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Security Heightened at Wake County Malls, RDU

Posted February 6, 2008
Updated February 7, 2008

— Wake County malls and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport heightened security Wednesday after the sheriff's office received an anonymous threat.

The threatening letter arrived in the mail Wednesday and noted possible attacks on shopping centers and RDU.

North Hills Mall management sent a letter to its merchants informing them of the anonymous threat. It asked tenants to take extra security precautions while the threat is investigated.

"Anything is possible, so we need to take any little threat into consideration," shopper Jessica McKnight said.

Security guards were also on high alert, keeping a close eye out for suspicious activity.

The sheriff's office is not releasing any additional information about the letter.

"I think if you let a lot of information out at once, you can really scare people and it can be a panic attack. But I think just letting out that there was a letter gives enough suspicion, so people are going to hold off from the malls a little bit," shopper Anna Pollard said.

RDU was also notified of the threat. According to a spokesperson, the airport always has a strong police presence. When there is information regarding a possible threat, security and airport personnel continue to look for suspicious activity – as they always do.


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  • 5Rs Feb 7, 2008

    Unfortunately, we are all the first line of defense against terrorist attacks. Awareness of our surroundings is mandatory. Anyone using a cellphone has ceded their vigilance. But fear not. Obama will bring our soldiers home and they will protect us.

  • Harrison Bergeron Feb 7, 2008

    " (Unless, of course, they come in through Belks, Sears, or the other big stores that don't post a restriction) ;)" -Dave Green

    Now you've done it. Expect to see signs soon.

  • Dave Green Feb 7, 2008

    Through a glass darkly: Yep. The sad thing is with the no conceiled carry restrictions at the mall there will be far fewer people there with the wherewithall to save your bacon should the need arise. (Unless, of course, they come in through Belks, Sears, or the other big stores that don't post a restriction) ;)

  • floriduhschoolboy Feb 7, 2008

    The Mall will probably throw up "No concealed weapons" signs now, as if terrorist or lunatics would turn around and leave when they read the sign. It will only prevent concealed carry license holders from being there, the very people who might actually be able to stop a mass shooting event. Of course we really don't have the details of the exact threat. I could be that the treat involved the use of explosives or biological weapons. This whole thing could be a hoax or attention getter but in these days can we afford to ignore it?

    I just ignore those signs. No sign on a mall window or resturant is going to keep me from protecting my family.

  • oldrebel Feb 7, 2008

    I tend to think most of these "warning letters" are written by someone with a pecuniary interest in the situation, i.e. someone that will profit from increased security presence. Think about it. If someone is going to "attack" a mall or whatever, are they really going to send a ltter and say, "hey there, look out, I'm think of doing harm to people on your property"? Yeah...right.

  • gandalf1 Feb 7, 2008

    The security personnel at most malls are unarmed rent-a-cops earning little more then minimum wage, so I would not expect too much out of them. The thing people have to hope happens is if some incident takes place actual armed LEO's respond quickly.

  • firecracker Feb 7, 2008

    "thats all we need, 2 legally armed rednecks having a standoff in the mall due to a feud over which nascar driver is better."
    MR. Sidel - Where do you get "off" associating nascar to rednecks. I've never seen a gun waving redneck at a nascar race. I guess I'll have to go to a college football game to see that!!

  • Harrison Bergeron Feb 7, 2008

    "The security guard pictured at North Hills Mall should strike fear into the heart of any potential trouble maker. Can it move on its own power?" -itls

    I was wondering the same.

    "thats all we need, 2 legally armed rednecks having a standoff in the mall due to a feud over which nascar driver is better." -Bob Sidel

    If you were versed in violent crime statistics, you would know that "legally armed rednecks" are a demographic you have very little to worry about. In fact, you should hope that you were surrounded by them during your next visit to the mall.

    This article is just another data-point showing the insanity of gun free zones. Just another violent tragedy coming soon to a TV near you.

  • NeverSurrender Feb 7, 2008

    "for some reason i dont feel safe in movie theaters anymore."


    Why? It's not like you're going to have anything valuable on you by the time you get past the box office and snacks stand... ;)

  • WFrules Feb 7, 2008

    What's the threat about?