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Police: Sibling Accidentally Shot Toddler

Posted February 4, 2008

— Investigators said a young girl accidentally shot her 2-year-old sister inside their home over the weekend.

Family members said the shooting, which happened shortly before 11 a.m. Saturday at 829 S. Tillery St., was a terrible, heartbreaking accident.

The older sister, whose age police did not disclose, got hold of what she thought was a water gun and shot the toddler once in the head, relatives said

The 2-year-old was taken to Nash General Hospital and then airlifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville. She remained in critical condition Monday.

"She's a sweet little girl," her aunt Evelyn Davis said. "I can't hardly say much right now, because I'm hurting very bad."

Investigators did not say who owns the gun or how the older girl obtained it. Officers emphasized that the shooting was accidental.

Police questioned the girls' mother and her boyfriend and have talked to the local district attorney's office about any associated charges. No decision on whether the adults might be charged has been made.

Officers said they would withhold the identity of the victim unless the family chose to release that information.


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  • haggis basher Feb 5, 2008

    ""The fact is having guns in your house makes you and your family less safe."
    I take it you did read the article. Its a fact that most gun deaths are suicides, domestics or accidents. Nearly always with a legally held family gun. The odds of being killed by a stranger where you might have had a chance to defend yourself are tiny in comparison.
    Now if you are a drug dealer or work in a convenience store then having a gun makes some sense but for most folks its just an expensive, deadly toy that gives a false sense of security. that gun your spouse buys for "protection" is much more likely to be used to kill you or them.

  • wnithepooh Feb 5, 2008

    Unfortunately accidents happen even in the "safest" of homes. How sad, I pray for the family.

  • nghtstarz2 Feb 5, 2008

    As someone said, this home is not located in the best area. Some can afford no better, even good and honest people. Home invasion is the most frightening thing that could happen and the people inside have almost no chance of living through it. And it can happen in any neighborhood. Add poor life choices, like drugs and gangs, and you have a recipe for disaster. Gun locks are great and needed but how are they going to help you if you have to remove them before you can protect yourself and family. It is so sad that this child has been shot; the chances of a full recovery are poor, I would think. God help all of them live through this and find peace. Charges are not going to help anything now. I believe the parents should have to attend child safety classes. One could say it's too late now but there are other children involved who need protection from all kind of evils in this world. Why should we assume everyone knows how to be a good parent just because they can make kids?

  • whatusay Feb 5, 2008

    And here we go again... a single woman trying to raise two children without a father.

  • dlb800 Feb 5, 2008

    Wow, I feel better knowing the majority of people posting are
    relatively intelligent.

    Unfortunately, there are some that aren"t.

    littlejen77, just how are you going to protect yourself if
    some criminal invades your home? Call the police? You might
    be better off calling the coroner to pick up your and your
    families bodies. Are you going to use harsh language?
    Tell them to leave your house? Throw something at them?
    Bring a knife to a gun fight? Please let us all know.

    There are lots of ways to keep guns stored LOADED and safely. I have a friend who has a 4 button combination lock on his .357. There are handgun safes that open by fingerprint and ones that open by a series of buttons that you should be able to do in the dark? Can"t do the buttons? Maybe you should practice until you can, after all, that"s what you should be doing with a firearm in the first place.

  • maxpower Feb 4, 2008

    wildervb "The fact is having guns in your house makes you and your family less safe"== Don't think so. It makes the people on the outside less safe when they break into my house and are starring down the barrel of a "loaded" gun...... and with a very itchy finger on the trigger. So, who feels safe now?

  • saltygirl2 Feb 4, 2008

    Very sad. I hope the toddler lives. The parents should be charged. Guns should be locked up... periood, end of story.

  • ckblackm Feb 4, 2008

    or the 15 yr old who just killed his family with the family gun.

  • doubletrouble Feb 4, 2008

    Most home intruders are armed, even with if only a crowbar/prytool or screwdriver=can still cause serious injury or death. Often are not alone, and do NOT want to be pinned to the crime(means not good news for U)
    Armed=you have a Chance
    Unarmed=you don't have a Chinaman's Chance.
    I think I would rather my wife,my kids, or myself have a Chance-vs-No Chance.(My kids were properly introduced to firearms, starting at age 10,with constant adult supervision)
    I grew up all my life around firearms, learned to respect them at a very early age-and the dangers of them. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure such weapons are out of a small child's reach, and for certain they understand what is strictly forbidden/with NO exceptions. Older children should also understand forbidden, without adult supervision. (As it used to be, back in the day) As sorrowful as this story is, I can't help but remember the 12 year old, who defended himself against 2 thieves, with his .410

  • meh_whatever Feb 4, 2008

    It is so unfortunate that this could've been prevented with a 100-dollar gun safe.

    And no, they're not easy to break into... not for a little child, anyway. We had one of those in the house when we had handguns and the kids were smaller. Very quick to open in the event that you need to reach the gun right away, nearly impossible for a child to figure out.


    People who are careless should NOT own guns.