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Witness: Hit-and-Run Suspect Called 911, Then Ordered Burger

Posted February 11, 2008
Updated February 13, 2008

— A man facing charges of DWI and felony death-by-vehicle ordered a cheeseburger directly after calling 911 to report hitting an Orange County teenager, witnesses said.

Che Skaggs was at least 10 feet off the road when he was struck and killed Saturday afternoon at 4503 Claibornes Road near Mebane. The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Scott Belling was drunk when his car hit Skaggs.

"I came up here to get my hamburgers and what not, and there's kids that do their skating and what not in the road, and I think I may have hit one," Belling said in the call to 911 several minutes later. "I'm not sure. I just – a kid kind of came in, and I've got a flat right front tire that tells me something happened with that kid." (Listen to the entire 911 call.)

In the call, Belling, 47, said he drove eight minutes before realizing his tire was flat. That's when, he said, he realized something might have happened.

"Somebody needs to get out there and make sure I did not hit a kid," Belling told the 911 operator.

Witnesses said Belling, 47, went into the Three Points Grill, about four miles from the accident scene, called 911 and then ordered a cheeseburger.

“He called 911 and said he had hit a guy down the road," Three Points Grill assistant manager Amelia Allen told WRAL as she recalled what waitresses had told her. "He came in and ordered a cheeseburger and he left saying he was going back to the scene of the accident.”

A waitress at the Three Points Grill said Belling smelled of alcohol. The Highway Patrol confirmed his blood alcohol content was .23, almost three times the legal threshold of .08 for driving while impaired.

Belling was charged Saturday with driving while impaired and felony hit-and-run. His was later charged with felony death-by-vehicle. He was being held in the Orange County Jail Monday evening under a $70,000 bond.

Meanwhile Monday, friends and staff at Orange High School remembered Skaggs, a sophomore.

“I was shocked. It really hurt me. I just didn't know what to think. How could it happen like that?” Skaggs' friend Josh Davis asked.

“He was a student who came to school every day. He did his job, did his work. He was a good kid,” Assistant Principal Kathy Fuerst said.


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  • izzybizzy Feb 13, 2008

    Terrible! ORDERED a burger afterwards....so, so bad! Wonder after there was no booze in his system-- wonder how this made him feel- Now, he must LIVE knowing he killed a child. So sorry for his family. Actually, sorry for both families involved! PEOPLE-- Don't Drink and Drive!

  • You are Funny Feb 12, 2008

    To put some answers to a few of the questions asked. He did have a cell phone because that's how he called 911 once he got to the exxon to get a burger. He only called because he saw that he had a flat tire and realized oops I think I hit someone...As for the burger that didn't change his BAC one bit he would have had to ate them prior to drinking and at a .23 it still wouldn't have helped him much. It's hit and run because in the statute it's leaving the scene of a collision.

  • davido Feb 12, 2008

    So sorry for your family's loss tammie.

  • fedupwithitall Feb 12, 2008

    37 - "What he did was awful. I do have a question, though. If he went inside to call 911, how is he being charged with hit-and-run? Overall his judgment was awful, but I am confused about this part."

    He's being charged with hit and run b/c he drove for 8 miles before calling for help. He should have stopped where it happened and found help. The kid was in his front yard, so there were houses around to call.

  • OOOFFFF Feb 12, 2008

    Correction to my earlier post: .01 or .02

  • momof2angels Feb 12, 2008

    TechRescue and Rodney F....I totally agree

  • momof2angels Feb 12, 2008

    OMG...I just listened to the 911 call and he was more concerned with the fact that he had a flat tire and how he was going to get home than the fact that he could have possibly hit and killed an innocent child. He should def. serve hard time for this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young innocent boy!

  • tank1234 Feb 12, 2008


  • Rodney F Feb 12, 2008

    our prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family tammie

  • tammie Feb 12, 2008

    This was my little step-brother, and let me tell you he was a very sweet child. Not a teen who is into drugs, violence and alcohol as some 16 year olds are. He was a good kid, he loved skateboarding and spending time with his brother and family. Now on the other hand, you have Scott Bellings. He obviously had a love for drinking. Not only drinking, driving while impared and risking the lives of the innocent. And thanks to his love of that, I nor his mother, brother, stepfather and the rest of his family will have him to spend our time with. We will not see him get his drivers license, go to this first prom, graduate high school, college, go on vacations, celebrate birthdays, etc. You tell me, what hobby will you choose? Please if anything else comes from this, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. The innocent doesn't deserve the consequences. We love and miss you Che. Your sister, Tammie