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Cary's Top Cop Wants 'Informed, Aware, Involved Community'

Posted February 17, 2008
Updated February 18, 2008

— Cary's new police chief said she will work to keep the town one of the safest in the country and to create "an informed and aware and involved community."

Pat Bazemore outlined her priorities on WRAL's Sunday morning news, four days after she officially received her badge as Cary's top cop. She replaced Scott Cunningham, who resigned as police chief Dec. 13.

Bazemore said her top priority would be to ensure that officers have the tools at hand to work efficiently.

"The work we do is extremely important, and how we go about doing our job is just as important as the job itself," Bazemore said.

"We want to do what we need to do to continue to make Cary one of the safest places to live and work and play in the United States," she continued. "It's important we assign our resources in the most effective and efficient ways possible."

In the latest ranking of America's safest cities, Cary slipped six places from its previous ranking, but still came in at No. 14. Cary ranked fourth among cities with a population between 100,000 and 499,000, as figured by Morgan Quinto Press, which was recently acquired by CQ Press.

Bazemore said an increasing number of burglaries was partially responsible for that and vowed to work to reduce them.

"That is something we are focusing on a lot, with people leaving their garages open, construction site larcenies and burglaries," she said. "And it is a major issue where we can actually do things working with the community to decrease those crimes."

Cary's new online crime-mapping is one tool that Bazemore believes will let police and residents work together.

The site lets users to see what crimes have occurred around a specific address in the past year. The tool tracks 21 types of crimes, including burglaries, larcenies and motor vehicle thefts.

"It allows citizens to ... actually see what's going on in their neighborhood, things that are going on around them," Bazemore said. "We believe that with 94 percent of our citizens having access to the Web, that it's just the perfect way for our community to help us keep them more safe.

"For us, having an informed and aware and involved community helps us to do our job better."

Bazemore spent more than 20 years working her way up the ranks in the Cary Police Department. She became the department's first first female sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, deputy chief – and now, chief.

Along the way, her commitment to the department has remained the same, Bazemore said.

"I will do everything I can to keep our police department one of the most premier law enforcement agencies in North Carolina and to keep Cary safe," Bazemore said.


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  • GALNC Feb 18, 2008

    I only care about my Town which is Cary. We all know that the news is slanted towards what will get the biggest ratings. The Cary Police have always filed Police Reports and stated what happened...I never said they didn't. It is the Town Officials who withheld and it is the New Police Chief who is saying this information will now be online....which is great. But, note it is the Police Chief who is doing this... Now, would the Town start to pay Police/Fire/EMS at a salary or give housing allowance/tax breaks which would allow them to live in Cary. If you know the Police/Fire/EMS..then you know most can't afford to live in our town. We ask them to place their lives on the line and save lives everyday at a income which is far below Cary's median and they walk into their job everyday with significant risk involved. They do their jobs because they love the job..not because of the pay. I know many who travel over 45 minutes to a hour to get to Cary to protect/serve us.

  • Timbo Feb 18, 2008

    FRDR, who tinkled in your coffee?

    I graduated from CHS in the mid-70's and crime fighting in Cary is not like crime fighting in Durham. Hence the need for the Cary cops to look for things to do.

    I'm guessing you work for CPD or Cary Town. Get over it!

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - LETS RIDE Feb 18, 2008

    GALNC - one other point - I do not disagree that Cary runs a tight public relations ship, but do you honestly think every other city, town and municipality in North Carolina is totally open and transparent? Trust me, crime is a lot worse ALL over than ever gets reported and most media also spins the stories they do get to such a degree that they are rightfully distrusted by most public officials.

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - LETS RIDE Feb 18, 2008

    GALNC- Cary PD has nothing to do with what is reported, sanitized or anything else. By Commissioner not sure who you mean except the City Council? There is no police commissioner. Also- if you have all those friends in law enforcement than surely you understand the difference in roles between law enforcement and city or town management. Cary cops do not deny crime and they have no control over anything to do with the media. Look in the right places if you have a problem with reporting, it is not the PD.

  • GALNC Feb 18, 2008

    Fiesty Redneck Diva / 10-39 I am a Cary Resident. Not a basher, but stating a fact. If you are CPD, Wake Med, or EMS you have seen the crime in Cary that doesn't make the news. Note that the CPD (officers) don't make the decision of what makes the paper, but the TOC officials do and were editing the information that appeared in the Cary News. I am just saying let everyone know what goes on in town. Cary does not stink..it is going thru growing pains typical of a large population growth. Moving here over 20 yrs ago..from DC Suburbs..with many friends in law enforcement (VA,MD,DC &NC) yes...I do know crimes/statistics..but don't want to live where things are edited/ommitted by the town. I am glad the Commissioner is starting to open up the complete crime listed versus a sanitized version. It's about time...you can't say that you didn't know this stuff was edited..especially if you are a Police Officer in Cary and looked at the Crime Log in the Cary News.

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - LETS RIDE Feb 18, 2008

    10-39 Cary PD SHOULD be proud of the awesome job they do! The citizens of Cary are certainly grateful and most likely these posters are typical Cary - haters or cop-bashers or both and obviously they have no clue how crime rates are measured or how law enforcement works.

  • 10-39 Feb 18, 2008

    No one from the PD has ever said that Cary dose not have crime. I'll be the first to tell you we DO have crime. But the point is the ratio of crime to population is considerably lower than normal. That is what makes us one of the safest City. And the PD is proud of this fact.

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - LETS RIDE Feb 18, 2008

    GALNC- Cary is growing, and crime rates are bound to go up. Try moving to Raleigh or Durham and then whine.

    Timbo - wow, your intelligence is overwhelming..here is your little gold star for waking up today, now feel free to go back to sleep and spare us your wisdom.

    hondaman - how you can even compare Cary and Durham shows your are just a shining star too. FYI- the reported crime and ANY police department is obligated to investigate a reported crime. Learn the law little bucko then come back and dribble your wisdom again. It is always easy to stand outside the circle running your mouth when you have no idea how the game is played.

    Pat - you deserve this and will do an awesome job keeping Cary one of the top places to live and work in the United States. People will always be jealous and always feel like this kind of forum offers them the opportunity to be heard - too bad they couldn't offer something worth hearing.

    Congrats to you Chief Bazemore!

  • superman Feb 18, 2008

    Cary stinks almost as bad as Durham. You remember the video cams the police set up in the church to catch the old guy taking money out of the collection plate. It JUST doesnt get any lower than that. The police should have told the church that it was an internal matter and let them handle it. Law enforcement has hit "rock bottom" HP stops a guy doing 84 mph in a 45 zone and smelling alchol and they dont even give him a warning-- and in addition the HP called his supervisor and the two of them agreeded not to issue ticket or warning. And to think this guys are carrying loaded weapons! I am not down on law enforcement. I have never been stopped, had an accident or a speeding ticket. So I have no ax to grind. My faith is as scarce as the water supply.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Feb 18, 2008

    Congratulations! She just landed the positon, so lets give her a chance to see what she will be able to do to better the town of Cary.