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Wake County Social Worker Assaulted on the Job

Posted February 5, 2008

— Wake County Human Services is evaluating its security practices following an attack on a social worker at its offices on Tuesday.

According to an arrest warrant, Jerrica Newchta Culbreth, 28, of 308 E. Main St. in Garner, punched the female worker "repeatedly about her face and body" and kicked her repeatedly, causing serious bodily injury.

The victim, Eleanor Lee, 41, was taken to Rex Hospital, where she was listed in stable condition late Tuesday afternoon.

The assault occurred at the Human Services offices at 220 Swinburne St. around noon. Three security guards were on duty at the time, but the five-story building has no security checkpoints or metal detectors.

"Anybody can walk in our building and walk on any floor," said Joan Peebles, who works there. "That's a concern."

After the assault, employees said they received a voicemail from their supervisors, assuring them the county is looking at ways to improve security.

A spokesman for the county confirmed officials are evaluating their security procedures in light of the incident.

Culbreth, who officials said was a client, was arrested and charged with felony assault inflicting serious injuries.

He was in jail Tuesday afternoon under a $25,000 secured bond and was expected to appear in Wake County District Court Wednesday morning.


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  • TheAdmiral Feb 12, 2008

    A deviant is a deviant.

    When the Town of Chapel Hill and other whacko towns put "We can not discriminate on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, or disability."

    They intentionally allow a persons sexual preference, as an example in the news, for minors gagged in duck tape later murdered to be allowed.

    This is an example folks of who is sitting behind the desk and determining the course of society.

    "Maybe we should let all the crazy people out and put all of the sane people in..." - Airplane

    Tell you what - Airplane nailed it. Cause that is what the US is doing.

  • beachbum1 Feb 6, 2008

    That's just nuts, too many crazy people around here.

  • PDMARTIN Feb 6, 2008

    They must have wanted the guy to get a job and quit living off everyone else. Maybe they cut his food stamps and wanted him to quit living off everyone else. Maybe he's trying to get disablity so he can live off everyone else. OK lets get to the insults and comments of my ignorance that everyone here is so good to give.

  • wcnc Feb 6, 2008

    "I work as a social worker and have had several success stories in protecting the elderly and disabled adults."

    I don't think many disagree that these services are what social services should provide. We just know a LOT of money goes toward programs that simply pay people to do nothing. For you to have to work with people like that, you deserve much more than low pay and the possibility of being beat up!!

  • mommy2caroline Feb 6, 2008

    MAJOR TYPO on my part. We are NOT getting paid well! LOL

  • mommy2caroline Feb 6, 2008

    Please do not assume Social Services wastes all your money. I work as a social worker and have had several success stories in protecting the elderly and disabled adults. Do I think all able bodied people should be out working or trying to find work so I am not paying for them and their kids, of course-but please know that we are getting paid well enough to put up with the public assumptions and/or the physical and verbal abuse from the clients. Trying spending your time praying for the recovery of the social worker and the other social worker who laid on top of her when he could not stop the man and also suffered injuries as well.

  • Panther Feb 6, 2008

    I wonder if this guy was high on drugs or something? Sure sounds like it to me, but I am sure that more will come out with time.

  • many moons Feb 6, 2008

    What this man did was wrong and should get jail time for it.But some of u that post all the time are hypocrites ,becaues a few weeks ago when the guy from cary was on trial for what he did to the busdriver (which was female and a government employee)u were trying to make him the victim. I hope she ok , and has a full recovery.

  • circlecity Feb 6, 2008

    Most security guards I have seen are old and fat or young and fat and most of the time just standing around talking to some young cute girl that would not even give them the time of day

  • wcnc Feb 6, 2008

    "While on a personal level I believe that the Church should take a larger role in all types of social welfare, including child protection, until God's people rise up in full obedience, this need still has to be met."

    I agree, but churches are mostly limited in what they can do by the government.....Who would be put out of a job (therefore needing less of our tax money!) if churches did what the government did in this way.

    ctechic2004- I'm just saying with the clientele at SS, it isn't a shocker that this happened. FOr the most part the services of SS are a HUGE waste of my money. I'm all for protecting the children, but most of the rest is a joke...... And if I had more of my tax money in my pocket, I'd be able to help out these less fortunate people!! And if the government stopped taking care of them, they wouldn't expect to be taken care of!