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Contractor: Gas Line Fire Report Biased

Posted January 31, 2008

— The subcontractor that drilled into an underground gas main last fall, causing it to explode into a fireball that lasted for hours, believes the state investigation into the incident was slanted in favor of gas company PSNC Energy.

A Fulcher Electric Co. crew was erecting a new traffic signal at the intersection of Kildaire Farm and Tryon roads on Oct. 10 when they punctured an 8-inch gas line. The escaping gas ignited, sending flames shooting more than 100 feet into the air.

The gas burned for about six hours before PSNC crews were able to cap the line, and the fire and resulting road repairs forced the closure of the busy intersection for a day. The incident caused an estimated $285,955 in damage.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission issued a 72-page report on the incident a month ago. It didn't place blame, but included findings to indicate PSNC had clearly marked the gas line at the intersection. A series of yellow marks across Tryon Road were in line with the hole the Fulcher Electric crew drilled, and a faded mark on Kildaire Farm Road also was in the same line, according to the report.

The report said an on-site meeting between the Fulcher Electric crew and PSNC managers could have averted the rupture by limiting possible excavation locations.

In a response issued by its attorneys, Fulcher Electric defended the actions of its crew and said the Utilities Commission report was worded in a way to shield PSNC from fallout after the explosion.

"The flavor of bias in the (state) report is blatant," the 13-page response states. "The fact-finding for the report process was unfair. It lacked any pretense of objectivity. ... The report also dangles words to avoid saying PSNC was at fault."

The company's response notes that the investigator for the Utilities Commission never interviewed any members of the crew or any Fulcher Electric officials, despite repeated requests, while several "debriefings" were held at PSNC offices.

The response also took issue with the findings in the report, maintaining that there were no bright yellow marks on the ground near the median to indicate the presence of a nearby gas line. Marks cited in the Utilities Commission report were not close to the site of the drilling and offered the crew no guidance, according to the response.

"This straight-line theory is absurd and doesn't work," the response states. "It is the same as saying that if Fulcher Electric ran a straight line from New York City to Eureka, Calif., it would probably intersect a gas line in Omaha, Neb."

The finding in the state report that the Fulcher Electric crew didn't wait the required two days after asking PSNC to mark its lines was misleading, according to the response. Cary officials and Rea Contracting, the general contractor on the Tryon Road widening project, both asked for underground utility lines near the intersection to be marked in the week before the explosion, the response states.

"The employees operating Fulcher Electric's equipment were very experience workers," the response said. "They know what markers mean. ... It is absolutely ludicrous to think these workers would not look for utility lines or would ignore them if they located one."

The Utilities Commission had no comment Thursday on Fulcher Electric's response, saying its December report speaks for itself.

PSNC spokeswoman Angie Townsend reiterated her statements of a month ago, saying the Utilities Commission report confirms the utility marked the gas line properly.

Susan Moran, a spokeswoman for Cary, said town officials have been talking with Rea Contracting to figure out who will pay for the damage.

Two weeks after the explosion, Cary officials determined PSNC didn't properly mark the gas line. After the Utilities Commission issued its findings, however, town officials said they would review the incident again and discuss possible restitution with Rea Contracting.


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  • G-Unit Feb 5, 2008

    Before everyone starts pointing fingers they should get all the facts. Check history of the company that said they knew what they were doing in a Major Intersection. Check history of the utility company who believes in Safety. I heard somewhere before "Call Before you Dig". If you listen to the media and you believe everything they say you will believe anything. It's great to have an open mind.

  • lizard Feb 1, 2008

    I believe Fulcher. Call for another investigation.

  • rpk007 Feb 1, 2008

    I have had this crew on my jobs before. I was not on the one in question, but have seen this crew screw up many times. They think they can get away with anything.


    I knew Ms B was outside smoking a cigarette and boom... She was busted..

  • Timbo Feb 1, 2008

    "PSNC does a great job"

    You a Company man? PSNC Manager? PSNC Line marker? Who are you kidding, Cheese?

    Shoot, when I was in highschool, PSNC hired all the potheads. Of course that was in the 70's.

    That being said, mistakes happen and to think PSNC did not do all that was possible to prevent negative findings on their part, whether deserved or not, is naive.

    If the crew that drilled into the line wasn't interviewed by the UC, but the UC was constantly at PSNC's offices "debriefing", then at minimal, there is an appearance of impropriety or the usual government incompetence.

  • beachboater Jan 31, 2008

    BIGCHEESECAMATO - Who urinated in your cornflakes this morning? Your post to Ms B was uncalled for.

    Chill out.

  • BULLDOZER Jan 31, 2008

    Something went wrong that day. If I was digging in an oboviuously utility laiden area such as Kildaire farm and Tryon Road, I would have triple checked every LOCO line and met with any contractor whose utility was within ten feet of the excavation. With that said, I have also seen lines hit where no paint was sprayed from LOCO. That's why we all carry insurance. I am sure all parties involved learned a lot that day.

  • SilverWolf Jan 31, 2008

    What? the gov issuing a slanted report? say it ain't so! Its always best when dealing with the gov, any branch of the gov, to seek unbiased onlookers to make sure everything is on the up and up from the start. Remember that runaway bride chick? Remember how the cops turned down the boy friend's request for the interview to be video taped and the polygraph to be administered by someone unconnected with the police or state? Now why would they turn down such a reasonable request unless what they do is slanted? When dealing with the gov always get it on tape and especially the police. never forget, they lie as much as most criminals.

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO Jan 31, 2008

    ms b.......noboby cares about the gas line at your office. How would you know it was marked incorrectly unless you ran out there to ask the contractor or was this just some more of the office gosip and jib jab.....or were u on a smoke break...

    PSNC does a great job.

  • ms b Jan 31, 2008

    I can tell you that there was a small feeder gas line hit within 100 yards of my office yesterday. The gas line had been marked incorrectly. Fortunately the line was small enough so there wasn't a major problem.