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Mayors Ask Water Customers to Cut Back

Posted February 13, 2008

The mayors of towns on the Raleigh water system are asking customers to install low-flow devices and to gather rain in barrels as the next step in the drought.

In a letter dated Feb. 12, the mayors remind water customers of the Stage 2 restrictionswhich kick in on Friday and ask for even stricter conservation measures.

According to the letter, violations will carry a $1,000 fine for the first offense and the possibility of service interruption for subsequent offenses.

The mayors go beyondthe Stage 2 limits on watering outdoors and ask that all businesses and residents on the water system install low-flow shower heads and faucet restrictors by March 1 and  use rain barrels for watering of shrubs, flowers or vegetables.

The City of Raleigh is selling 80- and 60-gallon rain barrels at the City’s Solid Waste Services office at 400 W. Peace St., from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

"The water conservation measures that we have taken so far have helped a lot," the letter concludes.

"The current average use is down substantially since mandatory restrictions were implemented."


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  • BULLDOZER Feb 13, 2008

    Wouldn't it be better if everyone just let their rain water wash on down the hill to the local stream or pond which will raise the local water tables? This is all TEMPORARY. Next year we wil be looking back on things laughing about all of these stupid rain barrels and people not flushing if it is yellow. For some reason, Raleigh's mayor is seizing onto this water dilemna and not letting go. Has anyone noticed the footage the TV station's use for showing Fall's Lake? It looks likt it is age old tape from last summer. Last time I was out to Falls, the main body looked NOTHING like what you see on tv. Let's everyone relax, save a little water and wait. Spring is right around the corner and so are the down pours that this part of NC is famous for.

  • bobdillin123789 Feb 13, 2008

    how much are these rain barrels? i am interested in buying some if they are not to much $$

  • capitalland Feb 13, 2008

    No worries, just sit back and have a Pepsi. I'll cut back when they cut back.

  • Lblum Feb 13, 2008

    I just do not know what else my family and I can do to conserve more. The lawn and plants have not been watered since early Summer. I cannot remember the last time I washed my car. My indoor plants get watered either by being placed outside in the rain or using the overflow from washing dishes. We are down to running the dishwasher once a week versus 3-4 times weekly. We have decreased laundry to 2-3 loads per week versus almost a load daily. We have limited our shower time. And finally are using only 1 toilet and well, you know the phrase..let it mellow, etc.

  • Humungous Feb 13, 2008

    I just picked up a load of 55 gal barrels over in Oak Ridge, TN. The government sponsored ad said they were only used once. They look just like the ones being sold in Raleigh. Picked them up real cheap too. Will sacrifice, $5.00 each.

    Just a freindly little note to get your attention. Sellers of these so-called "rain barrels" actually claim they're safe to use. Unless you purchase them directly from the manufacturer, you have no guarantee where these barrels have been or what's been in them.

  • THE ETERNAL Feb 13, 2008

    More than an inch of rain fell today and last night. I plan to soak extra long in a full tub of water.

  • inquistitor Feb 13, 2008

    Did anyone notice that the price of the rain barrels being sold by the city is not posted in the article? That is becasue they cost $75.00 for the 60 gallon and $80.00 for the 70 gallon. I did notice that they have added an option to make a rain barrel out of a rescued pickle barrel for a cost of $15.00 for the barrel only or $35.00 if you purchase one they have converted.

    Let's hear it for the City of Raleigh - "Citizens conserve more water." for a nominal fee we will provide resources for you to comply with the restrictions. Don't Consumer Credit services warn you about adds like this?

  • BigUNCFan Feb 13, 2008


    I would just ignore the letter and move on. as long as the yard is not tall you should be ok in terms of defending it. I would then tell them I was going to cary town council and file a complaint against the hoa harrassing me when the town is telling me not to water.

    Since we cannot water, I imagine the town would slap down the hoa in short order. If that did not happen, I imagine the cary news would be happy to run a story about an out of touch hoa telling its residents they had to waste precious water to keep the grass up or be fined.

    Either way, once this got out as a story and if it were true they were doing that to a lot of people in the development, your hoa would not really have a leg to stand on unless you had junk cars in the yard or tall weeds everywhere or something of that sort.

  • RainierBeer Feb 13, 2008

    I feel your pain jak, welcome to Cary...as far as rain barrels go, the towns and city should give them away or sell at at a MUCH reduced price! I'd be first in line if they went for 10 bucks, but Cary is selling them for what, $85, also unbelievable.

  • Humungous Feb 13, 2008

    So...... the point here is.. what? I think the village of Cary had a law against using the word, UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE.