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'Controversial' landfill opens in Holly Springs

Posted February 7, 2008
Updated April 30, 2008

— The South Wake Landfill in Holly Springs opened Thursday, and some residents said they worry it will trash their town.

The new facility, which could get as many as 2,000 tons of trash a day, is on 471 acres at Main Street and N.C. Highway 55. A wooded area surrounds the dumping ground, and landfill officials said residents won’t even know it’s there.

One of the project’s most vocal opponents was Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears. He was out of town on business Thursday, but said he’s optimistic the landfill won’t affect development in the town.

One developer has already expressed interest in building a shopping center nearby, Sears said.

With the North Wake Landfill expected to close in April, Wake County needed another place to unload the garbage.

“The facility will provide the least cost option for the community for decades to come,” said Jim Reynolds, Wake County Solid Waste Management director. “It’s a 180-acre footprint on 471 acres, so there’s a lot of buffer around it.”

Residents said they don't want to see their town become a dumping ground.

“We’ve known for a long time. We resisted, so we’re dealing with it. We think of it as a lost opportunity," said Mark Andrews, Holly Springs public information officer.

Holly Springs leaders envisioned a commercial development on the property. Now, it has commercial waste haulers using it from across southern Wake County and Raleigh. They'll drop off about 2,000 tons of waste a day.

“We realize it is still a controversial facility,” Reynolds said. “This is part of the infrastructure of any community.”

The county has formed a South Landfill Citizens Committee to get residents' input about the landfill. They hope to start giving the public tours of the landfill soon, Reynolds said.

Andrews said he and others will be observing how the process goes.

“We expect and hope they’ll be good neighbors,” he said.

The first phase of the landfill opened Thursday and is expected to fill up in about three to four years. Then, another section will be built. Overall, the landfill should last Wake County 25 years.

No tax dollars went into the project. Users of the landfill pay a fee that covers operational expenses. Licensed haulers will pay $30 per ton of garbage to dump at the new landfill. The city of Raleigh gets a $3 dollar discount per ton because of the large volume of trash it has to haul.

Wake County generates 440,000 tons of trash a year.


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  • NC is my home Feb 8, 2008

    Oh Snap--All that land beyond on #1 hwy was dumped on by CP&L with their toxic nuclear plant. The new Holly Springs deserves a little inconvenience too, we've already have ours!

  • Oh Snap. Feb 8, 2008

    It's not the dump....it's the dump trucks...and what they will do to the roads. I don't think the dump will be visible to the public.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Feb 7, 2008

    Let's make a deal with Holly Springs.

    Wake County will move the landfill out of Holly Springs if Holly Springs turns off the water pipes and sewer pipes that Wake County paid for so that the landfill would be built in Holly Springs.

    Holly Springs made a deal with Wake County. They should honor their agreement instead of trying to welch on it.

  • RonnieR Feb 7, 2008

    Holly Springs asked for it way back when last century in
    exchange for some sewer lines, etc. They got the sewer
    lines and then wanted to welch on the deal. Glad the
    Commissioners held them to the deal. Too many now days
    want to make deals and then back out.

  • Oh Snap. Feb 7, 2008

    Take logic and throw it away! With all the open land out US1 and beyond....why can't they do the right thing and put it farther out to the southwest?

  • RRsaidso Feb 7, 2008

    "Thinkaboutit" you shouuld live there. They are gonna need people like you. I dont want to live near a dump if I think about it.

  • NC is my home Feb 7, 2008

    The time when Holly Springs became trashed was 10-20 years ago when all the outsiders moved in and started changing things!

    And yes Southern Pride--the Holly Springs PD is looking for more income to pay for all the building they've added to the area, so they've lowered speed limits everywhere they can. They even have a sign up on US #1 highway for about 1/4 mile (you can see both signs at the same time) that is in "Holly Springs"--of course they have to drive 10 miles through Apex or New Hill to get to the area to police it for speeders! Lord help you if you have an accident in that little stretch & a real patrol person can't help you & you have to wait for them to get way out there!

  • DaveTonyNC Feb 7, 2008

    I have a Home is Holly Springs. I am fine with the location. My fellow neighbors are fine with the location. Dick Sears runs his mouth - because he can. He should shut up - I doubt he will have another term to run-off the mouth at.

  • Bulldog78 Feb 7, 2008

    Bring it on, but why should Raleigh get a price break for creating more waste? Maybe we should charge them a Convenience Charge and a Building Facility Charge for each truckload like Ticketmaster does for concert tickets and call it Dumpmaster.

  • Doctor Dataclerk Feb 7, 2008

    People who make ignorant statements about landfills calling them dumps, etc. should take the time and get educated on how modern municipal solid waste landfills are designed and built. Much quality control and quality assurance goes into the construction, the design, technology, and materials used have been tested and proven successful for many years. We all generate waste and it must be disposed of. It is located on property that already has several older landfills adjacent to it and thus was an excellent location.