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Carolina Hurricanes Giving Away Wake Forest Home

Posted January 29, 2008
Updated January 30, 2008

— The Carolina Hurricanes are celebrating 10 years in the Triangle. For the anniversary, the team is giving away one of the biggest prizes in NHL history.

"Our owner, our general manager challenged us to do something out of the box, something special for the fans," said Curt Johnson, marketing director for the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes are giving away a 3,137-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom house, valued at more than $350,000.

"What better way to talk about winning at home and being at home than actually giving someone a home?" said Rich Ohmann, vice president of marketing and sales for St. Lawrence Homes, a Triangle builder.

St. Lawrence teamed up with the Hurricanes for the promotion.

"We really think that the Hurricanes deserve all the love and all the attention we can give them, and we're willing to bet the house on it," Ohmann said.

Fans at Tuesday night's game against the New York Rangers said they were excited to hear about the promotion.

"It's a great promotional item. It has got everyone excited around here," fan Bill Edwards said.

A lucky fan sitting in the stands will win the house during the final game of the regular season on April 4. The house is on a cul-de-sac in Northampton, a Wake Forest subdivision.

The winner will have to pay property taxes on the house, estimated to be about $3,200.


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  • foetine Jan 31, 2008

    When the Hurricanes first came to town, we'd see about 10 games a season. In the past three years, we make it out for maybe one game. It's just too expensive of a game if you don't want to sit in the treacherous upper deck.

    Far as the numbers for that game, there seemed to be plenty of empty seats in the RBC center when they scanned the crowd. Maybe those seats are sold and people just turning into Dodger fans. Show up halfway through the first period and leave after they shut down the beer line.

    If Kara.... has money to burn on the Hurricanes than he needs to stop whining about how much money he's losing being in Raleigh. He wants to pay millions less in rent for taking over the RBC Center. But my $8 means everything to whether that team remains in the season. Maybe they should have a canned food drive for these poverty cases. Maybe he's got a contract for the next 10 years, but he'd lose less money by taking the team elsewhere and merely sending a few million a year.

  • Tater Salad Jan 30, 2008

    I'll be at the game! If my luck goes like it does playing the lottery I'll be one away from winning

    Maybe I could turn it into a rental property...

  • colliedave Jan 30, 2008

    I dont think a low income family can afford to go to a Hurricanes game! Heck, Im upper middle income and I cant afford it.

    Wrong! The Canes sell upper bowl tickets for $10 on game days. One can get a tamale, chips, and cheese dip for $3.50 at Dos Banditos.

  • colliedave Jan 30, 2008

    Great, I can win a McMansion! I'd sell that thing. Homes like this is just an example of thibngs going bad for the area now.

    No! Johnny-boy's crib is a McMansion. The area is in a slump, but as in any economic cycle things will rebound. The Canes need business partners such St. Lawerence to succeed in business. But it seems as if you believe that government needs to be your nanny.

  • HockeyBowler Jan 30, 2008

    Let me correct something, Detroit won back to back in 97 and 98. Just wanted to correct myself. My point still stands. Not easy to make it there every year. I would listen to an argument however on consistently making the playoffs. That, we haven't done.

  • dianadarling Jan 30, 2008

    I am sure you will have to pay income tax on the prize value.
    Anybody got that in their back pocket? They will have to take out a home equity loan to pay state and fed income tax.

    Plus, they would be in the wake county school district...ugh

  • Bob Sidel Jan 30, 2008

    17500 (95% capacity) is a great showing on a weekday for the NHL and theyre in the middle of the league as far as attendance figures

  • HockeyBowler Jan 30, 2008

    Oh, and Foetine - making it to the Finals is not easy, for any NHL team, much less 2 years in a row. It's been since 98-99 since Detroit did it for return trips. And - more on "And when did the Canes shut down fair parking to force us to pay $8 to park in the muddy slopes of the stadium?" Avoid the muddy area (and it's only muddy if it's been raining) by coming in on Edwards Mill Road. Complaining about parking is a waste of time. Name me one "major" sporting event that is easy to park at and get out of. I have been to a Dallas Cowboys game in Texas (over an hour and a half to get out), Panthers, good luck parking close without a pass, I hear Charlotte has an NBA team, but can't find proof, so I'll leave that one out, Major League baseball has the same problem. If it's a major arena, parking will stink no matter what. Unless hovercrafts come out.

  • HockeyBowler Jan 30, 2008

    Foetine - Just a couple of things. Discussion of a move is ridiculous. First of all, the lease runs through 2019 with the RBC. Secondly, while nobody likes lose money, especially millions, Karmanos does pretty well with the business he owns outside of the Hurricanes and he loves hockey. It's not like Charlotte is a better hockey market than Raleigh. So moving there, or anywhere is out of the questions. I'm a full season ticket holder, but was unable to attend last night's game. Typically, when the game is not a - 24 game package- game, the attendance is around 10,500-12,000. Leaving 6,800 or so seats empty. Those are usually filled up by the 24ers. What I will agree upon is them closing the "free" parking across from the Wolfpack stadium. I loved parking there, but let's do the math. Let's say 100 cars park there each game, that's $800 the Canes are losing per game, times 41 games, 32,800. I hate it too, we always parked there. So, no move anytime soon.

  • foetine Jan 30, 2008

    This is a story because the Canes need to punch up attendance. Did you see how many empty seats they had for the Rangers? I'm giving them 5 years before they move to Charlotte. Seeing how many millions they lose when they don't make the Stanley Cup finals, what's the point of remaining in Raleigh? It's a deadzone. And when did the Canes shut down fair parking to force us to pay $8 to park in the muddy slopes of the stadium?