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Suspect in Hit-and-Run Has Lengthy Record

Posted January 31, 2008

— Neither speed nor alcohol appeared to be factors in a hit-and-run that killed a man outside a local shopping center early Thursday morning, investigators said.

Jose Augusto Moreno Neave, 28, hit David Nobles, 28, at about midnight as he has stepped out of a vehicle near the intersection of Farrington Point Road and Governors Drive in front of a local shopping center, authorities said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 1994 Cadillac that struck Nobles was found in a nearby mobile home park, investigators said, and Neave admitted to driving the car.

He faces charges of felony hit-and-run, misdemeanor death by vehicle, failure to notify law enforcement about an accident and driving with a revoked license.

Court records indicate Neave, who was held the Chatham County jail without bond Thursday, has a lengthy record containing dozens of charges, including a pending DWI.

Nobles' sister, Linda McKinney, said she had gone to pick him up when she witnessed the accident.

"In a matter of seconds, I heard a 'Thump, thump,'" she said, adding she was unable to find him after the crash. "He didn't respond when I kept calling his name."

He had been out with friends, McKinney said and had promised to be home soon and had made plans to attend church with her and their mother.

"He didn't ever come back," his mother, Ada Nobles said. "He didn't ever come back. He was supposed to come back to me, and Lord, I have been looking for him."


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  • whatusay Feb 1, 2008

    Don't worry...Senator John McCain says he will make all illegals legal US citizens and give them driver licenses that are legit. Won't have to worry when this man kills again because he will have certified American Citizenship Documentation given to him by Presiden John McCain. I am so sorry for the loss of this young man, but Democrates make the illegals feel that they belong here. The Democrates see 20 million potential voters in future elections if they can make them legal.

  • dogmama Feb 1, 2008

    Not only is it a question of whether he's legal or illegal but can he speak English and realize that it's against the law to drink and drive or to hit a person and flee? I consider this murder.

  • Jay4 Feb 1, 2008

    So sad for this young man and his family - and so senseless.

    The driver who killed this man should not even be in this country due to his "dozens" of previous charges on his record. Mexico would not tolerate an American in its country who had committed so many crimes to stay in Mexico. Why don't we have a "3 strikes and you're OUT of this country - forever" - law? Answer: The Democrats (who pass the laws NC legislature) want the illegal immigrant VOTE this November and every November from now on. They could care less about how many people must die at the hands of illegal immigrants in this country who commit crimes after crimes without due punishment.

    And, just to be clear. Had this driver been an American citizen who killed this young man with the same type criminal record in his past, I would want laws that crack down on American citizens who go scot free from DUI's, driving without a license, etc, also.

  • TarheelTurtle Feb 1, 2008

    krisaustin2: are you serious??? FYI I was hit head-on by one of these guys 10 years ago, lucky enough to "walk away" with only a broken back. Any restitution? Nope. He left the country...what a surprise...

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 1, 2008

    I can only imagine how that mother felt, to expect your child to come home and someone just carelessly takes his life away. My heart goes out to the family of that young man.

    My real question is how many more traggic deaths are going to accure by these non-lawabiding immigrants before something is done???

  • Space Mountain Feb 1, 2008

    He should have been in jail already. But there are so many warrants out on people that the police can't serve them all. Maybe they should just have officers that serve warrants and that's it. He should have been in jail and had his car taken away.

  • Gunslinger Feb 1, 2008

    I don't think that would work dang_skippy. At least for the driving without a license. The amount of people you would flood into the jail system would simply overwhelm an already tight situation. Then you would have a lot of mostly non-violent offenders losing their transportation and probably employment. These are generally not rich people so this will put them into a desperate situation with nothing to lose. This would probably lead to more crimes and more violent crimes.

  • dang_skippy Feb 1, 2008

    DUI & driving without a license => 48 hours in Jail, confiscation of the vehicle you are in. To top it off, your bail is not allowed out, YOU have to pay your jailing fees and failure to pay those fees within 48 hours will net you with a bench warrant and incarceration until your court date comes up.

    That will solve the problems PDQ

  • sunflowerbubbles Feb 1, 2008

    The suspect has a lengthy record, hmmm, so this doesnt suprise me that he's done something else to add to that record... Way to go Laws....another victim dies, sad....we need stronger laws...why do these suspects keep going and going...messed up!

  • ncmickey Feb 1, 2008

    "Ah, yes it is. $150 fine for driving without a license."

    Well, a licence is $32 dollars. My insurance is $85 a month for 2 cars....
    Looks like he got in trouble every month....so it is cheaper on a monthly basis to have a licence than to get caught without one....