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Report: Creator of Lauterbach Memorial Site Gets Death Threats

Posted February 10, 2008

— Military officials were investigating two Marines after death threats were posted to an Internet memorial Web site for slain Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child, according to published reports.

The Jacksonville Daily News reports that a Feb. 5 post to the "Maria Lauterbach Memorial Page" on MySpace.com told its creator to "Shut up or get cut up." The post was made in the name of Ron Parikh.

Marine Corps officials confirmed that they were investigating two lance corporals, including one based at Camp Lejuene, for MySpace.com postings.

Authorities found the burnt remains of Lauterbach, who was 8 ½ months pregnant, and her fetus buried in a fire pit in the backyard of Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean's home in Jacksonville on Jan. 12. A jury indicted Laurean – whom Lauterbach had accused of rape – on one count of first-degree murder, among other charges.

Laurean disappeared a day before Lauterbach's remains were found. Authorities believe Laurean, a naturalized citizen, might have fled to Mexico.

An autopsy revealed that Lauterbach died of blunt force trauma to the head. Laurean left behind note, claiming Lauterbach slit her throat to commit suicide.

The creator of the Lauterbach memorial site said she followed law enforcement's advice to remove the blog where the threats were posted. However, she stressed that she will keep the memorial site up in a Feb. 8 blog post.

"To those of you who are wondering if I will take this page down due to threats, the answer is simply ... page stays," the Feb. 8 blog post reads. "To those of you who are considering making threats, don't and grow up."


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  • wwyoud Feb 12, 2008

    Our military is definitely NOT becoming more modern in behavior. There is a lot of dominionist religious belief among some officers, and its being pushed onto new recruits. The rates of sexual abuse by women, both soldiers and civilians, is outrageous. A single woman carrying a child in this environment was a bad mix all the way. While there are still some old-school, honorable men in the service, there are more and more mean, woman-hating ones.

  • Sandollar Feb 12, 2008

    tarheelalum... I have been very focused on this story. Because I know of a Marine who lost his life at Camp Lejeune because he made someone mad. I've kept up with Nancy Grace, WRAL, WITN, AMW, newspapers and local media. Some report said Laurean had told people they (he and wife) were going to have a baby. Maria's stepmother said that Maria had decided to keep her own baby. Laurean's wife helped with the painting. She must have seen the blood. Laurean drove Maria's car around the week before Christmas when he got more money from murdered Maria's account. The party on base was the 14th. Maria's Stepmother told her to attend the party. With help Laurean could have caught a bus on Friday with the head start and been seen elsewhere on Saturday night. An accomplice could have been driving his truck around and spotted over the weekend and found left at a hotel. There was planniing in this murder.

  • Sandollar Feb 12, 2008

    I would think that these threats point to the fact that as Maria, her family and friend had said Maria was being threatened on base. One threat was that her car was keyed. I really think that it is a shame these guys are not protecting a commrade, even if she was a woman. I too thought that women were getting more respect in the service these days. I'll bet the recruiter never told Maria that this murder might happen to her. Watch your back.

  • lukie Feb 11, 2008

    Sorry the word was disrespectful not disrespective...my bad

  • lukie Feb 11, 2008

    All this stuff in really making our military look kind of bad. The marines are here to protect us not threaten us. I am appalled that someone would make a comment like that. It was disrepective to the two victims and our country. Regardless what the truth of this whole thing is an innocent child was murdered.

  • ptahandatum Feb 11, 2008

    God indeed. Zeus will surely take care of this issue, as well as keeping this young lass and her child forever.

  • GrnEydSher Feb 11, 2008

    Sad situation all the way around. Hopefully the coward on the run will be caught. I do think the wife knows more than we've been told.

  • babyluv Feb 11, 2008

    This guy may be an accessory to this murder. Get all those involved...its a shame this young ladies life was taken when that nut should have been court martialed in the first place...rape is no joke....he should not have been on the streets as if he had not done anything.

  • doodad Feb 11, 2008

    I think the website memorial should be left alone. Maybe someone who knows more about this crime will be stupid enough to draw attention to themselves add add to the investigation.
    Open mouth widely, please.

  • jackadoo Feb 11, 2008

    That guy will not be found. He is likely in some semi-lawless area of S. America.