enjoy these comments - very fascinating the opinions of the posters. And folks? These truly are opinions. Bottom line is - the man does not have to prove his innocence. Perhaps he is like a lot of us and could care less about public opinion. Seems to me the public has tried and convicted him already. Regardless of what happens, Jason will forever be the man whose wife was murdered. If he is guilty, he will eventually be convicted. If he is innocent, I don't blame him for keeping his daughter as far away from this mess as is possible. Insofar as Michelle's parents - I feel for them - BUT - Jason is the father. Enough said.

  • ratherbnnc Feb 18, 2008

    Just because he was out of town when his wife was murdered, doed not exactly mean he had nothing to do with it. My guess is he did kill her or he hire someone to do it for him. The truth will eventually come out. It always does.

    Please call the Sheriff and give him this tad bit of information. Im sure he will laugh you off the phone just before he hangs up! I know i would! haha

  • wrx44 Feb 18, 2008

    Hey....I said the day the Duke case hit the news that it was bogus. That is a whole different scenario.

    Anyone want to watch a good show on how police handle murders, check out "The First 48" on A&E High Def channel. Very enlightening.