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DMV Repairs License Computer Link After Lost Hours

Posted February 12, 2008

— The state Division of Motor Vehicles said its drivers license offices would reopen Wednesday morning after being knocked out Tuesday afternoon by a broken computer connection.

The connection to the division's central server failed, putting license applications and renewals on hold. Without that server that processes photos, DMV could not issue licenses or identification cards anywhere in the state.

Examiners need the central file to compare photographs being entered into the system with previous photographs of customers. 


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  • chfdcpt Feb 13, 2008

    Good, maybe this will slow down the process of the illegal aliens getting licenses for at least one day...

    Usually Righ, blame that on Easly. He is the one that ordered the DMV to accept the "Matricula Consular" as a valid form of ID to get a license. DMV had nothing to do with that, other than to follow the orders that were handed to them by their superiors...

  • zeitghost Feb 13, 2008

    Actually, let me correct myself. The computer itself did not make a mistake. There was a human error that created the situation but every human I spoke to trying to get it corrected blamed the computer system. The information is only as good as it was input.

  • zeitghost Feb 13, 2008

    (crossposted from original article)

    Why am I not suprised. The NC DMV Licensing Office doesn't know their knee from their elbow under the best of circumstances. I was told two years ago that I had been driving without a NC license for 10 years. In that 10 years I had changed addresses three times, been ticketed and attended traffic court twice, and has renewed once. Their computer system made a huge mistake, they never kenned to it, and it cost me several hundred dollars and I don't wan't to remember how many hours to fix it. When they have no record they assume they're right no matter how much paperwork you provide to the contrary.

    ..and we think they're going to be in any way an effective vanguard in identifying undocumented people? LOL.

  • leo-nc Feb 13, 2008

    Durhamdude, you're right. It's ridiculous how people criticize without knowing what it takes to build a computer network. EVERYONE will have an outage sooner or later. Maybe even 2 or 3. It's the nature of the beast. I don't know why I even come to this site anymore. I see so many "experts" who have no clue. Police work, networking, whatever, they think they know it all but they're just sheep.

  • Travised Feb 12, 2008

    Not just the DOT, I know it's amazing how many routers or servers stamp your packets of data when you send something as simple as an email within the state. It all depends who the provider is. It can go through 3 or 4 on your end and the same on the person who is getting the other end. Add about 2 in the middle for the service providers routing it to the proper terminal that hosts mailboxes.

    There was (if it is windows based) an announcement for a service pack on it's way out. The G33k's that keep the racks up and running are often undervalued. Middle management doesn't realize how much they need us to keep it running smooth. It's not just the Rj45 in your wall to your PC. It's the entire building.

  • GWALLY Feb 12, 2008

    posted "A properly operated network would have multiple paths to multiple servers. The whole idea of a networked server environment is to not have any single source of failure."...a correct statement!! However with "this" state the lowest bidder is almost always awarded the "bid". Not the most qualified OR best value for goods and services.....just the "cheapest".....and like your mother always told you....you get what you pay for!!!!

  • whatelseisnew Feb 12, 2008

    There should never be any outage state wide unless we had a major event that took out most of the power in the state. A properly operated network would have multiple paths to multiple servers. The whole idea of a networked server environment is to not have any single source of failure. So for you posters claiming to know IT, go back and study up a bit more.

  • KingDad Feb 12, 2008

    I was caught up in this outage this morning in Winston Salem when I went to renew my license. The DMV staff was very good about updating the people who were waiting. From a customer-service standpoint, the Winston Salem staff was exemplary.

    It was refreshing to see a "government agency" offer up service as good as any family-run business. Sometimes computer (and other equipment) fails. You fix it. You move ahead. I’ll just go back tomorrow for my renewal. Not a problem, just an inconvenience. I can live with it.

  • fiestysp Feb 12, 2008

    So If I get a ticket for expired liscense do I have to pay it?

  • sprice7 Feb 12, 2008

    So why exactly are they looking to add 100+ DL examiners (per yesterday's article) when the computer system can't keep up with the current capacity?