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Highway Patrol Continues to Probe Fatal Hit-and-Run

Posted February 13, 2008

— The Highway Patrol released new information Tuesday about a hit-and-run near Mebane that killed a teenager.

Che Skaggs was at least 10 feet off the road when, authorities said, a car struck and killed him Saturday afternoon at 4503 Claibornes Road. The Highway Patrol said the car's driver, Scott Belling, 47, was drunk when his vehicle hit Skaggs.

Trooper Joseph Sharlow said Belling, 47, drove 5.5 miles to the Three Points Grill after Skaggs was hit, got a cheeseburger to go and left the restaurant. That's when Belling noticed his tire was flat and called 911 from his cell phone, Sharlow said.

"I came up here to get my hamburgers and what not, and there's kids that do their skating and what not in the road, and I think I may have hit one," Belling said in the call to 911. "I'm not sure. I just – a kid kind of came in, and I've got a flat right front tire that tells me something happened with that kid."

Three Points Grill assistant manager Amelia Allen told WRAL on Monday that her waitresses told her about Belling.

“He called 911 and said he had hit a guy down the road," Allen said as she recalled what waitresses told her. "He came in and ordered a cheeseburger and he left saying he was going back to the scene of the accident.”

Sharlow said Belling did not call 911 from inside the restaurant and that it did not appear that he spoke to anyone about the incident.

Belling was charged Saturday with driving while impaired and felony hit-and-run. His was later charged with felony death-by-vehicle. He was being held in the Orange County Jail under a $70,000 bond.


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  • adventureperson Feb 14, 2008

    When I first heard about this tragedy it was co-workers telling me about it. I was thinking to myself "what a jerk." I then opened up the link and saw that it was a very good friend and co-worker of mine. I almost passed out. This man is one of the nicest people I know. How do I turn my back on this man, while still acknowledging the fact that a young man is no longer alive in this world?? I make no excuses for the choices that people make, but how do I turn my back on a friend? Alochol is evil and dangerous, and as much as most people don't want to believe, it's a disease. The entire thing that happened is a tragedy that keeps me awake at night. How many people drive drunk and don't get caught? How many people drink to the point of insanity? I know him. I wish I could have stopped this tragedy somehow.

  • leo-nc Feb 13, 2008

    "The highway patrol is just beyond honesty and integrity now. I have no confidence in them anymore."

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in the ones who DO work hard to do our jobs right. we really appreciate it. Geez.

  • homer s Feb 13, 2008

    still investigating? follow the trail of fast food paper bags! easy to re-trace him. wonder how he'll like prison food

  • just somebody Feb 13, 2008

    While sitting in the church for Che's funeral I thought about this man and what he has done to this family and their friends. They are now living a "life sentence" with out a trial, jury or choice! I hope he will be given a life sentence also, but chances are that he won't. He will go on, even if it is in jail. Che will never be 17, never graduate, never marry, never hold his firstborn. That was all taken away by a drunk driver.

  • Vincenzo R. Abacus Feb 13, 2008

    This guy should be in jail for a LONG time if this story is even half true.

  • TechRescue Feb 13, 2008

    How many more of our children must die before we wake up?

    When you kill someone while driving drunk, you should be charged with murder. If you shoot and kill somebody, they're not going to call it an "accident" just because you happen to be drunk.

    Statistically, vehicles are deadlier than guns, and drunk drivers kill more innocent people that drunk gun owners do. We look at the crimes differently, but in the hands of a maniac or a person who is impaired, there are few things deadlier than a vehicle.

    It's murder, and it should be treated as such - Get these people off the street, or change your values on the sanctity of human life. Next time, it could be your child - will you still shake your head and talk about the "guy with the drinking problem"?

    If prosecutors can prove that you were inebriated and that it caused the death of someone else, then it's murder.

    My prayers are with the family of this young person and those who already paid for our tolerance of this travesty.

  • Politically Honest NOT PC Feb 13, 2008

    He chose to drink and drive, therefore he chose to kill. I say hold him and all the drunks accountable for their actions and place them in prison for a very long time where they will harm no other innocent people. I mean just how important is a flippin' sandwich that you ingore someones life?

  • Redneck_Bob Feb 13, 2008

    The purpose of making the first offense so harsh is to try to deter the drunks from drinking & driving in the first place. If they realise they are about to loose so much, maybe, just maybe, they will not drink & drive.

  • Keyboard Toughy Feb 13, 2008

    Well, it's Orange County. This means he'll more than likley get probation for the DUI and a suspended sentance for death. Orange County court system is a joke. Just look at his bond. 15% of $70,000.00=$10500.00 which means he'll make bond and like most, be back out on the road driving within a week, licence or no license. DUI is DUI and should require jail time on the first offense. Shouldn't have to kill someone or have multiple DUI's to get jail time.

  • Rolling Along Feb 13, 2008

    Best I can figure is that only about 1/3 of first time DUI's "get it" either that or they don't get caught driving on their suspended license. According to what data I can find, confiscating the vehicle is the most effective method of stopping DUI, but you still have a percentage that are going to continue to drive regardless. One estimate I have seen claims that close to 1/3 of the drivers on NC highways are driving illegally, whether DUI, no license, registration, insurance or ???